Unlock the value of mobility services

Mobility continues to be one of the most disruptive technologies in its impact and reach. Enterprises are constantly challenged to keep pace with accelerated proliferation of devices with multiple form factors on different platforms. Enterprises are finding it difficult to maximize the potential of mobility opportunities for consumer engagement, workplace solutions and partner engagement.

Mobility has become a popular trend within the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) space because it presents a variety of benefits for an enterprise, as well as the workers and individuals themselves. Mobile ERP applications allow companies to benefit from improved quality of service, deeper business relationships and more accurate data capture – not to mention access to important data from any location at any time.

Our Services:

Application Development
Build high performing intuitive applications and modernize older applications.
Personalization, Information/Content oriented apps
Community, Engagement, Marketing, and Loyalty apps
Transactions/Commerce Apps
Integrated Smart Enterprise Apps
Business Vertical Focused Apps
Productivity and Workflow Apps

Roadmap and Strategy
Define mobility roadmap and build strategy to mobilize workforce.
Mobility Strategy Assessment
Advisory for enterprises
Architecture Assessment and Definition
Mobile Technology Evaluation, Strategy, and Consulting

Access multiple solutions from a single platform to transform operational efficiency.
Payment Gateways (Online/Offline)
IoT & Connected Devices
CMS/Rich Media Servers
Legacy Systems/ CRM
Social Media