6 Essential features property management software

6 Essential features property management software

Property management can feel like you need to be a master of multiple specialties such as marketing, accounting, and maintenance on top of the daily tasks of ensuring your guests' well-being. Property management systems have evolved dramatically in the last decade to meet the market's changing demands. Whether you manage a resort, hotel, motel, commercial property, or residential property, your software should allow you to run all aspects of your business smoothly and efficiently. So, if your current system is stifling your growth, it's time to investigate the new generation of property management software features that can save you time and money.

Here are the 6 essential features of property management software

Software options in the hospitality industry are evolving at breakneck speed, so it's critical that you partner with a software provider who is committed to not only staying on top of technological developments, but also setting the trend so that your company can benefit from the very latest innovations. Here are the key features of property management software that we believe you should look for.

Reservations portal

While having as much visibility as possible on as many channels as possible is important, giving customers the ability to book directly with you quickly and easily is still an essential component of a great property management system and avoids the commission costs associated with bookings taken via OTAs. Look for a fully responsive direct booking system that can be used on any device and integrates with your front desk system to ensure you always have the most up-to-date availability.

Channel Management

One of the most important property management software features to look for is the ability to make your property visible to as many potential customers as possible all over the world. Look for a channel manager with two-way integration, automatic and instant updating, and multiple connectivity partners, such as Online Travel Agents, Meta Search Engines, and GDS (Global Distribution Systems) channels.


Working on the go is unavoidable for property managers. This means that mobile app technology is one of the most important property management software features you require. You need tools designed specifically for this, from checking room status and availability to getting your guests checked in to asset management, maintenance, and property management inspections. You should look for software providers who understand the unique challenges you face and have in-house app developers to ensure that you can manage your business from anywhere and on any device.

Centralised Accounting

Purchasing separate pieces of software to manage the various aspects of your property can be costly and time-consuming. If your property management software system can also handle trust accounting, you'll have one less unnecessary add-on to think about. Of course, it's also critical to ensure that it complies with statutory legislation while also being quick and simple to use.

Training and assistance

Getting used to new software and ensuring that you are taking full advantage of all available features can be time-consuming and frustrating. Look for software providers with a strong onboarding programme and a solid reputation for having a local, easily accessible support team and service desk. Having 'how-to' e-learning tools available to you can also save you time trying to figure things out on your own.

Comprehensive Reporting

Comprehensive and up-to-date real-time data is important in any business, but none more so than in the hospitality industry. That is why, when evaluating the most important property management software features, robust property management analytics are essential. Look for a user-friendly dashboard that allows you to track your booking progress against predefined goals and compare daily, weekly, or monthly booking forecasts to budgets.


Many property management software companies are now highlighting the advantages of their software. DoFort property management software has been at the forefront of property management. DoFort Property Management Software has been designed to include not only all of the property management software features discussed here, but also many more. Contact our sales team to know the features of our property management software or to schedule a free demo.


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