To stay competitive in the current economy, retail establishments must provide excellent consumer experiences. It's critical to effectively manage all store activities and automate several manual operations. They want Retail Software that gives store employees the tools they need to operate operations smoothly and finish duties on time. Under the effect of changing consumer behavior, the retail business is undergoing significant changes. In other words, people are becoming more impatient. As a result, to stay competitive and gain loyal customers, brick-and-mortar stores must undergo a technological transformation. For businesses of all sizes, developing retail software is the best option. Such software may be integrated into any retail operation; it is scalable and can fulfill the needs of a single store as well as a retail chain with hundreds of locations (POS). A cloud-based point-of-sale system will help you manage your business more efficiently and profitably.

Retail software is a one-stop shop for shops looking to streamline their day-to-day retail management procedures while also providing a terrific consumer experience. Point-of-sale features, inventory management, retail customer relationship management, and other elements in retail software solutions help business owners increase revenue. Retail software frequently includes payment terminal hardware and can support mobile devices. DoFort Retail Software allows you to keep track of all of your retail activities in one place. Stay on top of everything, from purchasing to inventory management to selling, and grow your revenue by attracting more customers. Our high-quality, cost-effective, and highly flexible Retail Management software solutions are specifically intended for small and medium-sized businesses to aid in the smooth operation of their operations. DoFort Billing Software for Retail Stores & POS Systems helps streamline, enhance productivity, and strengthen your business.

DoFort Retail Software Solution enables you to provide a unique Omni-channel shopping experience to your customers. Encourage consumer loyalty and involvement both online and in-store by making it simple for them to create and maintain shopping lists and sending them personalized offers right to their phones. With an Omni-channel presence, you can increase customer retention and brand awareness while also using the information you collects from your customers' profiles to improve your company strategy.


DoFort Retail Management Solution (D-RMS) is comprehensive enterprise resource planning software that delivers innovative retail solutions featuring modern user experience, embedded AI, block chain and machine learning. D-RMS deliver seamless and reliable customer experience across stores, online and mobile channels, converting retail browsers into buyers. Our retailing solution delivers perfect synchronization between various component systems like eCommerce, Digital Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Inventory Management and Business Intelligence systems. D-RMS integrates and automates business processes and shares information enterprise-wide in real-time, thereby improving customer service and the corporate image. It is a web-based application and both available on-premise network as well as cloud.

Why Retail POS SYSTEM is important for Business?

Any software that facilitates retail transactions is referred to as a retail POS (retail point of sale) system. Inventory management, customer relationship management, and employee management are common capabilities, as well as sales reporting and analytics. The value of a point-of-sale system in retail extends beyond managing transactions at the cash register. Such software may be integrated into any retail operation; it is scalable and can fulfill the needs of a single store as well as a retail chain with hundreds of locations (POS). . For businesses of all sizes, developing Retail Software is the best option.

  • Optimize the checkout process
  • Provide more payment options
  • Offer discounts that benefit you and your customers
  • Run loyalty programs
  • Eliminate human errors
  • Reduce your losses
  • Manage your employee

Benefits of Retail Software Solution

Real-Time Information

Inventory Management

Customer Management Solutions

Point-of-Sale (POS) Solutions

Sales Analytics


Increased Reach

Maintaining Consistency for multiple stores

Employee Management

Cloud-based POS to access business from anywhere

Modules of DoFort Retail Software


Retail Merchandising Software

In a variety of ways, retail merchandising draws people to certain goods and services. In-store design, the selection of specific items to meet a target market, and the physical and digital marketing of merchandise to customers are all examples of retail merchandising actions and techniques. All initiatives to purchase products, manage store inventory, distribute products, and execute financial agreements (purchase orders) with suppliers are covered by the merchandising management process. Retail Merchandising Software is built on an innovative platform specialized to retail shelf planning and design, making merchandising planning processes that are traditionally time consuming and difficult simple and straightforward. DoFort Retail Merchandising Software provides you with all of the capabilities you'll need to manage inventory across your whole company. Our Retail Merchandising Software enables merchants to more successfully manage the rising complexity of assortments and consumer expectations, as well as establish control over buying and selling cycles.


Supply Chain Management (SCM) Software

Supply Chain Management (SCM) Software is a type of supply chain software that is used to organize, control, and execute the product flow in order to ensure on-time delivery. SCM commerce interface comprises planning every step from product conception, production, and delivery all the way to putting the product in the hands of the ultimate customer. Effective retail supply chain management could result in a profit boost of several percentage points. To drive profitable allocation and replenishment, supply chain executions, and order fulfillment, align planning decisions with demand forecasts, inventory management, and receipt flow. For your business, DoFort offers Supply Chain Management Software for the Retail Industry.

By better linking product information, processes, and trading partners, DoFort Retail supply chain software may improve supply chain efficiency and trading partner collaboration. Retailers utilize supply chain management software to track product quality, inventory levels, timeliness, and costs. Specifically for larger/volume-based shops, our Retail supply chain software includes warehousing and transportation solutions, inventory control, and maybe other strategic/planning components.

POS Software

Point-of-sale (POS) system is a hardware and software solution that allows users to manage customers out, accept payments, and perform transactions. POS software is always improving to aid merchants in running their operations and providing better customer services. Clumsy, inflexible cash registers are a thing of the past. Modern businesses, on the other hand, are turning to mobile-friendly solutions that allow them to serve customers and accept payments from anywhere. Online store owners that want to set up pop-up shops or sell at craft fairs, trade exhibits, and farmers markets utilize mobile POS software to sell in-person.

Since different companies have unique profiles, various POS System is required. Restaurants, retail shops, and grocery stores, for example, all have their own specialties, which is why they require a POS system that is tailored to their demands. A grocery store must have a balance at the point of sale, and a cafe must be able to change menus in the event of special offers. Nevertheless, there are two sorts of organizations that require the use of POS Software. This list includes retailers and hospitality businesses including restaurants and hotels. As a result, there are primarily two types of POS systems: one for retail and the other for restaurants. DoFort Supermarket software is designed to manage all the supermarket activities like supermarket billing, accounting, and inventory from a single POS system. DoFort Supermarket POS System and Grocery POS System is a complete solution for your business needs. Everything related to supermarket sales can be done easily with our Supermarket POS System.

Ensure that your clients return by providing a pleasant purchasing experience. DoFort POS Software is appropriate for any retail firm in any industry, regardless of the size of the operation or the number of employees. Regardless of the industry in which your company operates, our POS System will meet your needs. Our POS System will help you provide better service to your consumers and put you ahead of the competition in the retail industry. Our staff has years of experience in the retail software market and understands the needs of a forward-thinking retailer. Any management technology should only be integrated into operations if it is simple to use and increases productivity. Company owners, managers, and employees can quickly access the POS System to accomplish every day and critical managerial chores and customer relationship activities, such as easy access, data sharing, customer profiling, and marketing.

Our POS Software can integrate with mobile devices, cloud services and satisfy the software and hardware requirements of users. In addition, you can use POS System with back-end accounting systems and credit card payment processors. Many small to midsize businesses (SMBs) are using our cloud-enabled POS services without the need to keep a physical back-end server in multiple locations. Our POS system can integrate with other back-end applications such as customer relationship management (CRM) Software and inventory management. Because it captures all of your sales, inventory, and client information, a POS system is essential. You may use this information to create and implement marketing tactics that will get customers into your store while maintaining your profit margins. Depending on your POS capabilities, you can design variable promotions based on items, order quantity, membership tier, and more. POS System applies these discounts to any sales automatically, saving you the time and effort of manually calculating everything.

The following are the different types of POS Software based on the hardware they run on:

  • Mobile POS System allows you to roam about and make purchases while on the go. Couriers generally use them, and they run on cellphones and tablets
  • Desktop POS systems are deployed on computers in stores. They are usually more powerful and extensive
  • In fast-food restaurants, self-service kiosks are a common sort of POS system. They let customers to place orders and pay for them without the assistance of a cashier. Processing times are shorter, lines are shorter, and typical check sizes are larger

Financial Management Software

Inventory, sales taxes, payroll, invoicing, and other accounting operations that retailers must manage on a regular basis. Retail stores, when handled properly, may be highly profitable–but to do so, you'll need accounting software to provide you the skills you need. The Retail Finance and Account Management Module is a point-of-sale (POS) module that allows POS staff to share sales data with the finance department via flawless and accurate connection. Planning and Forecasting, Cash Flow Management, Advanced Reporting and Analysis, Workflow Automation, and Simplified Auditing are all features of DoFort Financial Management Software. DoFort provides the greatest Retail Finance and Accounting management, allowing you to keep track of all of your financial and accounting procedures. By combining our Store Finance Management Software with the retail management module, you may produce invoices and receipts. This integration reduces errors and guarantees that all information about business processes is current.

Human Capital Management (HCM) Software

The retail industry is always changing, proving the axiom "Change is continuous." Retailers must be adaptable in order to stay relevant and expand. This is only achievable if a retailer's internal customers, i.e., its staff, give it their all. In a sector where a few negative shopping experiences can cause a committed client to switch to another merchant, Retail Workforce Management is critical. Human Resource (HR) departments in the retail business are rapidly implementing sophisticated Retail ERP systems that include bundled Human Capital Management (HCM) Software to automate and manage the hiring and retirement process.

DoFort HR Software module manages all aspects of retail workforce management and is designed to be paperless and digital. We empower users to be dynamic and swiftly reposition for changing demands with integrated e-signature, flexible survey generation on the fly, and self-service document design. Hire, train, compensate, and manage corporate and store-level personnel confront substantial obstacles, according to DoFort Retail HR Software, shop managers, and staff. They face an acute personnel scarcity in addition to ensuring that HR operations comply with all labor, payroll, and tax requirements. DoFort facilitates compliance with workforce-related requirements by automating Retail HR, payroll, scheduling, and reporting activities.HR and retail leaders can concentrate on the following workforce efforts to cultivate engaged workforces, increase employer branding, and drive operational excellence with the tools and insights from our talent acquisition and management solutions.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

In today's electronically connected global village, where the power of social media and mobile heavily influences consumer behavior, capturing and maintaining their attention is the primary factor that defines who wins and who loses in the retail industry. Retailers can use Real Estate CRM Software to stay in touch with their consumers and deliver personalized service, which benefits both sides equally. Retail CRM software aids in the organization of large amounts of data from multiple channels. We observe how businesses increase sales by using CRM data wisely for loyalty campaigns, trade promotions, marketing, and tailored customer care as we deliver retail CRM software solutions. DoFort Retail CRM software enables retailers to reclaim lost consumers, convert non-buyers into buyers, grow their client base, and communicate with customers on a regular basis, anticipating their requirements and encouraging them to return.

Retail CRM Software

Customers may directly see and feel things in a retail store. Personal shopping assistance and immediate pleasure of purchases are further benefits. However, we live in an ever-growing online community where customers like to conduct research on your website before visiting your business to make purchases. Retailers must understand what their customers are doing online. In a CRM tool, Retail CRM Software addresses these issues and provides important and deeper perspectives on consumer behavior.

Start managing your ever-expanding retail chain network with DoFort Retail CRM software, a connected mobility CRM platform. Instead of managing each store separately, you can manage all of your retail operations from one place. Ensure that your retail network has appropriate coverage and that you gather the highest amount of purchase orders possible. Now you may start growing your business faster and more efficiently. Our Retail CRM software allows you to explore the full potential of your retail network in terms of utility and sales. You may achieve better visibility for your products and increase unit sales by collaborating directly and frequently with your retailers.

Benefits of Retail CRM Software

Make your clients happy.

Improve consumer loyalty

Enhance the company's performance

Spend less money on marketing that isn't working.

Create effective marketing strategies with a higher return on investment

Increase the rate of client retention

Encourage repeat sales and customers to return.


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