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DoFort's ERP systems for clients in the real estate industry help them improve visibility and efficiencies within their businesses. We provide real estate ERP systems that can effectively support the realities of your business and propose cost-effective solutions to your company's problems.

Best Real Estate Software

Even if they aren't already utilizing one, many real estate organizations can profit from real estate ERP Software. Remember that ERP automates and streamlines many of your company's resource questions. Such software is ideal for a resource-based industry such as real estate.

Lease management is one area where these ERP applications might assist your company. If you own multiple rental properties, whether they are multi-family homes, apartment complexes, or multiple single-family homes, you are probably aware of how difficult it is to handle leases and tenants. When you have hundreds or thousands of tenants, keeping track of their renewal dates, complaints, and maintenance requests can become daunting. ERP for the real estate market overcomes this by centralizing everything into a single system, eliminating the need for manual tracking.

Finance management is another area where ERP for real estate can assist. You can receive a detailed picture of your company's finances with ERP software. Using convenience, make note of your profit/loss, balance sheet, and cash flow statements. You can also use the ERP system to identify who has paid and who hasn't paid rent, as well as which contractors require payment, and take the necessary actions.

To assist property owners and managers in managing their real estate portfolios, real estate ERP software must match their expectations. Real estate ERP software serves this objective by providing sales and rental professionals with tools that make their jobs easier. Property management software acts as a virtual assistant, allowing users to keep track of many jobs and large amounts of data that must be processed in order to make their real estate business lucrative.

DoFort Real estate ERP software is designed to make the process of managing real estate projects easier. It addresses project planning, funding, and execution issues. Our solution's improved cost control and execution capabilities will result in increased efficiency.

DoFort Real estate software aids in the management and streamlining of real estate activities. Property sales, rental business, customer and tenant supervision, sales/rental contract administration, full building information, accounting, and the generation of bright reports and analytics are all included. DoFort Real estate ERP provides a streamlined business solution that provides a consistent user experience.

DoFort's ERP systems for clients in the real estate industry help them improve visibility and efficiencies within their businesses. We provide real estate ERP systems that can effectively support the realities of your business and propose cost-effective solutions to your company's problems. DoFort offers real estate software solutions with amazing functions & an easier approach that takes real estate management to the next level.

Perfect for agents, teams, and brokerages looking to boost productivity. Learn how DoFort can help you convert leads into long-term customers.


DoFort Real Estate Software is designed to meet the administrative demands of rental property owners and investors across a wide range of rental property types. DoFort Real Estate Software provides solutions to manage tenants, contacts, leasing, accounting and financial reporting, and analytics, as well as maintaining the property and related assets. It's the ideal solution for a variety of complicated Real Estate Software. It makes Real Estate Management and Construction Tracking easier. Our Real Estate Software is always a cut above other Real Estate Software when it comes to day-to-day updates. Better project management is also possible with DoFort Real Estate Software. In general, it is cloud-based real estate software that aims to meet all of the needs of its users.

DoFort Real Estate Software is available, and includes a mobile app for tenants. This feature of our Real Estate Software makes it easier for users to access information. Better automation, follow-ups, transactions, material management, and much more are all possible with it. Our Real Estate Software has a clever target selection feature as well as an incorporated CRM. Our Real Estate Software provides a wide range of value-added services to its clients. Building projects managed with DoFort Real Estate Software benefit from greater efficiency and reliability. Individual project progress analysis is also possible using our Real Estate Software Individual project progress analysis is also possible using our Real Estate Software.

DoFort offers the best ERP Software Solutions for managing all aspects of real estate businesses. These solutions keep businesses running smoothly and profitably, from acquiring customers and tenants to creating financial reports. Real estate owners can rely on our Real Estate ERP Software Solutions to meet all of their real estate needs, including operational, financial, and business intelligence requirements.

DoFort Real Estate ERP software automates the process and performs property inspections based on historical data to generate insightful reports. This enables owners to plan predictive and preventive maintenance on time and without missing any details. Our Real Estate ERP is a powerful tool for tracking lead generation progress from anywhere, keeping track of follow-ups, and reminding salespeople to stay in touch with prospects. It also makes it simple for buyers to obtain property-related information.

    Advantages of Real Estate Software
  • Enhance Productivity
  • Improve Performance
  • Improve Accuracy
  • Complete Finance Solution
  • Data Migration
  • Secure Access
  • Eliminate Paperwork
  • Deliver Better Customer Service
  • CRM to Manage Sales
  • Access the Information from Anywhere

DoFort Real Estate software is highly responsive software for the real estate business . It combines user-friendliness, communication, team cooperation, speedy customer service, and a centralized platform for work. As a result, it becomes a solid and dependable facilities management platform. It also includes a built-in real estate CRM. Landlords, tenants, service providers, and agents can use their dedicated online portals to create a personalized platform between the client/tenant and the real estate business and handle tasks like invoicing, support, ticketing, formal notifications, document control, and internal messaging, among others. Real estate software enables businesses to effectively manage preventive and post-maintenance, repairs, and servicing. It streamlines tax filing, revenue conversions, and inventory and asset management. Errors and duplication will be eliminated thanks to detailed MIS reports and analytical data. Artificial intelligence will allow for real-time participation and trend analysis reports.

Key Features of DoFort Real Estate Management Software


Property Units


Lease Contracts & Invoicing




Booking & Registration


Transfer and Cancellation


Document Management


Calendar Management


Reports And BI



Lease Contracts

A lease is a contract or agreement between a tenant and a property owner for the rental of real estate, which including land, apartments, offices, retail stores, and parking spaces. Other types of property include machinery, equipment, appliances, kiosks, television and radio programmes, billboards, bus stop benches, licences, and so on. A lease number can be assigned to almost any type of contract that includes recurring billing. Recurring billings are transactions that are automatically generated on a period-by-period basis. Depending on the lease, the system can generate either recurring A/R invoices or A/P vouchers. DoFort Real Estate Lease Management Software manages new tenancy agreement & renewal.



Real estate agents generate professional invoices for a variety of transactions, including billing for residential sales commissions and collecting payment on commercial transactions. Real estate invoices are used by agents, brokers, and realtors to collect commissions on the sale of residential and commercial properties. Real estate invoices provide industry-specific information such as details about the property sold, the sale price, and the agent's commission rate. Real estate invoices assist agents in receiving payment for their sales commissions. They also keep important accounting records. Invoices assist agents in tracking home sales, comparing year-over-year commission revenue, and providing important insights into the financial health of businesses.

When using property management software, this is a must-have feature. The various aspects of invoicing, whether it is the creation of the customer account, invoicing, cash receipts, or reminders, are all handled by your management tool. In addition to having more control over your cash flow, you can quickly determine who your most likely customers are to pay you.


DoFort simplifies the management of all types of tenants, including commercial office and retail, mixed-use and net lease locations, to reduce asset vacancy rates. DoFort real estate ERP system allows you to quickly identify a tenant who has an existing lease at another property and view standard industry codes, credit ratings, rent, common area maintenance (CAM), or other payment history for that tenant. The processes from online application to rent payment to move-out are driven by built-in, configurable workflows. The Tenant Portal automates all transactions and other communication between you and your tenants, including tenant sales numbers and work orders, when it comes time to collect security deposits, rent, and CAMs. Our role-based dashboards and reporting notify you of any potential risks or opportunities.


Property Units

Landlords will have multiple development units as well as additional Property Units. The DoFort Real Estate ERP system will manage properties and rent property units to tenants. Tenancy contracts will be executed between Landlord and Tenant, and the system administrator will be responsible for regular rent recovery from tenants as well as accounting information for Landlords. They will also be in charge of routine maintenance and repairs for Property Units. The system will notify the contractors who will carry out all of these activities, and the system will pay Contractors on behalf of Landlords.

A tenancy contract is an agreement signed by a landlord and a tenant for the possession of property for a set period of time. Annual fees must be paid in equal monthly installments. The installment can be paid in cash or with post-dated cheques. Additional fees, such as utility and service fees, may apply. After one year, the contract can be renewed, but a new contract no will be generated. Depending on the terms of the contract, it may be necessary to break the contract with full or appropriate charges. Once the Contract has been registered, payment data must be generated. If the tenant provides post-dated cheques, they will be registered in the system and, when due, will be presented to the bank for realization and PDC confirmation.

Once the actual rent is entered into the contract system, the rent applicable for the current accounting year should be calculated and the balance should be posted as deferred income, which is income received in advance for the following accounting year. Please keep in mind that, as previously stated, the posting of current and deferred income will be done on a monthly basis. The same principle applies to any income collected in addition to rents, such as utility, air conditioning, and other service charges. This can be tailored to the customer's specific needs.

Booking & Registration

DoFort Real Estate ERP is an end-to-end solution accelerator for Real Estate developers and brokers that will assist in simplifying real estate developer processes such as bookings, checking real-time property inventory, calculating brokerage, tracking payment milestones, calculating service tax, processing property allotment and transfers, invoicing customers, and assisting in collections. This ensures that no bookings are duplicated. With DoFort real estate management software, you can automate all bookings and property registrations while also having clarity on contract terms such as outright payments, installment or stage-based payments, agreements, and other terms and conditions. DoFort real estate ERP software allows you to monitor properties, receive automated maintenance notifications, manage property bookings, and track property maintenance issues.



DoFort Real Estate ERP Software, Dashboard is ready-to-use software to manage and measure the performance of Real Estate Agencies. The dashboard visualizes the most relevant KPIs for your Real Estate businesses, and helps you manage and measure your transactions in real-time. DoFort Real Estate ERP Software helps to create reports with automatically updated numbers and export them to Excel and PowerPoint in just a few clicks.

DoFort Real Estate ERP Software enables users to define workflows and customize dashboard controls to meet their specific needs and responsibilities. DoFort Real Estate ERP Software's dashboard provides detailed information and statistical data via charts and infographics. It has a centralized server where contracts, legal documents, master records, and property information are stored. As a result, DoFort Real Estate ERP Software can generate timely insights and analytics. Our Real Estate ERP Software includes integrated Business Intelligence features that provide accurate and precise forecasts for better decision making. DoFort Real Estate ERP Software ensures a high return on investment.

Calendar Management

As a real estate agent, your time is valuable. It is critical that you use your time wisely, and making the most of your calendar can help to catapult your effectiveness forward. You must optimize your calendar in order to increase your productivity. The way you spend your time begins to shape who you are. Realtors who are constantly late and disorganized quickly develop a negative reputation, whereas realtors who are efficient, on time, and in control of their calendars establish themselves as true professionals. When you highlight your time, you'll notice that people notice your business acumen and you'll gain more respect. DoFort Real Estate ERP will help to provide best Calendar Management for all real estate agents.


Documentation Management

DoFort Real Estate Document Management Software enables agents to earn more money. You get to meet a lot of people and assist them in finding their "dream home," and you don't have to be tied to a desk in an office to do so thanks to real estate document management software. However, selling real estate entails a significant amount of paperwork. You most likely have mountains of files containing all of the documents required to conduct real estate transactions. Staying organized, finding documents on time, and ensuring you have all of the necessary paperwork with you when showing a house can be a difficult task. All of these things are made easier to manage by DoFort document management software. We create a much-needed paradigm shift in information management within the real estate industry through the implementation and use of document management software, one in which organizations no longer focus amassing large volumes of information, but rather the extraction and leveraging of insight from this information.

Property Types we serve


Residential Buildings












Data centres


Free Zones


Telecom Towers


Storage containers


Labour camp units


Commercial/Office Spaces

Key benefits of DoFort’s Real Estate ERP Software

  • Helps Achieve Sales Targets
  • Reduce Time & Effort
  • Manage Sales
  • Gives Centralized Control & Data Storage
  • Improve Lead Conversion Rates
  • Get Expiry Alerts & Notifications
  • Handle Customers, Clients, Contracts
  • Access the Information from Anywhere
  • Maintenance Management & Tracking
  • Gain and Retain Quality Tenants
  • Improved System Integration and Automation
  • Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality integration for 3D visualization
  • Energy conservation for better utility usage
  • Blockchain integration for better security
  • AI integration for better relations with tenants

Online Real Estate Management Software

DoFort Real Estate software is a proven and trusted premise to large, small, and medium-sized real estate companies with over a decade of real estate business experience and thousands of happy customers. Our tenant management system is a powerful application that enables property agencies and agents to rapidly expand their business by locating and dealing with ideal clients. Our software was designed specifically to market, systematize, and manage business processes in the real estate industry. It is comprehensive software that can ably support your business while also aiming for cost-effective solutions. With our best Real Estate software and CRM solution, you can save time and effort.


Real Estate CRM BY DoFort

Real estate CRM software is a system that helps real estate agents and businesses manage interactions with buyers, sellers, agents, brokers, developers, and financial institutions. This is intended to cater to the needs of real estate agents and organizations. The real estate CRM system manages the end-to-end process management for real estate companies, from monitoring incoming requests to creating price estimates, from selling commercial real estate to property management.

It's a tough sell to find the best CRM for real estate. When you come across DoFort, you can stop scouting and start looking. It is reasonably priced and allows you to maximize sales by providing you with possible sales intelligence, a clean user interface, performance analytics, and a one-stop shop for all of the features that a real estate business requires today.

DoFort Real Estate CRM software helps real estate agents and corporations manage relationships with buyers, sellers, agents, brokers, developers, and financial institutions. It also meets the needs of real estate agents and companies. The real estate CRM system manages the end-to-end process management for real estate companies, from managing incoming requests to creating price quotations, from selling commercial real estate to DoFort property administration.

Benefits of Real Estate CRM

  • Boost Lead Generation Efforts
  • Simplify Document Generation
  • Standardize Approval Workflows
  • Automate Business Processes for Efficiency
  • Advanced Security Features
  • Customer Profiling
  • Facilitate Checklist Management
  • Create Integrated Marketing Solutions
  • Close More Deals Faster

Reliable, all-inclusive Real Estate Software

There is no shortage of products and services to consider when it comes to real estate software solutions that make life easier for brokerages, franchises, and teams. Unfortunately, many will only provide a subset of what you're looking for, and others may simply be too clumsy to meet your requirements.

Real Estate Software, the comprehensive solution for all your real estate needs. We understand that managing real estate transactions can be complicated and time-consuming, which is why we have developed software that simplifies the process and makes it more efficient.

Our Real Estate Software is a complete solution that streamlines various real estate operations, including property management, lead management, marketing, and accounting. With this software, you can easily manage property listings, track leads, generate contracts, manage transactions, and much more.

Our Real Estate Software is designed to be user-friendly, customizable, and scalable. It can be used by real estate agents, brokers, property managers, and investors of any size, from individual agents to large real estate firms.

Our Real Estate Software is a complete solution that streamlines various real estate operations, including property management, lead management, marketing, and accounting. With this software, you can easily manage property listings, track leads, generate contracts, manage transactions, and much more.

At our company, we are committed to providing excellent customer support, with a team of experts available 24/7 to assist with any queries or issues that may arise. Our Real Estate Software is the ideal solution for real estate professionals looking to streamline their operations, improve their marketing, and enhance their overall efficiency. Contact us today to learn more about how our software can benefit your organization.

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