Advantages of using chemical ERP Software

Advantages of using chemical ERP Software

DoFort Chemical ERP is a comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution created especially for the process of manufacturing and chemical distribution sectors. By connecting individuals, practises, and departments throughout your firm, it unifies every aspect of your operational structure. Your sales team, customer support, management, warehouse, shipping, accounting, planning, quality control, purchasing, regulatory compliance, and manufacturing all benefit from improved information flow.

DoFort Chemical ERP software for managing inventories, resources, and orders has been created especially for chemical manufacturers. This Software will be able to fulfil the industry's stringent security, compliance, and sensitive material handling needs. It takes extreme caution to strike the right balance between maintaining a competitive edge and avoiding the risks of following market norms. DoFort Chemical ERP software is ideal for chemical manufacturing enterprises makes such balance and advancement easy to achieve.

Some of the advantages from using DoFort Chemical ERP Software:

Simple order management and costing retrieval

Manage daily production and dispatch remotely

A current audit trails

Digital signatures are used to verify validity

Checks the product's quality Security measures

Management of lots and batches, including expiration dates

4 qualities to look for in DoFort Chemical ERP Solution designed for chemical producers:

Yield variations

Chemical producers frequently deal with a variety of goods in various quantities. Can the variances from one batch to the next be handled by your ERP system? Your product yields will have an impact on a number of areas. You might experience shortages if more supplies are required, which would delay the distribution of finished goods, increase the cost of expediting, and cause problems with quality control. You won't likely see the profit margin you were hoping for if the theoretical yields and actual formula yields don't match up. So DoFort Chemical ERP Software helps to overcome this problem.

Ingredients variations

Traditional systems require that you use the exact ingredients and quantities every time. When selecting different components or producing different amounts, you must create an additional log to support each variation. Accounting for and tracking alternative ingredients and quantities without having to create new logs is a feature that can save extra work for chemical manufacturers. A tool that can handle chemical ingredient replacements that happen in many formulae can save a tonne of time and lessen the chance of error. You can choose a chemical to replace or substitute in one, several, or all formulae using DoFort Chemical ERP Software.

Packaging variations

Chemical manufacturers create batches of their product, which is subsequently packaged in different sizes. The majority of systems demand the entry of a new batch or task whenever the packing details change. Chemical manufacturers create batches of their product, which is subsequently packaged in different sizes. The majority of systems demand the entry of a new batch or task whenever the packing details change. Through DoFort Chemical ERP Software Time and money can be saved by readily tracking large manufacturing runs and incorporating modifications in packaging. Your bulk production, for instance, might be packaged in 1, 5, or 55-gallon containers. By organising this production according to a formula, you can create other economies of scale while reducing the number of employments. If at all possible, make a single batch ticket that generates several end items. This will lead to fewer production batches and better quality

Scheduling by formula

ERP should manage interdependent production runs and report outcomes at each stage without any hiccups in the chemical manufacturing process. Variable inputs should be calculated, and intermediate batches, by-products, and co-products should all be recorded. When they get orders, formula producers usually plan their production runs. They are able to manage surplus goods or overages thanks to this. The manufacturing of small, individual batches does, however, significantly lengthen the time required for machine setup and clean-up. Batch yields can differ significantly depending on some of the above-mentioned parameters. Machine downtime, manufacturing costs, and waste can all be reduced by organising production batches with DoFort Chemical ERP Software.

When choosing an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, chemical companies face some particular challenges related to the way work is done and tracked financially. Yet with the right partner, chemical companies can leverage the extraordinary strengths of an ERP software platform to improve regulatory compliance, streamline inventory management and improve quality control.


DoFort Chemical ERP Software skilfully handles the particular difficulties posed by your chemical manufacturing process. It does away with the necessity for the labour-intensive workarounds that are necessary when using conventional production software systems. Our software equips your team with a precise, centralised data collection and a variety of capabilities that can reduce errors while saving time and money. Explore our industry-specific solutions to learn how DoFort Chemical ERP Software can address your unique needs. Contact our team for a demo.


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