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Many businesses are realizing that their most significant asset is their employees. A company's workforce's abilities, qualifications, training levels, and productivity can make or break it. In light of this, many organizations have begun to devote more resources to recruiting, training, and keeping teams of brilliant experts, transforming these procedures from a necessary evil to a critical investment in the company's future. Human capital management software includes a variety of tools to help with the hiring, tracking, and development of personnel by automating and streamlining operations.

HR departments' typical administrative activities, such as hiring, training, payroll, compensation, and performance management, are transformed into opportunities to promote engagement, productivity, and business value through Human Capital Management (HCM). HCM views the workforce as a basic company asset whose value can be maximized via smart investment and management, just like any other asset. DoFort Human Capital Management (HCM) Software features a bilingual user interface as well as a multilingual mobile app, all of which are designed to increase your employees' user experience and team engagement.

Human capital management is a set of practices related to people resource management. These practices are focused on the organizational need to provide specific competencies and are implemented in three categories - workforce acquisition, workforce management and workforce optimization. Human capital management software is considered to be enterprise class software that can scale up and automate processes like payroll, performance reviews, recruiting and training.

What is HR automation?

Human Resources Automation (HR Automation) is a method of digitizing and automating time-consuming and repetitive operations, such as employee onboarding, payroll, timekeeping, and benefits administration. This allows HR staff to focus on more strategic duties that are more beneficial to the firm. It also boosts productivity and security while lowering the risk of human error. Because of the time and volume of physical paperwork necessary in day-to-day HR activities, HR automation has evolved. If your HR team spends more time on administrative tasks rather than applying their important abilities in other areas of the company, it's time to discover a new style of working.

Benefits of HR automation

  • Improved efficiency
  • Actionable insights
  • Reduced Errors
  • Improved communication and collaboration
  • Reduced paper-based processing costs
  • Positive experience for job candidates and employees

Role of Biometrics in HR Management

Biometrics technology is used to register, verify, and authenticate people based on their bodily characteristics, which are unique to each person. Innovative biometrics-based gadgets provide a safe solution that cannot be stolen, lost, or forgotten, making biometrics an important part of human resource management. A biometrics-based Human Resource Management System provides a real-time solution to HR managers or professionals, supporting traditional HR analytics approaches. The system streamlines several HR department duties and provides a variety of biometric-based human resource management solutions, including

  • Biometric Attendance System
  • Payroll Management System
  • Visitor Management System
  • Canteen Management System
  • Document Management System

HR Technology Trends

Remote work made better

Online HR solutions are bridging the social divide between employees while retaining physical social distance due to the demands of a remote workforce. Employees and supervisors can stay connected wherever they go using DoFort HR Software. Remote yet accessible HR digitization systems with a multitude of capabilities for monitoring staff, such as talent management, attendance management, and so on, are growing more popular as a result of the pandemic's developments.

Hiring that is diverse and inclusive

There is less human prejudice in the recruiting process with automated recruitment. This ensures an inclusive hiring process that gives all candidates an equal chance and incorporates people from various backgrounds.

Aligning generational gaps at work

All of them can find a common communication channel at work with DoFort HR software that does not discriminate against employees based on their age. Because every employee is exposed to the same amount of information on all things HR as every other employee, this encourages improved employee interaction without restraint.

Improved accountability and transparency

With features such as a 360-degree feedback mechanism, AI in HR ensures openness in the entire performance management process, making performance appraisal more employee-centered and subjective. This maintains a healthy level of employer-employee trust while also protecting each employee's personal information. Furthermore, employees feel more wanted, driven, and accountable for their unique contributions, which has a favorable impact on the company's success.

Encourage the formation of agile teams

The shared algorithmic engagement platform supports team-building initiatives and strives to promote organizational agility in a fluid manner during times of transition. This Artificial Intelligence crisis management role in HR tech trends enables firms to recover from transitory failure and prepares them with a long-term resiliency strategy.

Syncing talent acquisition with company culture

HR workers may acquire a better understanding of the organization's culture, values, purpose, and goals with DoFort HR Software. They can engage in acquiring talent that matches with their company's vision and mission if they keep this in the back of their minds. HR digitization and people analytics make this complex activity of scouting for and recruiting the ideal individuals for increased employee engagement and retention faster and smoother.\

Benefits of DoFort HR software

Productivity and efficiency

Employee morale and experience

Employee retention and development


Errors are reduced

Observance of regulations

Monitoring of attendance

Benefits management made easier

Metrics for data security

Better decision-making abilities

Modules of DoFort Human Capital Management (HCM) Software

Human Resource Information

DoFort Human Resource Information System (HRIS) or Human Resource Information Management (HRIM) assists HR in centralizing employee data. Data is concentrated in one easily accessible spot within the software, rather than being scattered across infinite folders and cabinets of employee information or complicated spreadsheets. HR can spool out all available information about the organization's employees from the HRIS, including the number of employees in the organization, the number of employees on leave, the number of employees facing sanctions, the date they joined the organization, and even filter information by departments, gender, pay groups, and other factors. Because the information in the HRIS feeds into the other modules of your organization's HRMS, it's a must-have HRMS module with whatever software you choose. These are the benefits of our Human Resource Information System (HRIS):

  • Record Keeping
  • Compliance
  • Efficiency
  • HR Strategy
  • Self-Service HR

Employee Orientation

It's critical to implement a well-structured and seamless onboarding process. Because automating the flow of your new recruit onboarding process is so important, it's one of the modules included in our human capital management software. The onboarding module in Seamless HRMS allows you to send out and track offer letters, allow employees to start paperwork, and even develop a bespoke sequence of trackable onboarding activities to engage your new hires and help them settle into their career, whether they are working remotely or online.

Leave Management

It's a given that your employees will take time off at some point. Paper forms or spreadsheets, on the other hand, can make leave management difficult for HR and line managers, who are left attempting to figure out who will go on leave when, as well as for employees who want to take time off. For already busy personnel, this may be a very messy scenario; however, adopting our leave management system streamlines the request approval procedure, making it easier for everyone concerned.

Time and Attendance

HR may track employee attendance, view attendance statistics and trends in one dashboard, and even link it with payroll based on corporate policy using a standard time and attendance module like the one in DoFort HRMS. Integration with external time and attendance devices is also possible with DoFort Human Capital Management (HCM) Software.

Management of the recruitment process

HR can use the recruitment module in DoFort HRMS to post job advertisements online, track applicants, sort applications, administer virtual tests, stay in touch with the talent pool, and make the recruitment process easier in general by storing all relevant information in one place and automating the process based on set criteria. DoFort Recruiting advances the global standard for recruitment modules by allowing you to post video job ads, conduct background checks, conduct pre-employment medicals, and collaborate on hiring with team members or clients, as the case may be.

Performance Management

Employers can track how their employees contribute to the attainment of the organization's goals using the performance management module in DoFort Human capital management software. The DoFort performance management module automates the appraisal process, compares individual goals to targets, and makes talent management recommendations, among other things.

Disciplinary Procedures

Your HR can ensure compliance with the organization's disciplinary policies, develop escalation steps for disciplinary cases, give appropriate sanctions, track ongoing cases, and refer to past cases all without using a single spreadsheet or piece of paper with DoFort disciplinary management module.

Payroll Management

For a variety of reasons, having a payroll administration feature in your HRMS is essential. The risk of overpaying, underpaying, and other payroll problems is eliminated because the module is synced with the HRIS, Leave Management, and other pertinent modules. DoFort HRMS' payroll module automates the disbursement of wages and payments, relieving HR of the burden. This module connects to the Employee Self-Service site, allowing employees to request pay stubs and have access to a Marketplace where they may apply for loans, salary advances, and other value-added services.

Learning Management

A learning management module, such as DoFort Learning, is a must-have in an organization's HRMS to provide HR with a platform to proactively manage human capital learning and development, a critical HR role. HR can use an LMS to provide appropriate training and track completion and engagement rates across the firm.

Advanced Analytics & Reports

The DoFort HR Software includes a robust reporting and analytics module that is a priceless asset to organizations, not only because it saves HR time spooling information for top-level reports, but also because it can help businesses make projections from workforce data and correct performance obstacles.


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