Warehouse Management

Warehouse management helps to control and manage the day-to-day operations in a warehouse. It controls inventory receiving and put-away, optimizes picking and shipping of orders and advises on inventory replenishment.

Warehouse Design
This enables organizations to customize workflow and picking logic to make sure that the warehouse is designed for optimized inventory allocation.

Inventory Tracking
Inventory tracking enables the use of advanced tracking systems, including such as RFID and barcode scanners to make sure that goods can be found easily when they need to move.

Receiving and Putaway
Receiving and putaway allows inventory putaway and retrieval, often with pick-to-voice technology to help warehouse workers locate goods.

Picking and Shipping
Picking and packing goods including zone picking, wave picking and batch picking. Warehouse workers can also use lot zoning and task interleaving functions to guide the pick-and-pack tasks in the most efficient way.