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Tired of being overwhelmed by spreadsheets and disconnected data? DoFort Automotive ERP software is here to save the day. Consolidate your processes with a robust system that simplifies tasks like managing inventory, scheduling production, collaborating with suppliers, and enhancing customer service. Access instant updates, improve workflow efficiency, and base your decisions on accurate data all within one convenient hub. Say goodbye to chaos and hello to success.

Supercharge Automotive: DoFort ERP for Success

Modern automotive manufacturers require a complete solution that simplifies operations, improves production, and strengthens customer connections. DoFort's Automotive ERP software, which seamlessly combines with CRM features, meets these important requirements. Get up-to-the-minute information throughout your entire supply chain, from working with suppliers to serving customers, and embrace a forward-thinking approach to automotive manufacturing

Mastering the Modern Automotive Journey

The automotive industry is charging ahead toward a future filled with electric vehicles, autonomous driving, and constantly changing customer demands. With DoFort's Automotive ERP Software, you'll be fully equipped to navigate this ever-evolving landscape. Streamline your operations, gain real-time insights, and optimize your production all within one powerful platform. DoFort puts you firmly in control of a future-proof automotive business.

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How DoFort ERP Software can help you to transform the future of the automotive industry in US, Canada and, Brazil on a scalable cloud platform.


Digital Customer Experience


Digital Logistics


Zero Latency Supply Chain


Frictionless Intermodal Transit


Intergraded Business Planning and Execution


Smart Connected Warehouse


Smart Manufacturing

Our Capabilities

We help automotive companies to drive efficiencies, unlock new value, enhance the customer experience and create new business models.

Customer experience

Transform the customer experience from many disconnected interactions to a holistic and meaningful personalized experience that is founded on purpose.

Software-defined vehicle

Transforming vehicles from hardware to a connected service platform.

Autonomous and connected vehicle

Create new functions and capabilities across engineering and new business units.

Mobility X

Shaping the future of how everyone and everything moves.

Automotive enterprise efficiency

Apply a “clean slate” view of the organization and define the path to a more effective and cost-efficient setup of the enterprise.

Data-driven enterprise

Build an integrated decision-making capability that delivers sustainable and profitable growth.

Core IT and cloud

Accelerate speed to market with the New IT architecture and technology-driven business transformation.


Embrace electrification now and become a leader in the e-revolution.


Evolve into a responsible organization by embedding sustainability and sustainable innovation across the value chain.


Some of the common functionalities of the Automotive ERP software are;

  • Monitor Dead-stock
  • Supply Chain
  • Multiple Currency Modes
  • Multiple Brands & Items
  • Intelligent Stock Master
  • Customer-History Oriented Pricing (Discounts, Price-cuts, Priority Setting)
  • Interactive Alerts & Notifications
  • Dashboard Customization
  • Define Quick Access Controls & Consoles
  • Automated Purchase & Re-order
  • Track and Monitor Spare Parts Transfer / Movement
  • Barcode
  • Easy to Track & Retrieve Items
  • Set User Access Control
  • Generate MIS Reports Easily
  • Simplified & Secure Payment
  • Credit & Client Handling
  • PDC & Cheque Handling
  • Improved Delivery
  • Monitor and Evaluate Market Value
  • Parts & Brand Management
  • Track Sales, Purchases, Credit, Debit, and PDC
  • Rank Supplier & Customer
  • Set Consumer Loyalty Programs
  • Supervise Job Orders
  • SMS & Email Integration
  • Prioritize Aged Assets
  • Identify Bottleneck / Out-of-stock / Overstocking Situations
  • Track Item Warranty
  • Track Substitute Items

ERP For Automotive Parts and Accessories in US & Canada, Brazil

Product Configurator

A programme that provides a potential customer with an automated online product design and rapid quotation system. With the rules-based Product Configurator, you can streamline order-taking and automatically generate factory and purchase orders with all of the relevant detail, such as materials and operations needed to make or assemble the correct customer-specific configuration of the product.

Engineering Change Control (ECC)

This is essential for quality control and is required for ISO and QS certification. By enforcing controls in product design, the ECC solution helps you improve the management of engineering changes to your products and/or associated data. Provides detailed audit reports on all transactions, including all historical changes and the operator performing the change to ensure compliance.

Lot and Serial Traceability

Lot traceability is essential in an industry like Automotive Parts and Accessories in US & Canada, Brazil to meet safety standards and maximise quality control. DoFort erp for Lot Traceability in US & Canada, Brazil enables you to track materials from receipt to delivery to the customer, as well as at any level in between. This solution also allows you to trace a lot or batch through the entire value chain, from raw material receipt to dispatch, and it also allows you to trace a unique item with a serial number through the value chain.

The Blanket Sales Orders and Releases

The time it takes to implement a new release and management's ability to assess the implications of any changes are two underlying issues for suppliers. The process is inherently difficult and error-prone, frequently resulting in penalties for the supplier for interrupting the OEM's assembly line. The supplier is unable to check that the OEMs are adhering to the contract in a timely manner, nor do they have time to establish their own capability of meeting the new requests. As a result, delivery dates are missed, emergency purchases are made, and production control is constantly rushed. These issues are addressed by the DoFort Blanket Sales Orders and Releases system. It allows for the simple capture or import of a new release and provides the tools needed to manipulate the release and inform the customer of what has been accepted or changed and why.

Projects and Contracts

DoFort Projects and Contracts enables accurate profit reporting for long-term projects that require cost and revenue analysis across multiple sections and levels. Purchase orders, job activity, sales orders, and invoicing for jobs attached to a project are all real-time updates to the contract or project. Query screens and reports display the most recent actual and committed costs, as well as realised and projected profit, at any level of the job hierarchy.


The Quoting and Estimating capabilities of DoFort enable you to create professional and comprehensive quotations. A highly adaptable interface gives you all the information you need to provide your customers with timely quotes/estimates. The Quotations and Estimates feature allows you to create a quote/estimate for an existing customer or prospect, as well as for an existing inventory item or a non-inventory item. Using revision numbers, DoFort allows you to track changes, and all supporting documentation can be attached directly to the Quotation.

Benefits of ERP software for Automotive industry in US & Canada, Brazil

ERP system make it possible to integrate the internal and external processes. Which is a requirement for a successful automobile industry. Top management and department heads receive the up-to-date information on a daily basis, and that help them to make quick decisions. Here are the benefits of ERP for the automotive manufacturers

Manage the automotive bill of materials.

Manage multi-level and alternate BOMs with effectivity dates.

Advanced production planning

Advanced production planning Make use of advanced production planning to eliminate resource bottlenecks.

Analytics for automotive manufacturing

Real-time analytics, support, serialization, and other features help you run lean.

Comply with the regulatory requirements

Comply with CAPA, WVTA, COP, CE, and REACH regulations.

Various methods of inspection

Using a variety of inspection methods, you can ensure product quality.

Forecasting with intelligence

To optimize your supply chain, use intelligent forecasting and vendor collaboration.

Adapt to new challenges in the automotive market in US & Canada, Brazil

Make confident, bold decisions based on fact-based risk analysis. Be strategic in your approach, remove roadblocks, establish priorities, and cut through complexities.

Embrace next-gen technology to gain a competitive advantage in US & Canada, Brazil

Make more strategic data-driven decisions to boost efficiency and usher in a new era of automotive manufacturing.

Utilize the Infor OS platform with advanced analytics powered by AI and ML.

Provide role-based dashboards and easily consumable data insights to business users.

For greater flexibility, use Infor's platform as a service.

Increase operational efficiencies by utilizing sensors, machine-to-machine connectivity, and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies.

Keep up with the ever-changing automotive product trends in US & Canada, Brazil.

Handle dramatic changes in vehicle technology that result in new levels of complexity.

Improve the efficiency of R&D and product launch processes.

Maintain a record of regulatory compliance and quality control.

Project management and introduction stage-gating

Provide highly customised products and RFQs.

Keep APQP, MMOG, and revision control up to date.

Collaborate on intricate project details.

Select and rely on secure platforms that help your organisation achieve its goals for better cars, trucks, engines, and more.

Join forces and collaborate with partners and customers to share data and design concepts.

Use EDIs to securely exchange data with customers, contractors, and suppliers.

In charge of a highly secure global commerce network.

Keep an eye on things both upstream and downstream.

Contracts can be navigated safely using Infor Automotive Exchange.

ERP for managing the automotive supply chain in US & Canada, Brazil.

Improve the efficiency of complex end-to-end planning, communication, and execution.

Maintain global visibility in order to anticipate and adjust as necessary.

S&OP and supply chain planning should be improved.

Use advanced analytics to predict project outcomes and risks.

Manage inventory planning for multi-site, multi-logistics operations.

Inventory control, investment minimization, and cost reduction, Keep track of items by lot and Serial 360.

Deploy intelligent, simplified, and pre-configured functionality.

Make use of solutions that can aid in the automation of auto or parts manufacturing, as well as industry processes.

Use preconfigured, industry-specific capabilities to simplify and accelerate deployment.

Use built-in, tried-and-true best practises, forms, and workflows.

Manage mixed mode manufacturing with a single solution, including project, repetitive, job shop, engineer-to-order, and assemble-on-demand.

Manage the shop floor, as well as workforce management and quality control.

Benefits of DoFort Automotive CRM Software in US & Canada, Brazil

Improvement in Call Quality

Most car dealerships have telephoning agents today, regardless of their size, to improve sales and give better customer service. These telemarketers should be watched to ensure that they deliver on their promises. CRM for automobile dealers has built-in agent monitoring features that enable executives to accomplish this and improve the quality of their telemarketing team. Leaders can keep track of average handling time (AHT) per call, as well as logged-in and occupied time, as well as dispatched and received calls. While agents make and receive calls, they can also listen to live and recorded calls.

Analysing Customer Data

CRM systems provide auto dealerships with more than just the ability to enter data; they also provide intelligent dashboards to aid with data analysis. Leaders can determine better offerings for specific segments based on factors such as age, gender, wealth, choice, and so on. They may utilize these data to create stronger marketing campaigns for each category, as well as upsell and cross-sell opportunities, and increase their return on investment.

Collecting Customer Feedback

A displeased consumer does not simply walk away from a firm. He also informs ten other persons about his bad luck. This has a significant detrimental impact on a company's reputation. Customer feedback, along with customer data, is a vital piece of information for enterprises to collect.

If businesses want to stand out in today's competitive market, they must act on this input. Customer feedback should be used by businesses to better understand what their customers want and to improve operations. When a company uses a CRM system, gathering the information becomes much easier.

Collecting Customer Referrals

Referrals, often known as word-of-mouth, are the most potent marketing tool available to any company. And a happy consumer is always willing to recommend a vehicle business. However, the majority of customers do not send referrals. What is the explanation for this? Dealerships never inquire about it.

Businesses may make it a routine procedure to acquire a referral from every satisfied customer and engage these referrals to enhance sales by employing an Auto Dealership CRM solution.

Automating Manual Tasks

Businesses and brands may now automate many of their tasks, allowing them to focus on more important responsibilities like maintaining customer relationships and growing productivity. DoFort CRM solutions allow our customers to send reminders to their consumers for insurance renewals, vehicle maintenance, new offers, and other events. Staff can be reminded to follow up with customers on these reminders, and managers can keep track of whether their employees have followed through. This means that a vehicle dealership's revenue is less on on human recall and accuracy to accomplish mundane but crucial jobs.

Managing customer life cycles

When it comes to vehicle dealers, there are several stages in a customer's life cycle. It includes gathering and sorting leads, arranging financing schemes, persuading consumers to take test drives, following up on after-sales services, keeping customers informed about special offers, and so on. Every stage must be tracked in order to ensure that it is completed in accordance with the service-level agreement (SLA). Leaders and management can monitor SLAs and take appropriate action to increase business efficiency using DoFort CRM system when workers put in data about work done in relation to a certain activity.

DoFort as a Best Automotive ERP and CRM provider in US & Canada, Brazil

DoFort provides high-quality, industry-specific ERP software for automotive Industry in US & Canada, Brazil. We give targeted emphasis on vertical sectors for each of our industry editions to help you take your business to the next level. DoFort Automotive ERP consolidates all of your data, giving you total visibility into your business operations and warehousing activities. It promotes teamwork and communication by removing separate, antiquated systems where information can be easily misplaced, forgotten, or mismanaged. By utilizing DoFort Automotive ERP Software, auto components manufacturers are able to adopt a more streamlined approach to executing their processes, which assists them in reaching their goals of increased improved productivity, increased production, waste reduction, cost reduction, and, most importantly, a superior customer experience. DoFort Automotive ERP solution improves the ability of auto manufacturers to address industry standards, like Materials Management Operations Guideline/Logistics Evaluation, as well as their customer’s needs in a better way. DoFort provides the best Automotive ERP Software Systems to auto manufacturers in US & Canada, Brazil. DoFort is the best Automotive Software Company manage all opportunities like Car manufacturer leads, Web leads, importing of prospect files, showroom visits, workshop contacts etc. DoFort CRM software for Automotive aims to cater to the needs of companies by transforming raw materials to finished goods for various industries such as chemicals, construction, engineering, food and beverages, showroom visits, workshop contacts, and so on. It offers design registration and business opportunity management, as well as quotations, point-of-sale management, claims management, price protection, channel inventory management, sales incentives, and advanced reporting on key performance metrics to allow for mid-course corrective action.

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