Blockchain is the latest tech tool currently doing rounds in the business sphere. It is a ledger that is designed to keep close track of a business's transactions, help in organizing all the in and out functions of the company and facilitate the company's labour by protecting and monitoring all data encrypted within the system.


What is Blockchain?




Organized Storage


Comparison between Bitcoin, Banks and Blockchain

Uses of Blockchain

Benefits of Blockchain

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is the latest tech tool currently doing rounds in the business sphere. It is a ledger that is designed to keep close track of a business's transactions, help in organizing all the in and out functions of the company and facilitate the company's labour by protecting and monitoring all data encrypted within the system. In addition to this, Blockchain also enables easy and secure transactions of global digital trading by tracking and trading on the network.

You must be familiar with Bitcoin and Dogecoin investments which transformed the fates of business tycoons through their fluctuating value in the market. These tokens of virtual value can be called cryptocurrencies and Blockchain further these currencies by allowing online purchases by companies and investors. The business outcome is often measured by these virtual investments and is considered the future of business-making.


Effective supply chain tracking for all imports and exports.

All participants in the chain have access to the system and the information shared gets recorded for the future of all employees. The traditional business rule of duplication of data is replaced here with the creation of an all-accessible network that protects the company from outside interference.

Manage transportation revenues, evaluates and monitor’s company’s resources.

Operates through digital currency. No transaction is done using real money. Blockchain uses cryptocurrency to process business dealings.

All implementations are rewarded in NFT markets.


To begin with, the most crucial function of Blockchain is the process of Tokenization. What is Tokenization? It is the process by which you can convert something holding value into tokens or digital currency. This currency or token can be used by anyone and anywhere in the world in the form of digital transactions. It cannot be converted into real money. This is primarily used by businessmen or dealers to invest in online share businesses and expect profit. It also facilitates online business operators to invest from remotely located areas or regions. Certain eminent features of tokenization are:

Can be conveniently divided.

Is Mintable.

Can be transferred.

Has excellent holding capacity.

Can be burnt.


The best part about Blockchain is its decentralization feature. This enables the company to function as a unit and not as a hierarchical structure. There is no consolidated power in Blockchain functioning, all employees working within the network of the company Blockchain have access to every minute detail the network shares.

Everyone has access to all data at all times and therefore it is convenient to monitor and check on the various functioning of the employees on various levels. No one has to ask for any information or transaction of business, similarly, no one controls the several operations of the company. The data shared on the network is available to all and protected from outside interference. Thus, creating a secure and indivisible functioning protocol for all members of the company.

Organized Storage

Blockchain efficiently organises all data circulated within the company and keeps a close record of all transactions made via the company. Before employees had to maintain records of customer details, and it would be e a tiring task to access that data from time to time.

Blockchain has a very organised functioning network that categorises and marks all details in a way that is easily accessible to all and at the same time easy to decipher. While securing the details, Blockchain ensures that all intricacies of the records are maintained and no information is lost in the process. Thus, easing the employees' work and saving the company's time in recording and fetching old data.


Since Blockchain has a ledger that is accessible to one and all at all given times, there is no space for secrecy within the network. A transparent screen is maintained within the workings and operations of the company's employees making sure that all work is visible to one and all.

No activity goes unnoticed. The transparency in the network is maintained through and through. This not only helps the employee to keep a watch on the various functions on various levels, but it also enables them to detect a mistake or a malfunction within the network and correct it within time.

Comparison between Bitcoin, Banks and Blockchain

Debates often take place between the functioning of banks and Blockchain. Let us give you a clear picture of the difference which lurks between the two. While the banking system is generally operated from a centre point which gives them easy access to control and mould commercial banks, this centralisation is not present in the Blockchain system.

In Blockchain as we have already discussed there is no consolidated power, no absolute authority controls the network. It promotes transparency for workers within the network.

While Blockchain is a functional database encrypted in large scale companies to manage several branches of the brand, Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency that is used for virtual trades within the network of Blockchain.

Uses of Blockchain

Currency Handling

Banking and Finance

Supply Chains


Maintaining Property Records

Automated or Smart Contracts

Efficient Voting System

Benefits of Blockchain

Error-free analysis of reports generated across the company. Since Blockchain bots monitor and handle the day-to-day tasks of the organization, there is no space for error to occur. All intricate details are smartly managed and processed by these bots daily, without human intervention.

Decentralization forms a protective barrier covering the entire system from outside tampering. The system at DoFort is regularly updated to build stronger walls and a reliable chain of network for all employees. This eases functioning and safeguards all confidential data of the company.

Prohibits third-party verification by effectively reducing extra costs. DoFort services ensure you do not have to further contact and invest in other service companies to strengthen your security system, our package caters to all your requirements.

All transactions made via Blockchain are secure, free from outside interruptions, monitored and smoothly executed, regularly. We promise to take off the burden from your shoulder of constantly having to manage work done and make it our own.

The banking solution ensures that your company data (employee or citizen’s personal information) is protected from government agencies, especially if one’s government is underdeveloped.


We can conclude with affirming the fact that Blockchain has not only made business-making easy and more plausible, but it has also efficiently strengthened and protected companies’ day-to-day which was otherwise vulnerable to hackers. Trading, monitoring, transactions and assorting information has been easier now and with the constant system, updates continue to add to the function.

DoFort Technologies caters to your company’s needs and promises to deliver these beneficial services at your doorstep. Our system is upgraded and ensures it contains all the latest equipment available in the market, to make sure your business flourishes. Do avail of our services at a cost-effective rate and transform the fate of your company.


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