ERP software for Real Estate & Construction Industry

Real Estate and Construction ERP software

The construction and real estate industries, particularly in India, operate in a complex and disruptive ecosystem. Moving at a faster rate than other businesses, real estate faces numerous challenges in all aspects of its operations. Businesses in this industry can only beat the competition if they are equipped with robust, multi-capability real estate and construction ERP software systems to automate everything from planning, execution, and costing to ensuring regulatory compliance and cash flow visibility.

Construction ERP software that integrates estimating, scheduling, job cost, project management, payroll, and service management into daily accounting practices will help you manage your business and, as a result, improve profitability. In today's market, real estate is one of the most thriving industries. Real estate industries must constantly upgrade themselves and their methods of operation in order to keep up with this rapidly growing industry and remain competitive. To remain competitive, the real estate industry must upgrade to ERP software to manage work-flow and operations. ERP software for the real estate industry is a real boon. Various ERP software modules, such as inventory management, tracking tools, and so on, assist the industry in avoiding stumbling blocks and running smoothly. The real estate industry can stay competitive by utilizing automated operations, sales assistance, and CRM integration. The real estate industry is extremely competitive, and many players are shifting to digital methods of business management. As a result, ERP software is critical in the real estate industry.

DoFort Real Estate Software correctly addresses the administrative needs of property owners and investors across a wide range of rental property types. DoFort Real Estate Solution includes tools for managing Tenants, Contacts, Leasing, Accounting and Financial, Reporting and Analytics, and Property and Related Assets. Our Real Estate Software was created to help real estate companies grow.

DoFort provides advanced capabilities for small and midsized construction and real estate firms that require solutions to handle increased business complexity. Our construction software is intended to provide you with detailed project visibility so that you can make well-informed, data-driven decisions at all stages of the construction project or property lifecycle. With our integrated software, you can take your construction company to the next level. Our construction and real estate software enables you to gain greater control over your project or property development strategy. DoFort allows you to:

Estimate more accurately in less time

Subcontracts and purchase orders can be entered or imported directly into Job Cost

Provide strong auditing capabilities

Document storage and access capabilities that are robust

To improve workflow efficiency, generate vendor invoices automatically based on receipts

Reduce the complexity of service call dispatching, field technician management and billing

Define guidelines and handle tax deductions and Superannuation contributions automatically

Key Features of Real Estate and Construction ERP software

Material Management

Budget / Estimation Control

Legal Management

Liaison Management

Contractor Billing Management

Tender Bid Management

Lease and Rental

Design Coordination

Land Management

Project Management

Procurement Management

HR Management & Payroll

Asset Management

Document Management System


DoFort solutions are designed specifically for the Real Estate and Construction industries, with deep domain expertise in Project Management and Delivery, Sales & CRM, and Compliance. Our tried-and-true implementation processes, followed by strong post-implementation sales support, imply a faster go-live with full adoption of our solutions, ensuring you the best return on your investment.


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