BPO Services at DoFort Technologies

What are BPO services?
In this digitally progressive world where marketing has taken to the internet, we need to open newer avenues to conduct business based on IOT services . A more efficient operating system is required to run existing services smoothly, one which caters to all needs of the customer and makes sure the system planned out is customer centric.

At DoFort Technologies, our services like Barcode Integration, Cloud Computing and BPM ensures that all work are automated and functions on innovative technologies, making sure the business reach is continually pushed to profitable boundaries. We bring together the conjoined working of people, processes and latest technology to assist our clients to reshape or reinvent their brand with a more organized operating system.

Any organization when it moves its function from one outsourced provider to another, must familiarize itself with the scope of work in that field. Our management services take care of all the outsourcing and the various appliances required to monitor the flow of work. Here are the three different types of BPO services we work on depending on the geographical location of your company and the kind of outsourcing you want:

Offshore Outsourcing
For offshore outsourcing, the company signs a contract with the services of a foreign company while working remotely. DoFort provides for online and offline assistance to manage business processes through our various recognized services to facilitate exchange.

Onshore Outsourcing
Onshore Outsourcing is also known as ‘Domestic outsourcing’ which takes place when any organization or brand seeks out the services provided by a company which is operating in the same country as the hiring company. We have customers in almost all recognized nations, seeking out our analytics and other helpful services to strengthen their network in the market.

Nearshore Outsourcing
Nearshore outsourcing, as the name suggests, reaches out to brands which functions in neighboring countries only.

Here are the services provided at DoFort Technologies to give your business the right kind of turnover:


Intelligent Finance Operations

DoFort makes sure your business not only profits through retail enterprise solution , but also gets work processed at lower costs and save the company’s revenues in terms or tax and cash flow in miscellaneous dealings.


Sourcing and Procurement

Sourcing and procurement are monitored and modified by DoFort management services to transform the outsourcing business as per the changing market dynamics.


Supply Chain

While the supply chain managers are constantly under pressure to make the business more valuable in order to meet the standards of the competitors in the market, our services and insights prepares a data-driven analytics for outsourcing that draws on intelligent technologies, skills and reports to provide real-time insightful progress. DoFort is integrated with strong and supportive applications to intensify your brand’s growth.


Compliance as a Service

The role of compliance is pivotal in any company, it determines the risk managements and enterprise-wide recommendable services to constantly uplift the market value. As a result, compliance leaders are constantly required to redesign their functional operations for future demands. If you choose to shift from compliance related functions to integrated BPM services provided by DoFort, you will be able to keep a track of wide-arrayed regulations providing well-planned executions for a steady growth at a pocket-friendly rate.


Intelligent Global Business Services

To conduct a business which is wisely operated and promises sustainable growth at every juncture, we need to make sure our operating system is well-integrated and works on the combined effort of talent, advanced digital technology and applied intelligence. The more one adapts to developing business trends, the better the output in terms of growth.

At DoFort we believe in the consolidated effort of both the advanced operating devices provided by our services and the digital marketing tactics applied by intelligence. To widen the reach of your organization and to strengthen with developing brands and viable customers, we suggest you choose to opt for DoFort services to give your company its due recognition.


Sales and Customer Operations

Sales and Marketing team forms the core operational unit of any functional company. They function as frontline unit catering to generate a hyper-relevant experience for customers at any given place or time. DoFort applications allows you to the marketing team to expand and reach out to regions which was previously untraceable. With our service providers you can experiment and carry forward programs wherever there’s scope for growth, lead generation, conversion and adoption.


Digital Inside Sales

Does your brand lag in digital market advertising? One of the fastest and adequately processed manner of developing your brand is to leverage your sales virtually. This method has further gathered the spotlight after the COVID outbreak, pushing offline companies to the brink of extinction. Digital marketing opens new avenues for virtual mobility, giving you a wide space to converse with clients whom you cannot reach physically. It also helps to generate leads and filter out active leads from the traffic, leading to lead conversions and adding customers to your list. However, the only constant in digital sales is change. To remain upfront in the ever-growing market, sales team needs to stay updated with the recent tactics adopted by competitors in the field. The more up-game you are with your business handling virtually, greater the prospect for sales.



At DoFort, we enable brands to grow digitally and structurally through a well-defined human-machine operating system which caters to all intricate details of your organization and fetches commendable results. Our business intelligence and consulting services help organize the technical handling of brands, giving them a design, which has a modern take on marketing – strategic and categorically laid out.

The webpage design and integrated coding are the pioneers to run a successful and evolving business line. We understand and develop strategies for your brand to invest in spheres which are analytically profitable, carrying out campaigns, active content creation, innovation and a lot more.


Talent and HR

DoFort employees are skilled at handling the outsourcing of business to vendor HRs, this not only helps to amplify the reach of business via accessible clients, but also keeps the company from diverting from thee core functions. This fastens the process of business outsourcing leading to high-volume recruitment in a limited time. The workload is released from core position holders, giving them more time to invest in business functions. They take care of taxes, payrolls, talent recruitments and subordinate level functions such as designing, HR decision making and more such activities.


Banking Insurance

For capital markets and finance management teams of MNCs, digital transformations are the need of the hour. Cost and customer retention challenges are faced regularly by finance management teams, leading them to improve program administration, automated process and transformational processes, time and again.

With our finance management team, we can take this extra load off your shoulder and handle the front-to-back processes of your organization. We ensure to decrease the revenue coats spent in your security services and market investment without disrupting the marketing procedure or causing any affect on it.