Jewellery ERP Software for Jewellery Manufacturers and Distributors

Jewellery ERP Software for Jewellery Manufacturers and Distributors

With industry trends changing at such a rapid pace, it has become increasingly difficult for the jewellery industry to keep up while attempting to handle all processes manually. Furthermore, the likelihood of making mistakes as a result of manual management of critical information has increased, resulting in a massive loss in business profits. Even though gems and jewellery are among the oldest things in the world, the industry remains complex in nature. Organizations in this industry face numerous challenges, including gem / jewel cutting, inventory management of high-cost items, working capital, and slow order processing due to critical operations, such as cutting, polishing, completing, packaging, and delivering finished products. As a result, having ERP software in the jewellery industry for managing various areas such as production, designing, inventory, fleet, ecommerce, customer relationship, human resource, weight calculation, order and booking, accounting and finance, return and repair, and so on will be extremely beneficial to jewellery firms or gold manufacturers. This is why jewellery ERP software has become so important. DoFort jewellery ERP Software will be the best solution for Jewellery industries in managing both small and large business transactions. An ERP software solution provides a solution for both small and large businesses, increasing profit through improved operational proficiency and feasibility.

The jewellery industry is quite different from other small and large-scale businesses. This is primarily due to the fact that it is comprised of market rate-based price values that change on a daily basis. As a result, it causes problems with the sales order and the time of delivery, because the market rate of raw materials is likely to rise over time. It is critical for a jewellery business to purchase a large amount of inventory when the prices are reasonable in order to reap long-term benefits. This, however, cannot be obtained using traditional spreadsheets and Excel. An automotive system is your best bet because it sends alerts when market rates are feasible and when payments are due. DoFort Jewelry ERP software allows you to easily manage all of your small and large transactions. It assists you in increasing your revenue by providing feasibility and operational efficiency. Manufacturing and distribution are the foundational events in any business. The jewellery industry is highly volatile and subject to market fluctuations, necessitating the use of a stable ERP software system capable of handling all day-to-day processes.

Features of DoFort Jewellery ERP Software

Point of sale

Lots and barcode management



Operations and process

Loyalty management



Multi company

Mobile Applications

Bulk sms and email

Bank synchronization

Multi branch

Benefits of DoFort Jewellery software

All-in-one solution

When purchasing software, ensure that it is the ultimate and absolute solution for your company. Although you can get software to manage each department, it is possible that they will fail you by not integrating with one another, causing obstacles in your workflow. DoFort Jewellery ERP Software solves this problem by providing a one-stop shop for your company. Accounting, billing, purchases, sales, orders, returns, inventory management, and so on are all handled by it.

Customer gratification

Customer satisfaction is the most effective way to grow your business. Reach Jewellery inventory software understands exactly how to accomplish this. It keeps track of your customers' purchases, and when it comes to repairs, it allows you to recognize each customer individually so that you don't make mistakes. With inventory management, you can bill faster, raise invoices more quickly, never run out of stock, and make everything easier for your customers, resulting in a wonderful shopping experience at your store. This easily leads to customer satisfaction and the acquisition of new and loyal customers for you.


It is always easier when you don't have to change all of the rules of the game when you hire someone to help you because who is the boss? As a result, in order to work the way you want and according to the needs of your business, you need software that will carry out the process of your business without requiring you to bend with it. DoFort understands this, so it adapts to your needs, allowing flexibility and making itself very user friendly, allowing you to operate it with ease and train your employees to use it as soon as possible after implementation.

Security and accessibility

DoFort Jewellery ERP software is accessible from any location and via devices other than your system. You could sail away for days and still keep an eye on your business while leaving it in the hands of your employees. Reach completely secures your accounts and data by providing bank-level security and a restriction menu that allows you to restrict access to specific areas for your safety.


DoFort is the best ERP software with extensive customization capabilities. It has served several medium and large Jewellery businesses and phenomenally increased their ROI. We offer the best Jewellery ERP Software for Manufacturers and Distributors in Jewellery Industry.


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