Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Data is the new powerhouse at the heart of any business that aspires to be digital. It's a resource that helps companies learn about fresh possibilities, hidden threats, changing customer expectations, competitive landscapes, and so on. Businesses across industries are demanding smarter, more productive, and analytical approaches to be competitive in the cutting-edge marketplace as a result of the problem-first or data-first strategy. Big data and machine learning technology have provided firms with a real-time analytical approach, allowing them to better analyze consumer sentiment.

In today’s modern digital environment, data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) play a critical role in altering traditional corporate processes, launching new business models, and boosting process efficiency. By empowering people with more agile and intuitive procedures, DoFort's data analytics and AI services enable enterprises to offer value across the customer journey.

With greater throughput, lower market-risks, and smarter judgments enabled by data-driven decision systems, data analytics helps firms increase brand loyalty and communicate the hidden value of their product and services, enabling enterprises to monetize data. Data analytics is a broad term that refers to a variety of strategies for structuring and mining raw data. For enterprises at various stages of data maturity, DoFort develops advanced data designs, delivers data solutions, and provides managed data analytics services.

By leveraging the power of all innovative next-gen data technologies, DoFort's digital experience in data analytics lets you achieve multi-fold outcomes for your business. We assist you in assessing the present situation and establishing a solid data foundation in order to improve business performance and maximize on data prospects. Every day, big data pours through your company. It's an asset you already have, but it's worthless unless it's enriched and brought into sharper focus. DoFort will help you collect, analyse, and apply data to understand prospective futures, improve business performance, and transform the way you work, using advances in data analytics and human insights.

There will be many conversion targets, but they all begin with data. As organizations move to the cloud, they'll be able to access and use data in new ways and at faster speeds. Enormous benefit is within reach, but it will necessitate a new approach to data management. Information Transformation is about linking data and people, ideas and outcomes, as opposed to conventional data and analytics programmes that lived in a technical silo. To work has demonstrated adoption, it is necessary to integrate the data strategy with business goals, change business-wide processes to support data-driven decision making, and nurture talent and data culture.

We use powerful big data and business intelligence solutions at DoFort to assist clients in extracting meaningful insights from a variety of data sets created in real time and on a huge scale. We help businesses integrate huge amounts of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data from various sources into a single, holistic ecosystem that can be used to model and predict new market opportunities. DoFort professionals provide a full spectrum of big data services, from strategy development and consultation to infrastructure management and support, allowing our clients to gain valuable insights from hitherto untapped data assets.

DoFort services assist businesses in using data analytics to develop new business models and revenue streams while also assuring data security, integrity, and regulatory compliance. Our solutions, which are based on cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and advanced analytics, enable enhanced intelligence and process automation while enhancing decision making.

Building Data analytics and AI capabilities requires overcoming barriers common across industries. DoFort’s Analytics and AI Transformation Solution spans the spectrum of strategy to design, development and deployment of analytics and AI capabilities, helping organizations like yours lay the groundwork for a realistic, AI-powered future.

Data Analytics Services

Analytics as a Service (AaaS)

Analytics-as-a-Service (AaaS) is a cloud-based licensing service that provides software and techniques for data analytics. AaaS typically provides a completely customizable BI solution with end-to-end capabilities, allowing even non-IT professionals to obtain insight and take action. CIOs are choosing AaaS' cost-effective web product over traditional licensed and on-premise solutions due to the pervasive proliferation of Big Data and the astronomic costs of processing these large datasets.

Using data mining, predictive analytics, and AI, AaaS successfully uncovers trends and insights from current data sets.. Running analytic operations on data warehouses used to necessitate a large staff of data engineers and scientists. Cleaning, analysis, and actionable insights from Big Data are now a scalable and cheap option for businesses at all stages of development thanks to AaaS. Embedded analytics, which range from totally web-based AaaS to hybrid versions that interact with existing infrastructure, enable businesses to make better decisions in real time.

Managed data analysis

Data management is the process of gathering, storing, and using information in a secure, efficient, and cost-effective manner. The purpose of data management is to assist individuals, enterprises, and connected things in improving data use within the constraints of policy and law so that they can make decisions and conduct action to increase the organization's profit. As organizations depend heavily on intangible assets to produce value, a strong data management strategy is more vital than ever.

In an enterprise, managing digital data entails a wide range of duties, rules, processes, and procedures. Data management encompasses a wide range of topics, along with how to:

Create, access, and update data from a variety of data sources

Information can be stored in different cloud providers and on-premises.

High availability and disaster recovery are provided.

Data would be used in an expanding number of apps, analytics, and algorithms.

Data must be stored and discarded as per retention schedules and compliance requirements.

Data analytics consulting

Data Analytics Consulting Services employs a full collection of approaches that simplifies a number of business intelligence jobs by employing existing data, which is a whole new twist in reinventing Business Analytics. The goal of Data Analytics Consulting Services is to create value-added analytical solutions by balancing business and hardcore analytics. Most analytics enterprises now provide data analytics consulting services to clients in a variety of business disciplines, including telecommunications, financial services, retail, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, and so on, stressing the need of effectively understanding and addressing business demands. Big Data Consulting Services help firms improve their data insights by facilitating strategic engineering and analytics. DoFort, a Big Data consulting service provider, assists users in better understanding their consumers and the demographics they serve with their particular business.

Data analytics implementation

Steps you should take to create Data analytics implementation plan are:

Define your company's objectives and key performance indicators (KPIs).

Examine the structure of your website, product, or app.

Make your objectives and KPIs operational.

Make a tracking strategy.

Select your weapon (tool)

Put your tool into action.

Set up your analytics instance's user interface.

Using various filters, create various vistas.

New users should be given the appropriate permissions.

For each data view, create dashboards, segments, and custom reports.

Monitor changes to your website/product structure, goals, and KPIs on a regular basis.

Data analytics modernization

Data modernization enables you to respond to changes and evolve as an enterprise with more ease. Modern data and analytics solutions enable your company to scale and be flexible, integrate new data sources, gain insights faster, distribute data, and successfully plan for the future. Using next-generation cloud-enabled platforms and big data architectures to update the data environment and enable analytics and AI-powered companies. You can unleash the potential of artificial intelligence to monetize data by upgrading your approach to data and data management. The end result: better client experiences, more top-line growth, lower costs, and a competitive edge through faster decision-making.

Data management services

Data management as a service is a cloud solution that gives businesses consolidated storage for several data sources. The term "as a service" refers to a pay-per-use business model in which the customer is not required to own or manage data management infrastructure. Data management services are required to extract the maximum value from business data with expert assistance. Companies can use DoFort's effective data management systems to ensure that their data is used efficiently, cost-effectively, and in accordance with internal and external regulations. DoFort has a team of data management experts, solution architects, and data engineers who can assist you in establishing data governance policies and implementing suitable technology solutions.

Our Services

Big Data Analytics
With the right tools and an extensive technology stack, our big data solutions provide you with pertinent insights for customer behaviour, operational processes, fraud prevention, risk management and more. Through cross-channel integration, capitalize on meaningful BI to achieve desired business outcomes.

Data Management
It is so easy to be lost adrift in the virtual expanse of data. Data management is your only hope of rescue! Our team takes on the mammoth task of quality management, data governance, migration, integration, implementation, and archiving with expertise and skill. Preserve your data, enhance security and get clean, organized and filtered data for your perusal.

Data Integration & Visualisation
With these services, companies can integrate data from various resources. This ensures that no information is missed out and companies get a holistic view of data. With proprietary tools, TCS also helps in converting data into easy-to-interpret visual reports and dashboards.

Predictive Analytics
Predictive analysis is a forward-gazing technique of analysing historical data to forecast accurate future outcomes based on a variety of set parameters. Businesses extensively use this method to detect risks, halt fraudulent behaviour, identify opportunities and plan business strategies. Find patterns and recognize your business’ future value through our advanced analytics solutions.

Our best data analytics practices to empower companies with informed decision-making in the following business areas:

Financial Analytics

Customer Analytics

Marketing Analytics

Supply Chain Analytics

Asset Analytics

Manufacturing Analytics

Service Delivery Analytics


Accelerate and improve decision-making across the enterprise.

Increase competitiveness of your core businesses.

Provide single source of truth to base decisions on.

Ensure consistency and quality of data being used for analytics.

Eliminate data retrieval problems.

Make decisions more efficiently with highly visual representation of data.

Use social media analytics such as media and behavioral analytics.

Provide personalization to connect with viewers.

Track quality of content and viewership and get targeted advertising.

Help uncover new revenue streams.


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