ERP for Construction Industry

Those who are involved in the construction industry for long enough will understand the pressures surrounding a tight budget and a fixed deadline. Other circumstances often arise, sending established plans out the window and requiring workers to set a new schedule and new margins for the project. DoFort provides the best ERP solutions for the Construction Industry.

DoFort ERP systems for construction have been specifically developed for the industry to ensure that the modulations of the industry are served. Internationally and regionally successful companies have got their DoFort ERP software integrated and developed to deliver the maximum benefits from quantity take-off, project planning right through to final certification with the inclusion of detailed on-site management. Various companies have good experience in using our DoFort Construction ERP software.

DoFort Construction ERP system is a dedicated ERP system built for the eccentric needs of construction companies. DoFort Construction ERP system includes management of general contractors, subcontractors, financial management, construction accounting, payroll, and service operations in one central database.

DoFort construction ERP systems include modules that integrate all the operations in a single system and take care of the estimation, scheduling, risk management, and other related activities. DoFort construction ERP system automation introduces flawless and error-free methods of adding and updating information that eliminates duplicate data entry and saves man-hour.

DoFort construction ERP software automates the data tracking and simplified project information. DoFort construction ERP software helps you to easily monitor each project's status, delegate assignments to the right staff, identify the raw materials requirement, select appropriate supplies, and make project management simpler for your business.

ERP Software Modules for Construction Industry

CAD interface

Service fleet asset management

Financial management


Management of contractors

Sub-contractor management

Logistics and transport


Complex workforce management


Workflow processes

Advantages of Construction ERP Software

Assimilation of Data
DoFort ERP Software in the construction industry includes the dynamic analysis of financial and operational data, which will help the executives with more accurate and precisely calculated information in real-time. Effectively using this data, companies can track simultaneous operations and report and manage deficiencies across departments in effective manner.

Planning and Analysis
Without a proper planning within the framework of an architectural firm has led to the substandard completion of projects and the fall of many reputed global organizations. Businesses incur heavy losses in the form of labor costs and loss of clientele due to untimely completion of targets. Delivery of projects will be delay due to a lack of planning and it also reflects poorly on the goodwill of an organization.
With a proper analysis of the raw materials required, effective utilization of manpower, architectural design, and contract management is essential for proper channeling of resources. DoFort Construction ERP system can be used to make an allowance for collateral expenditure and financial budgeting of the assignment.

Increased System Efficiency
DoFort construction ERP software help to increase the efficiency by providing an overall view of the scenario prior to making decisions. Any moment employees are required to correlate information from different sources, DoFort ERP solution assists in extracting data and providing relevant criteria that need compliance prior to closing a query.

Estimation of Construction Cost
DoFort ERP software helps to determine the accurate estimation so that the actual cost does not deviate much from the projected cost of the undertaking.

Effective Communication
DoFort ERP software is equipped with in-built chat forums and video communication capabilities to provide the perfect platform for executives to communicate internally, irrespective of the location of where work is being carried out.

Execution Of Marketing Strategies
Last goal of any construction industry is to deliver the best work and acquire more reliable clients as possible. Without the using a proper construction ERP software, contractors would have a hard time implementing marketing strategies to effectively handle customers, projects, and outsourced employees.


DoFort has several years of experience in the field of developing industry-specific ERP systems. DoFort construction ERP system is designed with advanced technology capable of coping with your current business challenges and facilitating you to gain efficiency and control over the complex processes.


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