ERP for Energy Industry

Energy & Utilities sector need to optimally manage capital-intensive assets, improve performance and operational effectiveness, and comply with regulatory mandates. To achieve these outcomes, you need an enterprise solution that is aligned to your industry’s needs, comprehensive, easy-to-use, quick to implement, cost-effective and flexible to adapt to your business needs. DoFort ERP for energy industry offers a comprehensive range of services to assist and streamline the building of your renewable energy projects, all of which have been designed by our highly skilled staff.

DoFort’s comprehensive yet flexible ERP solutions are aligned to the requirements of Energy & Utility industry. From power generation to transmission and distribution, from water or waste water treatment plants to storage and distribution, and from upstream to downstream processes in Oil & Gas, DoFort provides a comprehensive and flexible asset-centric ERP solution.

DoFort ERP software for the energy & utilities industry is designed to provide the world's energy with the necessary control to ensure long-term growth. When you're ready to take your Energy firm to the next level, enable customer relationship management. In terms of your project's requirements, you may plan and manage all of your resources. Collaborate with individuals all around the world and ensure effective workflow and document management for your project. When you need to, keep an eye on your budget. You'd always be in touch with your company's operations, no matter what.

DoFort ERP’s key capabilities address the specific needs of Energy Industry

Power Generation

Maximize availability & Plant Load Factor (PLF), optimize fuel supply chain, and minimize cost of generation in an environment-friendly way

Wind Energy & Other Renewable Energy

Increase turbine availability and PLF, reduce O&M cost, get real-time visibility into asset condition and performance

Electric Transmission & Distribution

Improve asset reliability, reduce AT&C loss, improve billing and collection efficiency, and execute projects faster

Water Utilities & Water/Waste Water Treatment Plants

Reduce unplanned supply interruptions, reduce turnaround time, increase asset reliability, and improve billing and collection efficiency

Oil & Gas

Increase operational efficiencies, maximize asset uptime, optimize parts utilization, improve workforce productivity, and ensure adherence to safety standards at work

O & M Service Providers

Maximize incentives on the O&M contract by increasing asset reliability, tracking SLA terms, optimizing supply chain, improving customer service and reducing costs.

Complementary Modules Built on Common Platform


Chain Management

Attain overall business visibility, manage and optimize inventories and synchronize supply with demand


Asset Management

Plan, maintain and manage all your assets on a cloud and mobile-ready platform


Finance &

Transform your hitherto administrative financial tasks into well-synchronized processes to enable the best possible financial supply chain management



Build the knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques required to manage and account projects in order to meet or exceed stakeholder expectations

Energy Management Software for Commercial Building

DoFort Energy Management Software will assist you in identifying resource savings and optimizing operations in the commercial buildings/sites you manage. Our energy management software dashboard can help you better manage your projects and produce savings for your clients by collecting, managing, analyzing, and reporting data. Energy system utilization in facilities is reported and monitored by DoFort Energy management software, which saves organizations money on energy bills. Real-time energy usage monitoring, energy data analytics, HVAC system controls, and carbon and sustainability reporting are all included in our Energy management software. DoFort Energy management software frequently includes capabilities for modifying energy usage in order to promote more efficient consumption and lower carbon emissions. Our energy management software helps businesses maintain a single source of truth for all data related to energy consumption, minimize carbon emissions through smart energy distribution, evaluate energy consumption, and lower energy consumption-related expenditures. DoFort Energy management software is intended to boost efficiency, assure regulatory compliance, and cut expenses.


Features of Energy Management Software

Project Management

Machine-Learning Analytics

Data Visualization

Cost Control

Modularity & API Tracking Expenses

End-Consumer Management

Asset Management

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