How does Property Management Software helps to solves the Issues of Multi-Location Management

Keeping track of several sites can be a perpetual delicate balancing act, especially if some of them are spread out over different cities, counties, or states. You might employ various marketing techniques to appeal to various target markets, and each one of your locations probably has its own set of taxation, rental agreement, eviction, security deposit and even garbage disposal legislation.

Many of the issues that larger property management companies frequently encounter can be resolved with the right software. Multi-location property managers may manage all locations at a high level using dedicated property management software while allowing individual offices to go granular with the specifics that matter in their locations.

In this blog, we've identified five of the greatest problems that a customizable property management platform helps to alleviate for property management companies with multiple locations.

Consolidated Reporting with a Corporate-Level Dashboard

You can implement software with such a dashboard that gathers all the information you need for each location onto single screen in place of conventional meetings that only cover a portion of each location. You can use this tool to check turnover rates, rent received, maintenance problems, or any other information you need to delve deeper into.

Managers may easily enter the appropriate data and move on to other urgent activities that will better serve their tenants and their owners rather of wasting time creating presentations.

Additionally, a versatile solution will let you design unique reports that give you important information about both individual properties and all of them together. Even better, you may utilize that data to examine KPIs like rental rates by comparing properties in the same or nearby locations.

Processes with templates

To maintain property rental applications, marketing, maintenance tickets, and other unnecessary operations in line with your company's objectives, create templates you can distribute to all of your locations.

Your location managers will save time and money if you choose a software programme with such features. You'll be able to collaborate successfully because you're all employing the same templates when it's time to check in on a place or tackle a particular issue.

Customizable Options

In order to cater for location-specific variations in some processes, a decent property management software will however let individual locations modify templates. Property managers can make modifications to their move-out templates to account for differing move-out policies in other locations, such as a different deadline for returning security deposits.

Account Profiles

Account/user profiles are useful in this situation. You should be able to create user profiles with the property management software system so that you may limit access to particular features. You may also use it to lock down specific elements of the processes and documents that you have created using templates.

User profiles for vendors can also be created by property managers. Access-restricted cleaning and maintenance teams can login in here to monitor for new work orders and update old ones. Even the submission of invoices for finished work is possible using it.

Cloning of Business Models

Imagine being able to duplicate your business concept and everything that comes with it whenever you create a new location. Consider the time and work you will have saved by establishing up your new workspace. Your team might concentrate on opening new doors and providing the highest level of service to current clients rather than worrying about procedures and documentation.

As the owner of a property management company with multiple locations, you must maintain your composure and concentrate on the state and future of the company. While it's crucial to stay aware of your surroundings, you can't get mired in details.


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