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What is Automobile CRM?

CRM is a term that refers to the Customer Relationship Management. A software for managing and growing customer and prospect relationships and communication.

This CRM was created exclusively for automotive dealerships. There are other CRMs available for all sorts of businesses, but this automobile CRM is created specifically for car dealers and automobile industry.

So, why should you use an automotive CRM instead of a standard CRM for your car dealership business?

So, let us tell you more about it. The automobile CRM is built exclusively for car dealers and automobile industry to assist them retain client data and manage their relationships with prospects. It helps you to keep track of your customers' information, leads, and opportunities.

On the other hand, General CRMs lack the functionality required to run a successful auto dealership. They may offer additional features that you do not need for your auto dealership.

In this post, we will show you how to discover the best automobile CRM software that is specifically tailored to all of your company demands and will increase your sales.

Why Do Automobile Industry Require CRM?

Automobile manufacturers use CRM software because they must make significant efforts to encourage clients to purchase from them.

There are several options available, and if you do not employ cutting-edge technology now, your organisation may suffer.

You can gain the confidence of thousands of potential customers with the appropriate car dealer CRM software, even if you've never met them before.

Create an omnichannel marketing plan and communicate with your potential consumers across several touchpoints to accomplish this. Customers want a seamless sales experience, and CRM software can help you consistently offer it.

Not only that, but there's more. Using automobile CRM software can help you significantly increase your monthly sales.

Consider the several advantages of adopting automobile CRM software.

Benefits of Automobile CRM Software

Keep Your Contacts and Leads Organized

Marketing Management

Helps With Deal Management

Creates a line of communication

Maintains Compliance

Keep Your Contacts and Leads Organized

Almost every business has established an omnichannel presence in order to reach out to a diverse audience. As a result, Automobile industry receive leads from a variety of sources, including social media channels, website forms, online advertisements, offline ads, third-party lead providers, OEMs, and plain old walk-ins. All of your client information is stored in one location with automotive CRM software. It also aids in determining which channel is producing the most leads. As a result, your company's lead handling will be lot more efficient.

Marketing Management

Another key benefit of automotive CRM software is the ability to perform targeted, tailored marketing campaigns across several channels. It categorises people based on a variety of characteristics such as demographics, purchasing habits, and so on. Email marketing may be used effectively to create and nurture leads. Sales managers may also automate follow-up actions to keep client connections going after the sale.
A CRM programme for the automobile industry generates real-time data on missed sales, concluded transactions, marketing campaign results, customer satisfaction, customer question response rates, and much more.

Helps With Deal Management

With an automotive CRM solution, you can take advantage of every touchpoint in the sales process. You may design a defined procedure to help your leads progress through the sales funnels. To boost the efficiency of your sales employees, the whole workflow process may be automated and optimised.
CRM integration with cloud-calling solutions can also help sales staff spend less time manually phoning customers. This aids sales teams in being more productive.

Creates a line of communication

Every engagement with your leads from numerous channels may be documented in a single location with automobile CRM software. Email, text, phone, or walk-in – you can save every single communication in a single safe system.
In other words, it simplifies communication by providing instant access to all past interactions with a lead.
Furthermore, CRM software may aid in the automation of delegating and tracking the leads assigned to each sales agent for remote sales teams. It also guarantees that while communicating with a lead, every sales professional is on the same page.

Maintains Compliance

Sales representatives may contact on many prospects every day in order to nurture and convert them into paying clients. You can imagine how many clients receive unwelcome calls on a regular basis, interrupting whatever they were doing.
As a result, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) was enacted to govern telemarketing calls, pre-recorded calls, and text messages. You must get your customer's permission to continue engaging with them by phone calls, emails, or text messages.
With the help of an automotive CRM, you can guarantee that all of your dealership-customer contact is TCPA compliant. This manner, your company may avoid penalties at no additional expense.



Industry-specific CRM software has become important for sales, marketing, and service automation. After extensive marketing research DoFort has built CRM software for automobile industry to fulfil the company requirements and to accommodate all sorts of businesses. It handles every stage of the process, from marketing, sales and customer service. For more info contact us at


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