ERP for Jewelry Industry

Jewellry Management Solution

DoFort Jewellery Management offers powerful manufacturing management software solutions to meet the jewellery industry-specific needs. It is an extendable and adaptable business-ready solution seamlessly integrated with financial, customer relationship, sales & procurement, project management, and supply chain processes. It enables the seamless flow of information between the departments and streamlines quote-to-cash cycle and responds to customers faster.

DoFort jewellery management solution provides complete step-by-step client order traceability; automates every aspect of jewellery manufacturing processes, inventory handling, controlling movement of goods from one department to another and capturing every single movement of gold, silver, components, diamonds, colour stones, job bags, tools, accessories, finished jewellery products. DoFort Jewellery Management Solution makes it easy for you and keeps track of all materials - metals, diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones, findings and all other components are used in the manufacturing processes

The jewellery industry is one of the most thriving industries that have existed since time immemorial. With market trends changing at a faster rate, it has become difficult for the jewellery industry to keep up while attempting to handle all processes manually. Manual processes, on the other hand, have become much less effective as technology has advanced. Furthermore, the chances of making mistakes due to manual management of critical information have increased, resulting in a massive loss in business profits. And this is where a jewellery ERP solution can assist businesses in moving forward with efficiency and zero errors.

Jewellery Manufacturing ERP is multi-module application software that assists retailers in need of an efficient solution to automate their Jewellery retailing and manufacturing operations. It offers a low-cost, simple, and effective solution for automating routine jewelry-making tasks while also accommodating special requirements such as report generation and image attachments.

It is critical for Jewellery businesses to make purchases when interest rates are low in order to profit in the long run. A spreadsheet cannot be used to understand the needs and analyze the demand. This is your call to action. With an ERP system, you can automate purchases when market prices are low or when payments are due. The DoFort Jewellery ERP system is capable of handling both small and large transactions with ease. It can help you double your revenue by improving operational efficiency and feasibility. DoFort provides the best ERP Software for Jewellery Manufacturers and Distributors.

DoFort Jewellery ERP

DoFort is a jewelry-specific solution for streamlining the complexity of jewellery retailers. It is primarily concerned with accounting and inventory modules. In addition, features such as a CRM system, payroll management, barcoded item scanning, a POS system, and so on are available. DoFort offers the best Jewellery ERP to help you run your jewellery business more efficiently. You can relax in this area of accounting and inventory because the software handles everything for you, including tax calculation, stock management, payroll management, effective CRMS management, and much more.

Benefits of DoFort Jewellery ERP Software

  • Easy to navigate
  • User-friendly system
  • Manage Data Easily
  • Saves time
  • Track Jewellery Price Fluctuations
  • Manage Retail Processes
  • Exceptional inventory management
  • Data tracking and strategic management
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Stock transaction data management
  • Enhanced reporting
  • Developed and personalized UI’s
  • Accurate transaction entries
  • Separate transaction modules
  • Improved billing process

Features of DoFort Jewellery ERP Software

DoFort Jewellery ERP software is specifically designed for Manufactures, Retailers and Wholesalers, chain-store for gold and silver shops, and can manage all aspects of your business such as inventory, customer relationships, vendors, point of sale, invoicing, marketing, and barcode/RFID.


Sales bill with Customized design

DoFort creates highly customized Jewellery ERP Software based on business requirements that will manage all aspects of your business, including inventory. Customized jewellery requires a wide range of creativity and ideas in the designing aspect, and DoFort Jewellery ERP justifies all such demands, which have resulted in higher and higher profits for this sector.

RFID wise Billing

DoFort jewellery software includes an RFID-enabled billing system that allows the product to be easily scanned and allows you to effectively manage gold, silver, and diamond stock. The system functions as an extended security arm, allowing proper identification and monitoring of all jewellery items within the specified premises.

Order management

Using this feature in the jewellery business allows you to check stock availability and select orders from various types to enter order memo for sending goods on sales memo, order sample for sample goods, and order sales line for line items.

Mortgage management

DoFort Mortgage management software allows you to easily manage updates, delete suppliers or craftsmen, and keep track of your gold, silver, and cash balances. You can search all girvi records by a specific client's name and Girvi amount, as well as all client data including girvis and jewar dues.

Privilege card management

DoFort Privilege card management software enables special transactional features for an elite customer base, allowing them to enjoy superior value and benefits related to their jewellery choices. You can select from a wide range of gold, silver, and diamond items at a significantly lower price than another customer.

Stock with product catalogue and image

DoFort jewellery ERP software allows you to check your stock with images so that all gold, silver, and diamond images added to the software are automatically resized for use in product pages, including support for interactive 360° views. This simplifies the customer view and provides quick access to the stock visibility of all jewellery items in the software.

Inventory Management

With batch-wise inventory management, you can ensure that there will be no losses due to expiration. DoFort Jewellery ERP can manage inventory by carat, weight, barcode, image, item, item group, purity, stock summary, stock register, and stock valuation.

Certificate Printing

Using DoFort Jewellery ERP, print a CGL certificate with the certifier's name, certificate number, gemstone/diamond properties (cut, shape, color, clarity, and carat weight), gross weight of the jewellery, product SKU, and description.

Repairing Process

DoFort Jewellery ERP will assist you in easily generating and issuing a replacement or repairing entry, maintaining records, details, stock & date wise reports when a piece of damaged jewellery is received, and improving your customer experience.

DoFort Jewellery ERP Modules


















Digital design




Wax setting













Features of DoFort Jewellery Retail Management Software

  • Billing & Estimation
  • Design/SKU Management
  • Multi Branch Support
  • Order Management
  • Procurement Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Built in CRM
  • Buy Back & Old Gold Exchange
  • Repair Management
  • Third Party Integration
  • Rich & Organized Cataloguing
  • Subcontractor Manufacturing
  • Customer Loyalty Management

Features of DoFort Jewellery Manufacturing Management Software

  • Jewellery Inventory
  • Diamonds & Stones Management
  • Purchasing & Re-ordering
  • Printing Jewellery Tags
  • Sales Order
  • Quantity Discounts
  • Incoming Memos
  • CRM
  • Online customer portal
  • Multicurrency Features
  • Outgoing Memos
  • Invoicing
  • Real-Time QuickBooks Integration
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • E-Catalogue
  • EDI & API Support
  • Rapnet & Integration
  • Contract Manufacturing & Workflows
  • Workbag Processing & Creation

DoFort Jewellery CRM Software

Jewellery CRM, like other CRMs for specific industries, is specifically designed to meet the needs of jewellers. It employs a plethora of integrated algorithms to assist retailers in handling customer relations, tracking orders, and managing leads/prospects in order to ensure better business management. Furthermore, jewellery CRM software assists you in finding more deals, closing more leads, and providing more insight into sale/purchase reports. You will have detailed information about customers, including personal information, transaction history, dues, and other relevant information. DoFort provides the best CRM for Jewellery Industry. DoFort Jewelry CRM assists in understanding customer needs and provides an effective platform for developing strategies to meet demands. It ensures timely communication with clients while also preserving conversation history. Users will have access to a comprehensive analysis of conversions for a specific time period, allowing them to create more accurate comparison reports. DoFort jewellery CRM also allows you to schedule reminders for weddings, personal anniversaries, birthdays, and other seasonal greetings. Our CRM for jewellery keeps track of customer activities such as website visits, emails, phone calls, SMSs, and so on.


Advantages of DoFort Jewellery CRM

  • Comprehensive lead management
  • Complete sales target management
  • Sales follow up tracking and management
  • Client data management
  • Detailed reports
  • Sales process optimization
  • Sales forecast

DoFort Jewellery CRM Software Modules

  • Sales Target
  • Lead
  • Follow up
  • Client Module
  • Integration
  • Loyalty Programmes
  • Reminder Management
  • Branch Management

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