Property Management Solution

DoFort Property Management is an on-premise and cloud-based solution that helps customers to manage their real estate assets and properties. The web-based solution offers features like property accounting, tenant management, lease tracking, bank reconciliation, maintenance scheduling and vendor management. It enables users to organize current vacancies and upcoming lease renewals, track the progress of apartments under repair, document tenant complaints, and receive online rental payments and more. Tenants have the ability to view upcoming rental invoices and submit online payments.

Capabilities for property owners include vacancy and rent tracking, potential tenant screening, property listings management, cash flow management, landlord insurance tracking, website building, a rent comparison tool, automatic bill posting, paperless work order generation, report customization and more.

Property owners and managers rely on DoFort Property Management software to meet their operational, financial, and business intelligence needs, from attracting tenants to creating financial reports. This comprehensive, integrated, and simple-to-use suite of applications assists decision-makers in driving productivity and improving cash flow across all of their diverse properties. Furthermore, the cloud-based architecture with software as a service (SaaS) deployment guarantees a quick return on investment. DoFort Property management software assists landlords and real estate professionals in tracking leases, residents, and maintenance tasks, as well as collecting rent and managing finances in order to reduce costs and streamline operations. DoFort Property Management Software provides comprehensive business management for Residential and Commercial Investment Property Management.

DoFort Property Management Software aids in the tracking of all physical documents associated with properties at any given time. DoFort also has an investment management module that assists in tracking returnable investments on properties such as security deposits and so on. Create unique rental property listings that include all of the property information that tenants require. Integrated solution for rental property investors that assist property managers in the generation of financial reports, the management of tenants, and the synchronization of bank accounts.

DoFort offers the best Property Management Software, which allows them to manage their properties such as commercial office space, residential apartments, staff quarters, training, colleges, and so on, across geographies in real-time. Supports the entire process of identifying property, ensuring legal compliance, and entering into Lease / Rental Agreements.

DoFort ERP is a flexible and fully integrated system that allows you to structure, scale, and grow your business without increasing your workforce. DoFort property management software that maximizes business processes and maintains control of commercial and residential properties, as well as payment and maintenance scheduling. DoFort Property management ERP allows you to maintain complete control over all commercial properties. DoFort provides a fully integrated solution to manage commercial properties and projects, including tenant management, operational management, reporting, web portals, and more.


Real estate is a competitive industry that necessitates specialized and modern solutions to streamline operations and increase profits. DoFort Property Management software solution that uses technology to effectively manage clients, properties, assets, contracts, staff, and finances. DoFort is fantastic property management software in the UAE that guarantees a return on investment and allows you to establish a workflow. This lease management software generates a 360-degree analysis of the property management business smartly. Regular duties such as lead management, facility management, document handling, payment management, invoicing, and other associated tasks can be automated using DoFort Property Management software. The software is simple to use for builders, contractors, agents, landlords, businesses, people, employees, and tenants.

Our Property Management software ensures business growth and is designed to match the needs of your company's real estate activities. It may be fine-tuned to work from anywhere in the globe. It consists of Property Lease, Financials, and Asset Management, and was designed and created expressly to address the Real Estate sector's dynamic issue. Tenant management software has a unique data structure that adapts to your business, as well as powerful web capabilities that enable businesses to get online in the shortest amount of time with the most cost-effective model. It also compromises a fast and dependable platform for completing analytical requirements and reporting as needed. DoFort offers the best rental property management software at the most competitive pricing.

DoFort Property Management Software Modules

Property management

Tenent management

Contract management

Accounting & Finance


Online payments

Maintenance Management

HR & Payroll Management

Work oder & Space Management

Document Management


Alerts & Notification

DoFort Property Management Software Modules


Contract Management

A lease is a contract or agreement between a tenant and a property owner for the rental of real estate, which including land, apartments, offices, retail stores, and parking spaces. Other types of property include machinery, equipment, appliances, kiosks, television and radio programmes, billboards, bus stop benches, licences, and so on. A lease number can be assigned to almost any type of contract that includes recurring billing. Recurring billings are transactions that are automatically generated on a period-by-period basis. Depending on the lease, the system can generate either recurring A/R invoices or A/P vouchers. DoFort Property Lease Management Software manages new tenancy agreement & renewal.


Property management

Property Management Module in DoFort Property Management Software aids in the creative management of properties, lease agreements, leads, and tenancies as well as the provision of affordable facility management services. A firm may effortlessly manage Cheque, negotiate, finalize transactions, and send proposals while managing leads effectively. Additionally, the module offers clever capabilities for effectively managing maintenance and services. This competitive rental property management software is accessible from anywhere in the world.

Landlords will have multiple development units as well as additional Property Units. The DoFort Property management Software will manage properties and rent property units to tenants. Tenancy contracts will be executed between Landlord and Tenant, and the system administrator will be responsible for regular rent recovery from tenants as well as accounting information for Landlords.

They will also be in charge of routine maintenance and repairs for Property Units. The system will notify the contractors who will carry out all of these activities, and the system will pay Contractors on behalf of Landlords.
Once the actual rent is entered into the contract system, the rent applicable for the current accounting year should be calculated and the balance should be posted as deferred income, which is income received in advance for the following accounting year. Please keep in mind that, as previously stated, the posting of current and deferred income will be done on a monthly basis. The same principle applies to any income collected in addition to rents, such as utility, air conditioning, and other service charges. This can be tailored to the customer's specific needs.

Tenant Management

DoFort Tenant Management module of Property Management Software helps Reduces the hassle of the real estate industry by automating functions and ensuring good tenant communication. This property CRM software in the UAE is available to tenants and enables better customer connections, quick assistance and maintenance, document management, and automated feeds. The tenant management feature is elevated by the efficient handling of payments, receipts, personnel, AMCs, and many improved features.
A tenancy contract is an agreement signed by a landlord and a tenant for the possession of property for a set period of time. Annual fees must be paid in equal monthly installments. The installment can be paid in cash or with post-dated cheques. Additional fees, such as utility and service fees, may apply. After one year, the contract can be renewed, but a new contract no will be generated. Depending on the terms of the contract, it may be necessary to break the contract with full or appropriate charges. Once the Contract has been registered, payment data must be generated. If the tenant provides post-dated cheques, they will be registered in the system and, when due, will be presented to the bank for realization and PDC confirmation.


Accounts & Financial Management

DoFort's financial management module of Property Management Software offers top-notch solutions for monitoring expenditures. Using lease management software, it is simple to track and access cash-flow management, income earned, third-party payments, financial records for audit, details of bank transactions, timely invoicing, property valuation, payment dates, and MIS reports. All the necessary financial management tools for real estate are included in the programme, which complies with VAT. Financial module in DoFort Property management software will assist you in dealing with mortgages, transactions, banking information, debts, and much more. Which means it's all in one place, safely stored, and easily accessible with a few taps.


Property Management CRM software enables you to interact with clients and provide them with price-competitive services. You can successfully handle customers, leads, proposals, and sales agreements because to its end-to-end process management capabilities. Task prioritization, customer interaction, providing individualized attention, client retention, and strategically locking-in prospects are all made easier with the aid of Property Management CRM software in Dubai. Real estate agents and organisations can manage relationships with clients by using property management CRM software. Clients include buyers, sellers, agents, brokers, developers, and financial institutions. The needs of organisations and real estate brokers are the focus of this. Incoming requests are tracked, price ranges are estimated, commercial real estate is sold, and property management is handled by the real estate CRM system, which also handles end-to-end process management for real estate firms.


Documentation Management

The rental property management software makes it simple to produce important documents including lease agreements, regulatory notices, insurance papers, and other documents. DoFort Property Document Management Software enables agents to earn more money. You get to meet a lot of people and assist them in finding their "dream home," and you don't have to be tied to a desk in an office to do so thanks to real estate document management software. However, selling real estate entails a significant amount of paperwork. You most likely have mountains of files containing all of the documents required to conduct real estate transactions. Staying organized, finding documents on time, and ensuring you have all of the necessary paperwork with you when showing a house can be a difficult task. All of these things are made easier to manage by DoFort document management software. We create a much-needed paradigm shift in information management within the real estate industry through the implementation and use of document management software, one in which organizations no longer focus amassing large volumes of information, but rather the extraction and leveraging of insight from this information.


DoFort Property Management Software, Dashboard is ready-to-use software to manage and measure the performance of Real Estate Agencies. The dashboard visualizes the most relevant KPIs for your Real Estate businesses, and helps you manage and measure your transactions in real-time. DoFort Property Management ERP Software helps to create reports with automatically updated numbers and export them to Excel and PowerPoint in just a few clicks.

DoFort Property Management Software enables users to define workflows and customize dashboard controls to meet their specific needs and responsibilities. DoFort Property Management ERP Software's dashboard provides detailed information and statistical data via charts and infographics. It has a centralized server where contracts, legal documents, master records, and property information are stored. As a result, DoFort Property Management ERP Software can generate timely insights and analytics. Our Property Management Software includes integrated Business Intelligence features that provide accurate and precise forecasts for better decision making. DoFort Property Management Software ensures a high return on investment.


Work Order management

The Work Order management in DoFort property Management software lets Residents, owners, or employees can submit work orders, and attach videos, documents, and images. Get status updates from your phone, tablet or desktop. Enable vendors to work on requests submitted by renters, keeping everyone updated on work orders and their status via posting updates and checking the status of work orders in one place. Ensure that everyone gets access to the data they require immediately. Tracking labour costs, costs, and inventory automatically View real-time information on your resource usage to support operational choices, hire new personnel, and identify opportunities for improvement.

HR & Payroll Management

DoFort Property Management Software offers a comprehensive module to properly manage HR, Payroll, and Staff. With the help of this module of the real estate software, employee administration, payroll, terminations, as well as other benefits calculations are made simpler. DoFort makes it simple to manage complex aspects of staff management, including reports with clever design and performance management tracking. Employees have access to the ESS system, which simplifies their lives. The DoFort HR & Payroll Module of property Management software makes it simple to account for shift differentials, overtime, and time off (paid and unpaid) for all employees and all locations. Connecting your timekeeping, payroll, and accounting software will ensure that you are paying your employees precisely what they have earned and will automatically account for local and state taxes for the highest level of accuracy and a comprehensive, end-to-end automated payment solution.


Online Payments

Payment integration in Property Management software will assist you in reducing the number of hours spent on billing, lowering the cost of paper records, and safely collecting funds. You provide your audience with a quick solution by offering an online payment option, as well as the option to check their bank statements or collect receipts. DoFort Property management software includes automatic alerts and email updates, and the online payment feature works flawlessly.

Property Management Software aids in Accepting debit or credit card payments online from tenants and landlords. Convenient online payment alternatives for receiving rent and paying owners will increase efficiency.

  • Rent and other payments can be collected online.
  • Collect service and maintenance deposits from landlords.
  • Direct access to secure payment from mobile apps
  • Reduce the time and money spent using paper checks.
  • Boost tenants satisfaction and retention
  • Maintenance & communication management

    DoFort Property management software allows for the handling of support and maintenance requests, the scheduling of service providers and suppliers, and the communication of scheduled maintenance tasks between tenants and property owners.You receive notifications from the maintenance management module regarding the scheduled maintenance for timely maintenance. The safety of the workforce and satisfactory and reliable performance are both ensured by timely maintenance management.
    You can contact tenants directly via text messages and email, thanks to a built-in communication feature and functionality in our Property management software. You could also send messages individually or in bulk, create groups, and save the chat history within the application.
    Automated alerts and notifications makes to reduce your work load and stays ahead of all your responsible tasks.


    Benefits of DoFort Property Management Software

    • Monitoring maintenance is simple.
    • Payments from tenants and contractors are simple.
    • Tracking of data
    • Property administration
    • Customer loyalty and support
    • Quick Evaluation
    • Tenant screening
    • Enhances visibility
    • Organizing your calendar
    • Optimized Reporting
    • Mobile App for Tenants

    Online Property Management Software

    DoFort Property Management software is a proven and trusted premise to large, small, and medium-sized real estate companies with over a decade of real estate business experience and thousands of happy customers. Our tenant management system is a powerful application that enables property agencies and agents to rapidly expand their business by locating and dealing with ideal clients. Our software was designed specifically to market, systematize, and manage business processes in the real estate industry. It is comprehensive software that can ably support your business while also aiming for cost-effective solutions. With our best property management software and CRM solution, you can save time and effort.

    Property Types we serve


    Residential Buildings












    Data centres


    Free Zones


    Telecom Towers


    Storage containers


    Labour camp units


    Commercial/Office Spaces

    DoFort Property Management CRM Software

    Property Management CRM software is a tool for managing communications with clients, including buyers, sellers, agents, brokers, developers, and financial institutions. The needs of organisations and real estate brokers are the focus of this. The end-to-end procedure is managed by the real estate CRM system. Management for real estate businesses, including property management, selling commercial real estate, and everything in between, from keeping track of incoming inquiries to developing price estimates.

    Finding the finest CRM for Property Management is a challenge. You can stop scouting and begin searching once you reach DoFort. It is fairly priced and enables you to increase sales by giving you access to performance metrics, a clean user interface, and all the functionality that a real estate business needs today in one place.

    The DoFort Property Management CRM software aids in the management of relationships with clients, including buyers, sellers, agents, brokers, developers, and financing institutions. It also satisfies the requirements of businesses and real estate agents. The real estate CRM system controls all aspects of the end-to-end process management for real estate firms, including inbound requests, price quotation creation, commercial real estate sales, and DoFort property management.

    Advantages of DoFort Property Management Software

    • Scalability
    • User-friendly Interface
    • Integrate with Third-Party Apps
    • Collaborative Environment
    • Centralized Document Handling
    • Secure Contracts & Documents
    • Control User Access
    • Single-window for Complaint Handling
    • Automated Contract Renewal & Termination
    • Quick Property Search, Track, and Allocation
    • Arabic & English Contract Printing
    • Easy to Manage Booking, Cancellation, Renewals
    • Easily Import & Export Contracts & Documents
    • Smart Maintenance of Properties
    • Faster Proposals & Sales
    • Quick Billing & Invoicing

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