Improving Supply Chain Productivity with Barcode and RFID Solutions

Businesses can manage their supply chain process by integrating it with barcode and radio frequency identification (RFID) applications. Combining barcode and RFID with a relational database enhances the speed and accuracy of business processes.

Advantages of a barcode and RFID

Barcode labels and RFID reduce human errors significantly by automating data collection.

RFIDs enhance operational efficiency by reading multiple tags simultaneously.

All RFID tags can be identified instantly and matched with details stored in the database.

The use of barcodes and RFIDs is efficient for locating assets in the assigned locations.

RFIDs can be integrated with active scanning and fixed readers to track inventories automatically.

RFIDs supports tag reading, whereas barcodes identify products with the aid of scanning.

Manufacturing Productivity:

Accurate information tracking
Businesses can track product location using information stored in RFID tags.

Increase productivity
Barcode labels and RFID tags are easy to scan at the time of packaging and shipping to enhance productivity.

Enhanced customer satisfaction
Information captured through barcodes and RFID is beneficial for tracking products and updating customers about their shipment status.

Supply Chain Productivity

Barcode and RFID scan reduces manual tasks by automatically storing product information. It also saves labour costs and increases productivity by eliminating paperwork.

Barcode and RFID scanning automate the data entry process and reduces the scope of human errors. Digitally stored data thus enables businesses to effectively manage their orders, inventory, and shipments.

Barcodes and RFIDs enhance inventory visibility by providing insights into the materials coming in and out. Attaching RFID tag or barcode label enables manufacturing companies to track mobile and fixed assets in real-time.

Barcode and RFID can be integrated with database software to locate assets in real-time. It also tracks inventory from acquisition to disposal and reduces audit time.