Healthcare Management Solution

Billing, appointments, scheduling, regulatory compliance, and financial audits are all automated by Hospital Management Software. These programmes integrate the financial, clinical, and operational aspects of a healthcare practice, allowing users to improve their office operations and lower their operating costs. Electronic Medical Records software, Medical Lab software, Medical Practice Management software, Medical Billing software, Medical Scheduling software, and Medical Transcription software are all related to Hospital Management software. Managing patient invoicing and appointments in hospitals and clinics used to be a chaotic situation. A methodical approach has evolved over time since the launch of DoFort's Hospital Management Software (HMS). The finest element of our hospital management software (HMS) is that it has minimized the use of paper by centralizing all pertinent data in one location.

Doctors can simply interact with different departments when it comes to medical health records. Because prescriptions, billing, and other computations are all kept digitally, Hospital Management Software (HMS) has helped save time. This allows doctors to focus on their primary duties. Modern organizations face increasingly advanced difficulties that, if not addressed properly, can result in considerable losses in terms of productivity, income, and even credibility. DoFort Hospital Management System (HMS) allows you to streamline and improve both front-end and back-end processes in order to gain complete control and increase productivity.

It is extremely suggested that your hospital implement the best practice management software available. As a delicate industry, it's critical to employ the correct software to increase efficiency in the management of hospitals, clinics, and doctors, as well as to provide patients with prompt service. DoFort Hospital Management Software is ideal for you because it allows you to quickly record the necessary data. It aids in the issuance of patient invoices, keeps track of stock levels, and decreases the usage of paper by providing reports via email and SMS. DoFort Hospital Management Software (HMS) allows for the seamless integration of many financial sectors that affect your business. Budgeting and forecasting, as well as streamlining procedures, organizing records, and reconciling patient accounts, are all possible applications. You'll also learn useful business insights that will aid in your decision-making.


DoFort Healthcare Management Solution (D-HMS) is comprehensive enterprise resource planning software that delivers innovative healthcare solutions featuring artificial intelligence and machine learning. It helps hospitals and other healthcare units achieve a high level of automation needed to improve the customer experience at length and eliminates information silos, provides comprehensive view operations, improves process efficiency and enhance patient care. Artificial intelligence in healthcare helps administrators and doctors to pull out accurate and on-the-spot data and it relieves them from the stress of manually checking huge piles of documents to find out the actual information. It is a web-based application and both available on-premise network as well as cloud.

DoFort’s Healthcare System helps to outline and implement policies, guarantee communication and coordination between employees, automate routine tasks, design the patient-oriented workflows, advertise services, manage human and financial resources and provide the uninterrupted supply chain. Our healthcare system automates the clinic’s work and optimizes the utilization of resources instead of only the storage and presentation of the information. It balances the occupancy rates and calculates the number of required employees. Automation helps to manage the general process, deals with the different healthcare services and equipment providers on its own, analyses and sends notifications to the users.


Why is Hospital Management Software (HMS) important for Hospitals?

Hospital Management Software (HMS) was created to alleviate the difficulties of handling all of a patient's paper work related with the various departments of hospitalization while maintaining confidentiality. Hospital Management Software (HMS) allows you to handle all of your paperwork in one location, which saves you time organizing and analyzing patient documentation. Hospital Management Software (HMS) performs a variety of tasks, including:

  • Maintain the patient's medical records.
  • Keep track of the patient's contact information.
  • Keep a calendar of your appointments.
  • Keep the insurance information on hand for future need.
  • Bill payments are being tracked.

Benefits of Hospital Management Software (HMS)

Technology that saves time

Improved efficiency due to the elimination of human errors

Errors are less likely to occur

Data security and retrieval accuracy are now feasible

Cost-effective and simple to manage

Patient data is easily accessible, and the patient's medical history is accurate

Patient care has improved as a result of this collaboration

Inventory supplies can be easily tracked

Documentation effort is reduced

Improved audit controls and policy adherence

DoFort Hospital Management Software (HMS) Modules


Patient management

Patient engagement entails providing patients with the knowledge, skills, confidence, and willingness to make the best health decisions possible. A patient management system may be referred to as clinic management software, patient manager software, medical patient software, or medical practice management software (MPM). DoFort patient management software tracks patient information, diagnoses, prescriptions, interactions, and encounters within healthcare organizations such as medical clinics or hospitals.


Doctor Management

DoFort Doctor Management software is a medical system used to track patient data, record billing, schedule appointments, track medicines, and manage operation reports. Doctors Management System is a low-cost appointment book for the Receptionist. Get a complete picture of the patient's demographics and insurance information. Tracks the availability of multiple doctors at various locations. This module allows for quick new patient registration.

OPD Management

DoFort OPD Management Software aids in the computerization of record keeping and data processing in hospital outpatient departments. DoFort OPD Management Software is intended to manage outpatient registration, treatments, billing, and reporting with patient information details. Send an SMS to notify the patient of a payment or the next vaccine dose. Assist in the generation of various reports and analytics to provide operational insights.


IPD Management

DoFort Inpatient Management module of the hospital management system is designed to manage all Inpatient department needs. The patient's demographics, as well as the details of admission, room, consultant, surgeon, diet, and so on, as well as the advance payment made, are entered into this EHR System.

OT Management

DoFort OT Management Software aids in the scheduling of the Nursing Station, operating rooms, surgery teams, and doctors, as well as the recording of surgery details and all check lists associated with the surgery. It also generates Birth and Death certificates. These are the features of Operation theater Management Software:

  • For a scheduled surgery, make an O.T. reservation
  • The operation was carried out by a team of doctors and assistants
  • Forms of Consent
  • Revenue Sharing for a Single or Multiple Doctors/Assistants
  • O.T. Birth/Death Certificates Consultant Instructions
  • Charges on your bill putting up (Surgery and Package Surgeries)

Radiology management

DoFort Radiology management software will help physicians provide accurate results and seek the appropriate medical support. Our Radiology Information System is also compatible with cutting-edge imaging technologies. DoFort Radiology management software is suitable for both surgical and routine radiology reports. With the increased use of sophisticated and modern approaches in the healthcare sector, having our RIS system for your radiology department is a must.\

Pharmacy Management

DoFort Pharmacy management system streamlines workflows for drug dispensing, medical claims management, and patient medication adherence. These tools are used by pharmacy employees to improve operational efficiency, leverage actionable data points, and reduce costs, compliance risks, and errors. The hospital management system's Pharmacy Management module is used to manage multiple pharmacies. This module is capable of managing an entire pharmacy shop. It can also be linked to the primary billing system. When the patient collects medications from the pharmacy, the charges are automatically transferred to the patient's billing.


Laboratory Management

A laboratory information management system is a type of software that keeps track of data linked with samples, experiments, laboratory procedures, and devices in order to improve lab productivity and efficiency. Laboratory Management Software works as an extension of your team, automating workflows and keeping track of all the critical sample data, workflows, and QA/QC findings that your lab generates each day. You can properly organize and manage samples and associated data with DoFort Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). Your lab can use DoFort Laboratory Information Management Software to automate workflows, integrate instruments, and manage samples and data. As a result, you'll be able to achieve more accurate findings faster, and you'll be able to track data over time and across tests to increase productivity.

Dental Management

If you are looking for a better way to manage your dental practice, then you should consider using DoFort Hospital management software. DoFort dental software provides solutions for both the business and clinical sides of your dental practice. DoFort Dental Practice Management Software makes managing new and returning patients a breeze. With just one piece of information, past patient information can be instantly retrieved. It could be a return number, a patient id, a return date, a patient's name, a patient's cell phone number, or an email address; whatever it is. DoFort provides the best dental software for managing multiple dental clinics with high data security.


Ambulance Management

DoFort ambulance management software aids in the management of ambulance services provided by healthcare organizations. This module manages ambulance services ordered from third-party vendors as well as the ambulances that are available for service. This module assists you in managing the ambulance's scheduled as well as emergency services. It also assists you in maintaining the basic life support facilities provided in the ambulance, if any are present. This module makes it easier to manage the availability of ambulances and drivers.

Human Capital Management

Regardless of the mergers and acquisitions, payment reform, and new business models that are currently altering healthcare, your primary focus remains on caring for your people so that they can then care for your patients. However, labor shortages, continuously changing rules, and cost-cutting pressures are making this increasingly challenging. DoFort HR Software solves these problems by providing a comprehensive Human Capital Management (HCM) Software solution that keeps your company compliant with all relevant regulations while also giving your HR and business managers the information they need to make the best recruiting, compensation, staffing, and development decisions to improve patient care and margins. DoFort Human Capital Management solutions assist healthcare organizations in managing clinical and nonclinical workforces, as well as recruiting and employee experiences.


Insurance Management

Health insurance coverage is expanding, and many patients have switched from out-of-pocket expenses to health insurance coverage. The burden of cost management is successfully shifted to hospitals by health insurance companies engaging into contract binding prices. The DoFort Hospital Insurance Management Module is a comprehensive end-to-end solution that can manage a wide range of insurance processing needs and scenarios. The simple solution facilitates the processing of pre-authorization and post-hospitalization insurance claims, lowering accounts receivable and improving revenue cycle management in hospitals. Our Hospital Insurance Management system is built for the future, with the capacity to send claims electronically through insurance gateways as they become available around the country.

Billing Management

One of the most important pieces of software in the healthcare industry is billing software. As a result, it's critical that you select hospital billing software that includes an excellent reporting system for managing cash flow and payment speed. DoFort Hospital and Medical Billing Software offers a full range of billing services to hospitals, clinics, and doctors, including online billing, money collection, refunds, treatment bills, and referrals. On the letterhead, it also prints bills and receipts. Our hospital billing management software has the following features:

  • Customizable Itemized Bills
  • Packages
  • Referrals
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Handling at a Discount
  • Audit of Bills

Financial Management

You can simply analyze financial KPIs and compare performance across different sites using DoFort Healthcare Financial management software. DoFort Hospital Financial Accounting Software module that covers all aspects of financial accounting from expenses to incomes, purchases, ledgers, and other books of accounts in accordance with industry standards while ensuring the security of the users' data. The financial and accounting module in DoFort Hospital deals with cash/bank, receipts/payments, journal vouchers, and general ledger, among other things. This hospital finance module can generate cashbooks, bankbooks, and ledger books. The account payable, account receivable, and general ledger are all described on our hospital accounting software screens..

Inventory Management

Hospital inventory management software is designed to keep track of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies in order to improve healthcare supply chain efficiency and prevent medication waste. Hospital inventory management software is frequently integrated with Electronic Health Records systems (EHR or EMR), a mobile hospital app for hospital staff, hospital procurement software, and digital medication issue registries to improve the efficiency of medical inventory management, avoid storage of fragmented inventory information, and track asset use. Identifying waste, balancing inventory levels, and altering stock numbers can all help your business save money. Every day, hospitals require a massive volume of inventory. Hospital inventory software is the only way to effectively manage that inventory.


Customer Relationship Management

Any medical institution, such as a hospital, laboratory, medical center, public or private clinic, etc., can benefit from a healthcare CRM system. You may follow the best customer management methods and maintain client data up to date with DoFort Hospital CRM (medical history, visits, medical bills etc.). You can also create and track medical appointments using an online medical portal. Healthcare CRM gives important data and analytics for analyzing the clinic's operations on a daily basis. Because you have a better perspective of the status of every deal in your team's pipeline, DoFort Healthcare CRM helps you to simply manage your outreach pipeline and close new deals in a shorter amount of time. Furthermore, it enables you to monitor the dangers of potential outreach accounts from any device, reducing the manual labor that frequently results in duplication and delayed information access.

Healthcare CRM Software

DoFort Healthcare CRM is a customer relationship management system that is tailored to the needs of the healthcare business. Healthcare CRMs weave together consumer and patient demographics, psychographics, social, behavioral, clinical, and financial, website, contact center, provider credentialing, and other data sources to give a holistic view of patient habits and behaviors. A hospital CRM system's main purpose is to engage, acquire, and retain patients. DoFort Healthcare CRM allows you to learn more about patient behavior, needs, and demands in order to build better relationships with them. It also allows for an instant assessment of the health of each customer relationship, allowing you to pinpoint the source of recurring customer issues and provide a faster resolution based on their priority. DoFort Medical CRM is not only for the hospitality business, but also for medical suppliers, financials, and pharmaceutical divisions. DoFort Medical CRM combines the clinical, financial, and social information of customers into a unified solution.


DoFort Hospital CRM software ensures that adequate treatment is provided without any errors, and that all patients that come in and depart on a daily basis are kept up to date. The DoFort Healthcare CRM software makes it easier than ever to keep track of the doctors on your payroll. Medical CRM software for the healthcare business is essential for ensuring patient safety and effective routing and communication with hospital staff. Healthcare professionals are committed to providing excellent care to their patients, and this is just another step in that direction. DoFort Healthcare CRM Software streamlines interactions with patients and referring doctors, personalizes medical service promotions, and improves care quality and satisfaction.

Benefits of a Healthcare CRM

  • Prospective and current patients are profiled holistically
  • Referring provider management that is outcome-oriented
  • Communication with patients prior to and after treatment is made easier
  • Patient experience that can be measured
  • Automated notifications and warnings have improved chronic disease management
  • Personalization of web content depending on interactions between the website, CRM, and EHR Email marketing automation
  • Errors in diagnosis and medical treatment are being reduced
  • Patient medical records, data, and dashboards are all available to you at any time
  • A sophisticated method for getting the most precise feedback from employees and patients

Functions of Healthcare CRM Software

  • Patient management
  • Team management
  • Medication management
  • Communications
  • Marketing
  • Dashboards and reporting
  • Referrals management
  • Recruiting management

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