CRM Software in Automotive

Why should we use a CRM Software in the Automotive Industry? For all industry’s size, there are few CRM software systems suits exactly to meet the needs of this industry. With the variety of choices between cars and dealerships in the automotive industry that customers have today, dealers need to differentiate themselves based on their customer experience. CRM System offer many benefits to automobile software that help to improve this experience for their customers and, in the process, improve the top line and bottom line of their businesses. The best CRM Software, specifically designed for this industry, could drive best sales and marketing efforts, assist with customer management and boost profits

DoFort have best track record for delivering the personalized automotive CRM Software for original equipment manufacturer, mobility services companies, dealers, and suppliers operating within the industry. DoFort develop systems that address different phases of activity: from manufacturing to marketing, sales, and customer relationships management.

With our advanced technology, DoFort ERP and CRM Software provide auto spare parts dealers and automotive businesses to achieve consolidated control on their operations and get a real time overview of the information, which helps to make faster decisions and make the customers satisfied. DoFort Automotive ERP Software integrate with CRM Software improves the manufacturing process for automobile cost control; improve the lead times and the development of new products that will help to meet customer needs and wants. DoFort will help you to integrate ERP Software with CRM System for your automotive industry.

Benefits of Using Automotive CRM Software

Complete Customer Lifecycle Management

There are numerous phases of a client's life cycle for car vendors. They include gathering and qualifying leads, persuading customers to step through examination drives, encouraging account plans, following up for after-deals administration, etc.

Improvement in Call Quality

To expand the deals and give better client service, most vehicle sales centers have telecalling specialists today paying little heed to the size of their business. These telecallers ought to be observed to guarantee that they convey what is normal from them.

Investigating Customer Data

At the point when a business can catch client information and store it in a focal storehouse, it can attract bits of knowledge to comprehend what they can do to build deals.

Collecting Customer Feedback

A disappointed client doesn't simply leave a business. He likewise educates ten others regarding his poor experience. This adversely influences the notoriety of a business to a huge degree. That is the reason, alongside client information; client input is a significant snippet of data for organizations to catch.

Collecting Customer Referrals

Referrals, or informal, are the most impressive mode for any business. Also, a charmed client will consistently furnish vehicle sales centers with a referral.

Computerizing Manual Tasks

Innovation has made it simpler for organizations and brands to computerize a significant number of their assignments with the goal that they can concentrate on key errands like keeping up client relations and expanding their yield.


There are different phases that complete the manufacturing process in the automobile industry. And there are other people also involved from the beginning to the end of the process. Different departments work differently; they must stay in the curve to handle clients efficiently. With DoFort CRM System, automotive industries can supervise their operation. DoFort cloud CRM service also ensures that teams get the information from anywhere and anytime on the go with unparalleled security at their fingertips. CRM Software integrates with Automotive ERP will help the manufacturers to put corrective measures and take better business decisions to grow their business.


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