CRM Software for Car Dealerships

Increase your dealership's efficiency and sales by speeding up sales and marketing. Automotive CRM software delivers a CRM platform tailored to the demands of the auto dealer sector. It aids dealerships in speeding up and streamlining their sales operations, responding quickly to client requests, and maintaining a comprehensive customer and prospect database. These are the four main advantages of using an automotive CRM. Lead Management — Track sales leads from any source, including online, over the phone, third-parties, and walk-ins. Lead Nurturing and Generation - CRMs provide capabilities like Auto Responder and Auto Reply that allow you to be the first to reply to new leads. CRMs allow you keep track of all customer touch points, whether it's a phone call, a text message, or an email. Transparency and reporting – Track each deal from start to finish to improve your sales process. Track KPIs and assess the ROI of individual marketing channels by viewing and recording each sales conversation.


Why to Choose DoFort Automotive CRM?


DoFort Automotive CRM software solutions address all facet of the industry, from car selection to customer service after the sale. Customer data is collected and analyzed by DoFort Automotive CRM software in order to identify preferences and provide customized service. By providing tailored delivery models through dealerships, automation boosts the productivity of the automotive sector. Companies may aid their customers at every stage of their search for a vehicle that matches their needs with the help of DoFort Automotive CRM. Dealers, on the other hand, concentrate on reselling components and accessories. Furthermore, suppliers collaborate with purchasing dealers to assist customers in achieving their objectives. This is accomplished by merging processes, channels, and teams in order to boost overall operational efficiency. DoFort Automotive CRM software integrates with other dealer software to reduce the need for double-entry of client information.These are the different ways how DoFort Automotive CRM Software manages your business and develops customer relationships:

  • Allows customers to browse your site's car models and choose the features that are right for them before coming into your store.
  • Improves client involvement on the internet months before they make a purchase.
  • Allows dealers to give the best possible individualized customer service.
  • Reduces the number of missed leads because dealers may always look up the customer's information in the CRM and contact them to finalize the transaction.
  • Assists in the scheduling of prospective consumers' test drive requests. It also sends you an automated email confirmation and adds a new prospect to your daily to-do list.
  • Aids dealers in keeping track of car deliveries.
  • Allows salespeople to manage scheduled tasks and customer appointments while automating lead distribution.

Features of Automotive CRM

Base of contacts and segmentation

Automated sales

Tracking of interactions

Automation of work processes

Analytics & Reporting

Management of the showroom

Lease management

Management of the service department

Marketing automation


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