Business Enterprise Solution

DoFort Business Enterprise Solution (D-BES) is comprehensive enterprise resource planning software that incorporates key business functions of an organization. D-BES integrates and automates most business processes and shares information enterprise-wide in real-time, thereby improving customer service and the corporate image. It helps business to improve financial compliance with regulatory standards and reduce risks. It is a web-based application and both available on-premise network as well as cloud.

DoFort Financial Management helps you to planning, organizing, directing and controlling the financial activities. It manages all accounting procedures of the business such as cash flow management, budget control, expense, payment and purchasing. It streamlines financial operations and improves the accuracy of financial reporting.

General Ledger
General Ledger provides for consistency in financial and management accounting procedures via a single data source. It represents an integrated approach that increases data transparency, provides for improved internal control and allows for better monitoring of the accounting processes associated with cash flow. It helps you to meet financial consolidation and reporting needs of complex and changing business environment.

Accounts Receivables
Accounts Receivable helps you generate invoices, send statements, collect and apply payments, verify balances, track commissions, and deliver customer reports. It streamlines and accelerates the process of applying receipts and giving you a real-item accounts receivable information.

Accounts Payables
Accounts Payable helps to monitor your cash flow by tracing all your outstanding invoice payments such as available discounts, due dates and cash requirements. It automates receiving the invoices from your suppliers and sub-contractors. It manages and record accounting data for all the vendors. It handles vendor invoices, approvals, payments and other allied activities.

Fixed Assets
The Fixed Assets module handles asset registration, classification, and disposal for individual as well as composite assets. Management functions provide financial, tax and lease asset accounting capabilities in addition to repair/service scheduling. The system handles multiple depreciation methods and is fully integrated with the general ledger.

Expense Management
Expense management simplifies and automates expense entry, streamlines review, eliminates paper trail and reduce administrative effort. Expense management allows administrator to have fully visibility of and track employee use of business financial resources. It analyses overall expenses, identifies cost saving opportunities and control excessive spending.

Cash Flow Management
Cash management module provides information relating to cash flow of the organization, by processing and analyzing all cash and bank transactions. Cash management module also allows analyzing financial transactions for a given period of time and provides information regarding sources of fund and use of fund to ensure liquidity in order to meet payment obligations of the organization.

Forecasting & Budgeting
Budgeting, planning and forecasting consolidate and centralizes organisations financial information and automates budgeting processes. Leverage planning, budgeting, and forecasting capabilities to easily adjust plans and forecasts, speed up budget and closing cycles, and ensure compliance with financial reporting standards.

DoFort Order Management helps to control the process between a customer placing an order and the product going out for delivery. It provides many features such as customer and item preference profiles, on-line inventory availability, flexible pricing and discounting, order and line status tracking and recurring orders. It enables you to streamline order processing and maintain visibility and control of order tracking throughout the order lifecycle.

Fulfil Management
Fulfil management module help you to optimize delivery by prioritizing orders according to rules and service level information. It allows customers to prioritize and allocate inventory. Users can review inventory levels, customer orders, priorities and then allocate inventory to customer orders.

Agreement Management
Sales agreement module provides a method to document and track the terms, products, quantities, amounts and penalties on each of your agreement with business partner. It provides complete information access of variety of agreement and online statements that enable you to quickly compare the agreement.

Advanced Pricing
Pricing module helps to maintain flexible pricing schedules for customers and suppliers using pricing adjustment setup capabilities for promotional discount, quantity levels and effective dates. It protects profit margins and manages rebates and volume based discounts.

Sales Configurator helps your customers understand their needs and convert them into attributes that can be used to calculate and configure product recommendations. It automates the selection and configuration of highly complex products by providing fully integrated front-end sales and quote entry with back-end fulfilment operations and manufacturing systems.

Automate the approval process for simple or sophisticated business requests including deal discount, margin hold and credit hold. Workflow provides automation of business processes that consist of sequence of tasks, activities and steps. Workflows help to manage task dependency and to send notifications in mailbox about pending actions.

DoFort Procurement management module helps to accelerating and automating the procurement and supply process, as well as cutting operational cost. Our solution is widely used by modern organisations to centralise and manage procurement activities such as issuing and approving purchase requests, gathering and evaluating proposals, issuing purchase orders, approving invoices, storing information about suppliers and deals, and analysing procurement information.

Requisition and Quote Management
Purchase requisition helps to keep track of what’s needed, by whom, and when and it clearly communicate the details of a purchase. Purchase requisition ensures transparency and cost savings.

Order Management
Order management help you to monitor the progress of every purchase order in real-time. It will help you streamline your purchase order management processes and avoid issues and blockages that have the potential to cause disruptions to your business operations.

Approval Work Flow
Approval workflow helps to streamline purchasing process and its cutting out tedious manual routing, data collection and reporting. Approval workflow automation is about finding your balance between efficiency and control.

Receipt Routing
Receipt routing enables you to monitor the status of the items that you receive and determine when the items will be available to distribute.

Supplier Management
Supplier management enables to assessing suppliers’ contributions and influence on success, determining tactics to maximize suppliers’ performance and developing the strategic approach for executing on these determinations. It helps to create positive buyer-supplier relationships and determines which activities to engage in with each supplier.

DoFort Inventory management helps to track goods across your business’s supply chain. It optimizes the entire spectrum spanning from order placement with your vendor to order delivery to your customer, mapping the complete journey of a product.

Barcode Scanning
Barcode scanning helps to identify and track your products, inventory management software integrates with barcode scanners for instant product identification and labelling.

Inventory Optimization
Inventory optimization maintains just the right amount of inventory for each product, without over- or under-stocking any item. It’s especially useful if you deal in products that experience a seasonal rise and fall in demand.

Stock Notifications
Stock notifications feature helps to receive alerts and notifications when there’s over or under stocking beyond a defined threshold. This helps you to place orders or offer promotional discounts to clear out extra stock.

Tracking Lot/Serial Numbers
Tracking Lot numbers help you identify a specific group of items that came from one particular order or manufacturing job. Serial numbers help to uniquely identify an individual item and distinguish it from every other item in your inventory.

Tracking Costs
Tracking cost enables you to know how much your finished products cost to make. This will help you price products at a level that covers all of their costs.

DoFort Production module helps for manufacturers to manufacture and distribute products in timely fashion. This module consists of functionalities like production planning, machine scheduling, material usage and preparation. It tracks daily production progress and actual production reporting.

Product Data Management
Product data management helps to find the correct data quickly, improve productivity & reduce cycle times, reduce development errors & costs, meet business & regulatory requirements, optimize operation resources and provide the visibility needed for better business decision making.

Shop Floor Management
Shop floor management helps to increase operational efficiency through standardization of operations, reduction in occurrence of errors in work, revealing loopholes in production or processes and increase productivity of staff.

Stock Notifications
Stock notifications feature helps to receive alerts and notifications when there’s over or under stocking beyond a defined threshold. This helps you to place orders or offer promotional discounts to clear out extra stock.

Requirement Planning
Requirement planning enables you to manage various areas of your supply chain much more effectively, such as inventory, production, and output. It provides the visibility and action recommendations required for efficient procurement and production scheduling.

Quality Management
Quality module helps to Implement the best practices and improve the business processes, reducing amount of rework and increasing customer confidence. The quality management ensures that customers are satisfied by meeting their requirements and, as a result, increases the customer's confidence.

Product Costing
Product Costing helps to find the value of internal cost of products and It is used for profitability and management accounting for production. It helps in estimating the cost of goods sold manufactured and COGS of each for each product unit.

DoFort Maintenance module helps to improve product uptime, lower cost of ownership and grow maintenance revenues. It streamlines all maintenance activities such as track the install base of all products, schedule and perform maintenance task, improve asset utilization and performance, etc.

Equipment and Asset Management
Asset management helps you to actively manage assets across a number of business locations in real time. The system curates such information as maintenance records and scheduling, service contracts, calibration points, safety certifications and procedures, meter readings and inspection requirements.

Predictive Maintenance
Predictive maintenance help to predict equipment issues or failure gives your maintenance crew a chance to solve problems before they occur. It monitors your equipment to collect real-time data to predict emergent issues.

Preventive Maintenance
Preventive maintenance prevents any probable failures or breakdowns resulting in production stoppages. Preventive maintenance minimizes asset failure and breakdown, reduce downtimes and improved production.

Human capital management is a set of practices related to people resource management. These practices are focused on the organizational need to provide specific competencies and are implemented in three categories - workforce acquisition, workforce management and workforce optimization. Human capital management software is considered to be enterprise class software that can scale up and automate processes like payroll, performance reviews, recruiting and training.

Product Data Management
Product data management helps to find the correct data quickly, improve productivity & reduce cycle times, reduce development errors & costs, meet business & regulatory requirements, optimize operation resources and provide the visibility needed for better business decision making.

This process is an automated recruiting process that assists HR professionals in hiring appropriate talent. It opens up innovative ways of recruitment processes in an organization.

Time Management
This process assists one in the processes of planning, recording and valuation of employee’s performance for a certain period of time. The impact of employee’s presence and absence in the organization is evaluated in this process. Also attendance management, calculation of wages, log-in and log-out report etc., are included in this process.

Requirement Planning
Requirement planning enables you to manage various areas of your supply chain much more effectively, such as inventory, production, and output. It provides the visibility and action recommendations required for efficient procurement and production scheduling.

Work Force Management
Work force management is set of functions for deploying employees with the necessary skills to particular regions, departments or projects. It includes time and attendance, workforce planning, labour scheduling and budgeting.

This process as the term defines is all about the pay-scale and compensations given away to employees. From salary to overtime pay, comp-off pay and compensation program, everything is calculated in this process.

Employee Self Service
Employee Self-Service helps employees to individually track various data of their tenure in an organization.

Warehouse management helps to control and manage the day-to-day operations in a warehouse. It controls inventory receiving and put-away, optimizes picking and shipping of orders and advises on inventory replenishment.

Warehouse Design
This enables organizations to customize workflow and picking logic to make sure that the warehouse is designed for optimized inventory allocation.

Inventory Tracking
Inventory tracking enables the use of advanced tracking systems, including such as RFID and barcode scanners to make sure that goods can be found easily when they need to move.

Receiving and Putaway
Receiving and putaway allows inventory putaway and retrieval, often with pick-to-voice technology to help warehouse workers locate goods.

Picking and Shipping
Picking and packing goods including zone picking, wave picking and batch picking. Warehouse workers can also use lot zoning and task interleaving functions to guide the pick-and-pack tasks in the most efficient way.

Transportation management uses technology to help businesses plan, execute, and optimize the physical movement of goods, both incoming and outgoing, and making sure the shipment is compliant. It helps to reduce transportation costs and improve logistics efficiency and flexibility.

Transportation Planning
This enables organizations to analyse carrier performance and historical data, forecast future transportation needs, collaborate with carriers to negotiate contracts and book capacity.

Transportation Execution
It controls the movement of goods with rule-based planning that takes into account compatibility and capacity constraints and makes use of freight contracting, tendering and booking functions

Freight Settlement
It helps to organize activities related to calculating transportation charges, and preparing and settling bills

Customer relationship management enhances a business’s ability to cultivate and nurture customer relationships. The system provides a unified approach to organizing customer information while also streamlining processes.

Sales Force Automation
It provides users an easy to follow process to navigate the sales cycle. Tracking customer interaction, analysing sales forecasts, visualizing sales trends and automating business tasks

Case Management
This gives instant access to all the customer information needed to resolve. It acts as central repository of all the cases to use for tracking all customer support interactions, faster case handling by integrating case information with existing knowledge base and enhance business processes with automation case escalation and workflow management.

Mobile CRM
CRM with mobile compatibility ensures that you can access data anytime anywhere and it boost your field team’s efficiency.

Project Management helps to control and proactively manage projects from conception through completion. It collaborates and meets goals on time while managing resources and cost.  It manages estimation and planning, scheduling, cost control, resource allocation, decision making, time management and quality management.

Project Costing
It provides real time in-depth visibility to all project and billing with original budget amounts, current costs, cost projections and percentage completed.

Planning and Scheduling
It enables assigning tasks to team members and setting priorities and deadlines. Adding due dates to tasks automatically sends a notification each time the scheduled completion date approaches and the activity is still incomplete.

Contract Billing
It calculates invoices accurately according to business rules you define and gives the flexibility to meet the diverse terms and billing methods of contracts.

A comprehensive Tax module consists of GST, VAT, Service Tax, etc. are embedded in most of the processes such as purchases, sales, logistics, contract billing, service billing, etc. It helps business getting more work done with lesser workforce and also gives accurate reporting. It covers all business scenarios and accurate tax classification of master data sources, can reduce the time and cost of running a safe and efficient Tax compliance function.