Transportation Management Software

DoFort is a cloud-based transportation management system utilized all over the world. DoFort Transportation Management Software is designed to handle all aspects of logistics and supply chain management. Our Transportation Management Software is designed to monitor trucks entering and exiting the country from the country's borders. It facilitates tracking by manifests, drivers, and trucks. DoFort Transportation Management Software also aids in the tracking of freight. It also aids in the efficient management of aircraft cargo. It also aids in improved freight assignment and distribution. The best software for business growth that is stable and trustworthy. Because of its usability, DoFort is regarded as a seamless DoFort Transportation Management Software. It also provides improved integration with Enterprise Resource Planning Software. DoFort Transportation management software provides a smooth mobile-based experience for all stakeholders, in addition to a seamless real-time flow of information (Logistics Users, Transporters, Loading Supervisors, Drivers, Customers, etc.). We use clever algorithms to integrate your business logic into the TMS, making your transportation processes automated, audit-friendly, and simple to operate.


The Transportation Management module is a centralized platform that allows businesses to manage all transportation activity across their supply chains. The Transportation Management module enables businesses to reduce costs, improve service levels, and implement flexible business process automation across their global transportation and logistics networks. Transportation Management enables businesses to manage their transportation networks globally in terms of supply chain flows (outbound, finished goods, inbound supplies, inter-facility/company shipments, returns), modes of transport (road, air, sea, and rail), and geographic area (domestic and international).

Transportation management uses technology to help businesses plan, execute, and optimize the physical movement of goods, both incoming and outgoing, and making sure the shipment is compliant. It helps to reduce transportation costs and improve logistics efficiency and flexibility.

Transportation Planning
This enables organizations to analyse carrier performance and historical data, forecast future transportation needs, collaborate with carriers to negotiate contracts and book capacity.

Transportation Execution
It controls the movement of goods with rule-based planning that takes into account compatibility and capacity constraints and makes use of freight contracting, tendering and booking functions

Freight Settlement
It helps to organize activities related to calculating transportation charges, and preparing and settling bills

Streamline Your Transport business with DoFort Transport Management Software


Move ahead from Track & Trace to a Multi-dimensional visibility right from booking till invoicing.


High-performance planning module, backed by a library of configurable Rules & Constraints, for executing a high volume of booking requests.


With accurate ETAs, Weather Patterns, and Turn by Turn Navigation, the TMS is now smarter.


Ecosystem Integrations that include Carriers, Customers, Agents, Marketplaces, Telematics, Sensors, and Sorters.


Driver app that supports Booking request creations, approvals, invoices, alerts, and proof of delivery.


Overcome capacity crunch by a pre-built tendering module to release tenders and accept quotes.

Modules of DoFort Transportation Management Software

  • Fleet Management System
  • Rating & Billing
  • Hub Management
  • Fright Management
  • Document Management
  • Order Management
  • Transportation Planning
  • Transportation Execution

Why do Logistics Companies need this Solution?


Long hours spent in manual assigning of orders


No interface for consignors to create orders


Higher returns due to lack of communication with consignee


No real time shipment visibility


Inefficient route plan and rider allocation

Why to Choose DoFort Transportation Management Software?

Our expertise in offering corporate software solutions for CRM, hub management, transportation management, warehouse management, fleet management, rating and billing, and facility management drives us forward. DoFort Transportation Management Software may provide end-to-end insight and control over operations as a single integrated system. DoFort Transportation Management Software provides thorough activity reports that give firms the visibility and information they need to optimize resources and processes. With our goods, businesses may take advantage of a niche offering that handles a variety of logistical issues. Our transportation management software is available as integrated smart platforms that give a complete end-to-end business solution for 3PLs, freight forwarders, contract logistics, project cargo, e-commerce logistics, reefer logistics, and parcel/express service providers. Managers can use our transportation management software solutions to get a real-time visual overview of logistics activities on maps. This can help logistics service providers significantly with planning, execution, and delivery. We also offer customized capabilities as part of our transport management software when we partner with a company. This ensures that our software meets the needs of businesses. A technology relationship with us can bring new insights into transportation movement, resulting in more innovation in your operations and functions.

Features of DoFort Transportation Management Software

  • Adaptable and simple to use
  • Dashboard with interactivity
  • Software for Integrated Transportation Management
  • Complete transportation management, including order receipt, planning, and execution, as well as fleet and freight management.
  • Advanced Business Intelligence allows for better analysis of key performance indicators.
  • Ship Cargo Management has an advanced logistics module available.
  • Modules for Warehouse Management which are best in Class
  • Third Party Logistics Complete Logistics Solution (3PL)

DoFort CRM for Transportation & Logistics

Transportation and Logistics Services encompass a wide range of tasks including the acquisition, transportation, and management of resources while in transit across the supply chain. Today's transportation services are worldwide activity involving complicated partnering and logistical arrangements, all while working under tight deadlines. Customers often demand competitive pricing offerings in order to improve their own sales operations in this competitive business. Companies' ability to retain appealing price and delivery options depends on their ability to manage and leverage market information and partner connections. Transportation Logistics Service business lines can benefit from CRM for Transportation & Logistics in terms of operations, vehicle and infrastructure management. It includes all interactions and activities at all nodes, as well as policy, legislation, and contract requirements.

DoFort CRM for Transportation & Logistics allows you to create intelligent interfaces with all of your connections throughout your business lines. Sales and marketing, warehouse management, client and partner management, purchasing, and contract management are all examples of this. It is possible to address operational inadequacies and increase business intelligence for higher operational success by engaging in Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) activities that involve fully integrated CRM solutions. DoFort CRM for Transportation & Logistics allows the organization to organize and share customer and prospect information. Customer interaction (shipowner, operator, logistics service provider, and so on); business volume, form of activity (land, sea, rail, storage, courier, etc. ); and sector will all be visible to your sales reps (bulk, container, etc.).

Benefits of CRM for Transportation & Logistics

Automated Request Processing

Optimized Sales & Marketing

Convenient Data Management

Increased Cost Efficiency

Advanced Reporting

Improved Customer Service

Organized Team Collaboration

Ensuring safety of shipments

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