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Previously, renting a car meant manually creating a rental agreement. DoFort car rental software generates invoices and rental contracts on the fly. You can now identify the renter, the car you're renting, the fixed price, and view damage reports all on one screen. Record critical details such as damage records, additional drivers, payment schedules, and customer signatures quickly and easily in one place. Our cloud-based car reservation system makes it simple to rent a car for a short or long period of time. The process is quick, and all of the details of your rental will be displayed on your own template for easy organization.

DoFort Car Rental CRM software aids in improving customer engagement. Our car rental CRM software is intended to automate fleet management, particularly in the vehicle rental industry. DoFort's car rental software solution includes a number of unique features that can help a car rental owner manage their fleet more efficiently and save time. DoFort Car Rental Software integrates with payment gateway software to ensure secure payment transactions, as well as billing and accounting software to automate all billing and accounting processes. DoFort includes Car Rental CRM software, which is tailored to your car rental business.

How Car Rental Software Aids in Customer Satisfaction

DoFort cloud-based car rental software not only simplifies but also accelerates the rental process, increasing client satisfaction and, ultimately, resulting in retention. Bookings no longer have to be made over the counter now that the application is in place. The client does not need to come to the firm or wait in long lines; instead, bookings can be managed with a few taps.

Automated check-in and checkout saves time and gives you an advantage over your competitors. We make the process simple and painless. Our car rental software will assist you in completing tasks such as booking and billing, as well as facilitating overall communication without any confusion.

DoFort Car Rental Software will allow you to easily manage online reservations, track available vehicles automatically, track vehicle geographic location, and set up flexible rates for different seasons. Customers can make reservations directly from the company website using car rental software, making the process much easier.

With our fleet tracker, the car rental company can stay in touch with the customer even when they are not in the car. Tourists are the majority of those who rent a car. They are always looking for a friend because they are new to the area and are unfamiliar with the language as well as the location. The application's GPS tracker will tell you where the customers are driving or intend to go. Offering them a list of interesting places nearby or popular restaurant recommendations makes them feel special and increases the car rental company's goodwill.

DoFort car rental software aids in the creation of a repository through which the company can easily identify clients who return to them or customers who, after all, deserve gifts, & it is important to reward loyalty. This includes information such as the preferred car model and the pricing range that is frequently chosen, among other things. As a result, the firm can send them messages if a discount on the client's preferred brand is available. If possible, this data can be used to run personalized campaigns, promotional messages, incentivized bookings, and upgrades.

Features of Car Rental Software

Renting a car is becoming increasingly popular due to the flexibility and independence it provides. However, if the proper technology is not used, managing the hiring business can be a nightmare. DoFort offers the best Car Rental software, which includes the following features.

Allow for automated check-in and check-out

Allow cancellation via the internet

Billing in two parts

Tracking of mileage

Scanner, driver's license, and document verifier

Track down any outstanding payments

Support for multiple languages

Compatibility with various currencies; integration of various payment methods

Rentals based on location

Vehicle details and a listing

Anti-theft warning


DoFort car rental software is designed to automate fleet management, particularly in the vehicle rental industry. Our car rental software has a number of unique features that can assist a car rental owner in managing their fleet more efficiently and saving time. DoFort Car Rental CRM software improves customer engagement.


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