Information Management


DoFort services enables clients to design, build and run insight-driven programs in their organization by helping to maximize the potential value of analytics and information to deliver operational excellence, new products, and services, competitive agility and growth.

Information management methodizes using technology to collect process and condensed information with a goal of efficient management. Most large enterprises have a central IM function to facilitate this coordination. The primary technologies needed are contained in a set of modelling tools that either have or interface to a production-worthy repository where the information is stored and managed. The repository and tools must be capable of receiving information in a “top-down,” “bottom-up” or “middle-out” evolutionary manner.

Our Services

Big Data
We help organizations access the right data and analytical foundation to seek actionable intelligence from big data solutions. Our big data services leverage emerging technologies to strengthen enterprise analytics capabilities and accelerate time to intelligence, guide organizations to make the most of big data and business analytics to realize new possibilities and achieve growth.

Business Intelligence
DoFort business intelligence services guide organizations to make the right information available to the right decision maker when he needs it the most. Our business intelligence services are designed to enable anytime, anywhere access to key business metrics strengthening decision-making across the enterprise.

Advanced Analytics
Our advanced analytics solutions help organizations unlock business value from data. Where data-to-insights-to-action can create enriching customer experiences , improve ROI, and increase market share, advanced analytics solutions are the key to gain actionable data, promote insight-driven decision-making and action.

Key Benefits

Integration of data structured and unstructured from multiple sources for modelling

A single window for accessing data sources and channels

Data cleansing, de-duplication and standardization

Customized data analytics, visualizations and access to various user levels

A centralized and secured storage repository for all the heterogeneous systems and databases