Benefits of ERP in Automobile Components Manufacturing in USA & Canada

Benefits of ERP in Automobile Components Manufacturing

The Automotive industry is one of the world's largest and most versatile sectors, and it is constantly evolving with an impending resurgence. The automotive industry has forecasted increased global sales of passenger cars to hit the market at a record-breaking pace. Given the increasing global competition, it is always prudent to invest in cutting-edge software that can manage organisational operations on a single platform.

Automotive component manufacturers produce a wide range of products, including piston engine valves, control valves, propelling nozzles, and thousands of other components used in vehicle assembly. From the largest component to the smallest screw, a single car contains approximately 25,000 parts. The manufacturing of component parts is always dependent on the finished products into which the parts are incorporated. Managing multiple vendors, the production process, and the procurement of quality items is extremely difficult for automotive component manufacturers. With new cars being released every other day, the demand for innovative tools and equipment has increased dramatically.

As new competitors make significant progress in the component manufacturing industry, long-established original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are feeling threatened. Automotive component manufacturers are looking for innovative automotive ERP software solutions in US and Canada to help them integrate all business processes so that teams can work efficiently and effectively. It is also critical that they follow the stringent policies and regulations established by regulatory groups.

Thus, it is preferable to invest in powerful and agile automotive ERP software to stand out in this cutthroat competition. DoFort automotive ERP software in US and Canada capable of handling all aspects of the business seamlessly and enables organisations to work remotely from anywhere.

Comprehensive Traceability

It is critical for automobile manufacturers to follow government regulations. If you fail to ship a large quantity of high-quality goods on time, it will have a negative impact on your company's reputation and customer satisfaction. Automotive ERP software in US and Canada facilitates the tracking of individual bins, packages, resources, and all processes involved in order to ensure that resources are traced precisely.

Because electrical and communication components have become an indispensable part of every vehicle, quality and dependability should be of the utmost importance. Auto component manufacturers should be able to track which product lots have been purchased, where they went during the manufacturing process, who is handling them, and where they will be stored in warehouses in real time. Manufacturers must understand the importance of traceability throughout the value chain in order to avoid product recalls and ensure that plans are carried out as planned.

Supply Chain is managed with accuracy

Automotive manufacturers work hard to provide unrivalled customer value in order to drive sales and establish a good rapport. ERP can manage your organization's mission-critical functions. It maintains inventory alignment, plans for the materials and resources needed for production, manages supply and demand, and safeguards data. ERP is a unified system that provides the following features:

Material Requirement Planning

Master Production Schedule

RCCP and Pegging

Simulation and Actual Run

Time Fence

Lead Time Calculation for FG

Global / Individual Company Planning

Electronic document management and collaboration

Organizations nowadays promote open space culture. Modern businesses rely more on mobile devices and other gadgets to keep them up to date 24 hours a day, seven days a week. On the same platform, you can view, edit, and manage every document, report, sales order, purchase order, account receivable and other file with an ERP solution. Employees can communicate with one another using the built-in chat tool and learn about the status of inventory, the quality of goods, orders, allocated resources, and more. This fosters a collaborative environment and eliminates communication hiccups.

Warehouse management and optimization

Automotive manufacturing is a complex and time-consuming process that necessitates a variety of Bills of Materials (BoMs) and multiple processes in order to produce finished products. Warehouse management is an important function provided by many ERP solutions to help with the execution of warehouse transfers, the generation of reports, tasks, and transactions on the plant floor, the management of inbound and outbound transfers, bin management, label printing, barcode scanning, and much more. SKU and BOM management processes are centralised in ERP, making them easier to manage.

Data security and compliance

Whether you manufacture electrical or brake parts, engine parts, drive transmissions and steering parts, or other automotive components, it is critical to align and design each component to meet regulatory compliance. Industry regulation will have an impact on the manufacturer in a variety of ways. How the products are handled, how they are shipped and distributed, and who receives them. The best Automotive ERP addresses this by providing quality management functions that facilitate compliance with quality standards and manufacturing regulations in order to adhere to the quality parameters.

Every piece of information will be confined to the concerned person or team if you want a reliable and best automotive ERP solution in the US and Canada for the auto industry. It ensures that your documents are restricted and coded. There so many departments in the automotive component manufacturing industry, a secure data repository is required to ensure security and avoid attacks such as ransom ware.


With the DoFort automotive ERP solution, all your hassles can be solved! It is a comprehensive automotive manufacturing ERP software that offers the tactical business functionality and modules required by the modern auto-component manufacturer in US and Canada. DoFort provides the best automotive ERP software solutions in the US and Canada. If you want to know more about how it can benefit your organization. Contact us for more info or register for a free ERP demo at


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