ERP for Pharma Industry

Pharmaceuticals and life sciences companies are experiencing a wave of competing challenges This is battling patent cliffs, falling R&D productivity, increased regulations, cost pressures, price-sensitive markets and industry consolidation Organizations are facing the dual challenge of identifying the right, future-proofed business model while addressing the operational demands of the day

DoFort ERP solutions help your business growth in the global market and provide your business a competitive edge by ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements Our solutions and services help to improve revenue, process efficiencies, ensures quality, compliance and faster innovation. It also helps you to achieve lower costs with higher productivity by focusing on process improvement.

The pharmaceutical sector is heavily regulated, with quick changes occurring on a regular basis. Pharmaceutical firms must be adaptable in order to ensure that changes are implemented correctly. In pharmaceutical firms, there are several processes and criteria that must be followed. As a result, pharmaceutical businesses are extremely competitive. Pharmaceutics enterprises require effective operation work-flow and system-wide integration to achieve maximum efficiency. Due to competition from other competitors, pharmaceutical businesses have undergone significant changes in the last decade.

Because of its competitive nature of business, the pharma sector requires ERP. ERP for pharma industries streamlines numerous activities in pharma organisations, allowing them to produce the most output. Pharma ERP software not only automates the whole organisation, but it also connects all processes to keep track of every sensitive operation in the pharma industry. ERP software for Ayurvedic and Pharma firms is a stand-alone solution for all business requirements. Expiry management, quality, formulation, price, and compliance are only a few of the operations. To handle these procedures, the organisation needs the best ERP software for the pharmaceutical sector.

Best ERP software for pharmaceutical industries. DoFort is well-known for providing robust ERP solutions for pharmaceutical companies, but it does not stop there. DoFort ERP is the finest ERP software for the pharmaceutical and ayurveda industries for managing operations and totally integrating all industrial activities. The pharmaceutical industry's dynamic nature necessitates the use of ERP software to provide precise, actionable information and strategic decision-making data. The software in DoFort ERP modules for pharma firms is based on multiple modules that communicate with other modules for ease of access to information, resulting in a network of all divisions in the sector.

Formulation and packaging management, costing, inventory, production, quality, planning, scheduling, traceability & recall, FDA compliance, and mobile warehousing are some of the DoFort Software modules for pharmaceutical and life sciences industry. All of these process manufacturing modules are available in our pharmaceutical and life sciences manufacturing add-on application, as well as in our end-to-end ERP solution, which supports pharmaceutical and life sciences manufacturing, financials, sales, purchasing, supply chain, and customer service.

Key modules of ERP software for Pharma Industry

Quality Control

Quality Control is the most crucial module of pharma ERP software since everything in the pharmaceutical sector is totally dependent on the product's quality and efficacy. This module aids in the maintenance of product quality in order to attain the best outcomes.

Batch Control and Traceability

Batch Control and Traceability module monitors all pharma product manufacture, categorising the items into batches that may be sent for distribution. This module supervises manufacturing and traces shipments by keeping a complete record.

Production Scheduling

Production scheduling module allows you to arrange manufacturing on the production line. This enables total automation on the production line in pharma ERP software. Automation increases efficiency in the workplace, allowing for a higher pace of output.

Production Management

The Production Management module collaborates with other modules to collect data and information for optimal use of the company's equipment and resources, cutting production costs.

Warehouse Management

The Warehouse Management module keeps track of all stock-related information and the placement of batches in various warehouses. This module keeps a complete record of all warehouses and stock piles in the same warehouse.

Benefits of ERP software for pharma companies

With its simple user interface, DoFort ERP software for pharma firms provides users with a smooth user experience.

Any company's most valuable asset is its data and information. ERP software for pharmaceutical firms encrypts data and creates several backups to prevent data loss.

DoFort ERP software for pharma organisations provides portable access to all processes and activities, allowing you to control any event from anywhere

The DoFort ERP modules provide a network of all divisions in the organisation enabling simple interchange of information and analytics, enhancing production speed.

Best ERP System for Pharmaceuticals by DoFort

DoFort ERP software for the pharmaceutical industry not only enables the consolidation and integration of pharmaceutical manufacturing processes across multiple units but also helps businesses to keep track of operations across the organization. DoFort, advanced Pharmaceutical ERP solution helps businesses in organizing their procurement processes, providing a simple and cost-efficient process model, while reducing production and delivery time.


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