API and Micro Services

Enabling digital success with API’s

API is a programmatic interface typically expressed in JSON or XML. API helps to collaborate with internal and external partners by providing programmatic and secure access to its value streams. By using these APIs, organizations can harness rapid innovation by tapping into the developer community to build meaningful products.

Micro Services are primarily unit of a business function in an organization. Micro Services decomposition is designed is based Scale cube model and Hexagonal architecture. The hexagonal architecture provide design strategy based on scalability across x, y and z axis in terms of functional decomposition, horizontal scale out and data partitioning The well-designed micro services provide flexibility to construct new APIs easily.

Our Services:

Advisory & Execution
We offer all the advisory and implementation needs right from defining the channel strategy, creating initial API catalogue to developing experience APIs, API testing and management. Our API’s Omni channel ability ensures consistent communication and data-driven contextual information across engagement channels, thereby transforming customer experience.

Micro Services Architecture
We help in transforming enterprises to core micro services architecture that drives business agility and innovation. Micro services driven application enablement includes micro service integration and micro service custom app development.

Legacy Platform Modernization
Our API & Integration practice helps in modernizing existing platforms cost-effectively while providing end-to-end ownership for enabling legacy systems for integration.

Process Optimization
DoFort’s API driven process optimization offering helps in wrapping the business processes as APIs and expose them to be consumed internally & externally so that the business process become nimbler and more efficient to meet business goals.

Enterprise Automation
We offer API based Robotic Process Automation solution that helps to integrate and automate enterprise operations and bring up the overall operational efficiencies and cut down costs.