Healthcare Management Solution

DoFort Healthcare Management Solution (D-HMS) is comprehensive enterprise resource planning software that delivers innovative healthcare solutions featuring artificial intelligence and machine learning. It helps hospitals and other healthcare units achieve a high level of automation needed to improve the customer experience at length and eliminates information silos, provides comprehensive view operations, improves process efficiency and enhance patient care. Artificial intelligence in healthcare helps administrators and doctors to pull out accurate and on-the-spot data and it relieves them from the stress of manually checking huge piles of documents to find out the actual information. It is a web-based application and both available on-premise network as well as cloud.

DoFort’s Healthcare System helps to outline and implement policies, guarantee communication and coordination between employees, automate routine tasks, design the patient-oriented workflows, advertise services, manage human and financial resources and provide the uninterrupted supply chain. Our healthcare system automates the clinic’s work and optimizes the utilization of resources instead of only the storage and presentation of the information. It balances the occupancy rates and calculates the number of required employees. Automation helps to manage the general process, deals with the different healthcare services and equipment providers on its own, analyses and sends notifications to the users.

Patient Management
This module helps to control patient flow. It can be used to register them, get the data of the patients’ health condition, view the treatment and check the medical history and reports. Patient management system allows getting detail information of patient’s health condition.

Hospital Management
Hospital management arranges the schedule of doctors due to the patients’ application. It helps to organize the availability of medical specialists at any convenient time. Some hospital can even offer remote visits when you need immediate assistance.

Facility Management
The facility management module enables for tracking and maintaining the room availability, the occupancy status as well as various kinds of administrative documentation.

Inventory Management
Inventory management module controls the amount of clinic inventory. The entire supply chain is automated for the convenience of the staff that can concentrate on the patients’ need firstly.

Procurement Management
Streamline sourcing and procurement processes to drive compliance and control while cutting costs and risks.

Staff Management
Staff management module provides the human resources administration. It updates the job description of employees, updates the hospital structure and tracks the recruiting records.

Billing Management
Billing module helps you to accurately bill, collect and scale your shared services for multiple line of business.

Financial Management
DoFort financial management help the hospitals financial process by keeping track of the patients’ payments and as well as the operating costs for supplies and other relevant services. It also helps to reduce costly administrative and inventory errors, as well as help employees, save time by handling distribution and purchasing responsibilities.

Insurance claims processing
Integration with health insurance services improves the experience of the patients and brings benefits to the institution. It allows you to be innovative and helps both the patient and hospital to handle many aspects of the insurance process successfully.

Patient self-service
Patients have their own system accounts where the list of various actions can be performed. They are able to make online requests or reservation, receive the test results and receive the consultation of the medical specialists and many more.