ERP Software for Chemical Manufacturers

ERP Software for Chemical Manufacturers

Every day, chemicals are used in a variety of commercial and consumer products. Chemical manufacturing facilities must adhere to industry regulations and adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). One of the challenges in this industry, as in other manufacturing sectors, is rising production costs. DoFort chemical ERP can assist in the improvement of business procedures and processes in order to reduce operational inefficiencies.

Features of DoFort chemical ERP software

Good manufacturing process (GMP)

DoFort chemical ERP software can combine existing processes into a single system, increasing efficiency while maintaining quality. It is adaptable and capable of managing processes from production to distribution. All relevant documents, including master batch records, chemical compositions, sanitation, and quality reports, can be stored within the ERP system, reducing the need for paper documents.

Material requirement planning (MRP)

The system provides data to aid decision making. Production managers, for example, can accurately see the availability of materials for production versus demand, which simplifies supply chain and inventory management. Planning for Material Requirements (MRP).

Chemical formulation

For complete traceability and accuracy, a master batch record can be created for each batch of products. It will go over all of the ingredients as well as each step of the process. Unique compositions, confidentiality agreements, and order information can be securely stored against the customer record by white-label manufacturers. Access to intellectual property data can be secured by restricting unauthorised access with the security profile feature.

Process and workflow management

Quality management is essential in chemical manufacturing, but human error cannot be completely eliminated. Processes, workflows, and master batch records can all be customised to fit the needs of the business, reducing errors and improving quality. DoFort chemical ERP software can improve customer and supplier relationships by allowing information to flow seamlessly between departments.

Quality management

DoFort chemical ERP software allows for the recording of all quality controls and testing. To ensure that all required checks and controls are carried out, different work processes or quality milestones can be established. Defects, as well as any additional costs, can be logged, monitored, and reported.


DoFort chemical ERP software can assist chemical manufacturers and distributors in dealing with industry issues such as inventory and production management. DoFort provide the Best Chemical ERP Software for the chemical manufacturing industries. Contact our sales team to schedule a free demo today.


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