ERP for Automotive Industry

Why is ERP software important for Automotive Industry ?

During the early days of pandemic lockdowns, the automobile sector was hard hit as worldwide supply lines were disrupted, workplaces were temporarily shuttered, people stayed at home, and fewer cars were used. On the other hand, this pushed the industry towards digitization.

Enterprise resource planning software is the most complete and effective operation management solution available. ERP software allows department-wide data integration after a successful installation. It eliminates the need for many systems to manage various procedures.

On a centralised platform, you can gather a plethora of real-time information on everything related to car sales, leasing, and service. Use these detailed details not just to monitor overall process efficacy and assess business efficiency, but also to solve any other business difficulties. As a result, no time is wasted in gathering data from disparate systems and creating reports from them, and you have greater control over your business operations.

With ERP for the automotive sector, you may save significantly on operational expenses, gain a better understanding of the optimal circumstances for gaining new consumers, and decrease resource waste. Furthermore, having access to and analysing company data would allow you to make educated judgments for enhancing sales activities and delivering serviced vehicles on schedule.

Thus, the ERP software solution improves automotive dealers' ability to plan and execute sales and leasing activities with little manual involvement. You can give better client experiences now there are no more lost queries or missed orders.

According to Gartner, "by 2022, cloud ERP should be the preferred option for more than 75% of midsize organisations and 40% of big enterprises trying to change their monolithic legacy ERP estate."

Important features of Automotive ERP that you must have in your automotive ERP software

Inventory Control

Reporting Tools and Analytics

Service Scheduling Tracker

Sales and Repair Order Billing

Integrated CRM, HCM and Accounting Tools

Mobile Device Compatibility

Inventory Control

With several improvements available in automobiles, it is required that dealers have all of the most recent vehicles models in their showrooms and workshops have an ample supply of spare parts required for repair and modification. Because automobile models are becoming more diverse, it may be challenging for automotive companies to keep track of them and maintain demand and supply balance. A robust inventory management system integrated into automotive ERP software allows you to keep track of client needs and maintain optimal stock levels. This helps you to achieve more consistent order delivery and on-time services.

Reporting Tools and Analytics

Everything does not always go as planned, especially when you rely on suppliers and vendors. You may have difficulties dealing with spare component shortages and unsold automobiles.

Fortunately, if your ERP system includes reporting and data analytics tools, you will have a plethora of information at your fingertips to assist you in resolving this issue. With the right knowledge, you can predict and adapt to the changes. As a result, it helps you to optimize your revenues by stocking stocks with the correct mix of spare parts or vehicle models.

Service Scheduling Tracker

Maintaining service requests for several vehicles entering your workshop is tough without an effective system, and staff are frequently overloaded at the last minute. This not only breaks the peace of your team, but it also causes delays, which result in a poor client experience.

Service scheduling capabilities in ERP software simplify the process and maintain track of work orders. Your resource allocation gets easier when service requests are accurately tracked. This allows you to schedule car maintenance or repair based on client convenience and technician availability, eliminating last-minute headache and allowing you to offer consistent customer experiences.

Sales and Repair Order Billing

Whatever automobile business you run, rapid billing is always welcomed by customers, which leads to increased profits.

This demands an integrated POS system. The software not only allows your clients to pay using whichever method they like, but it also maintains track of each payment, measures cash flow and costs, and any other monitory transactions. All of this can be done from a single dashboard. It makes handling the entire payment process simple and error-free, while also making transactions extremely safe.

Integrated CRM , HCM and Accounting Tools

Every organization has perfectly functioning sales, marketing, human resource management, and finance teams because they should delegate responsibility, keep track of finances, maintain consumer transaction history, and other essential business areas. Compiling and sharing this information becomes challenging when it is kept in several, department-specific systems.

If we have a fully integrated ERP system, all company information is recorded on a single platform and can be accessed as needed by all departments in our automotive business. This improves information visibility across the organisation, boosts employee engagement, improves customer service, and allows your back office to operate more smoothly.

Mobile Device Compatibility

Days are gone when business operations can only be managed from within the office compound, using desktop computers placed on the workshop bench. Thanks to today's cloud ERP software, Business operation management is no longer tied to a single place. It is possible to accomplish it from anywhere with an internet friendly device.

When your ERP system is mobile-friendly, it enhances the efficiency and compliance of employees. They can easily input, edit, and access essential information whenever and wherever they need it.


The primary goal of automotive ERP software is to improve business efficiency, minimise operating costs, and maximise profit. This is only possible if your ERP system is equipped with the necessary functionality and features.

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