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The Automotive Industry's Transformation and the Need for Robust ERP Systems

Many of the changes we're witnessing in the automotive sector in US and Canada involve making the value chain more integrated, even after the sale. Whether a manufacturer needs to find new suppliers for electrical components or wants to improve customer service after a sale, an ERP system is a critical tool that can provide visibility into costs and processes from start to finish. Here are some of the reasons why an automotive company should invest in a solid ERP solution:

Powerful lot tracking

With electrical and communications components becoming an integral part of every vehicle, ensuring quality and dependability is critical. Automakers must know where each component came from, where it went during the manufacturing process, who handled it, and finally, who purchased the finished product. Poorly handled recalls can be financially devastating for an auto supplier or manufacturer, so having this level of traceability throughout the value chain is critical.

Web-based supplier portals

These portals provide suppliers and manufacturers with a centralised interface through which they can communicate and process orders in real time. Manufacturers, for example, can notify their suppliers ahead of time when a future order will be placed, allowing them to begin preparing for it ahead of time.

Maintaining Quality and Efficiency

Quality control has become more difficult and complicated. Maintaining high quality standards necessitates more than standard processes and regulations. It necessitates insights that can assist you in avoiding common quality-checking stumbling blocks so that product delivery on time is not compromised. The best automotive ERP software solutions provide businesses with built-in quality control modules. These modules could be customised, scaled, and defined to meet the unique testing procedures for each unit in any department.

Robust financial modules

Integrating the supply chain entails more than just streamlining operations. Automotive companies that made it through the recession understand how critical it is to track costs at every stage of the manufacturing process. A best automotive ERP system will include financial modules that track costs automatically using data from purchase orders, invoices, and sales figures.

Integrated customer relationship management modules

With the increasing popularity of IoT-enhanced vehicles, we can anticipate vehicle performance data being transferred directly back to a manufacturer's ERP system. If a specific vehicle is due for a repair, that information will be automatically entered into the CRM system, alerting managers to begin the process of contacting the customer and preparing resources for additional service.

Flexibility to handle change

The ability of an automotive ERP software in US and Canada to adapt to a changing environment without significant interruptions or high upgrade costs is perhaps its most important feature. With new production equipment and methods on the horizon, as well as a constantly shifting product mix, automotive suppliers and manufacturers alike will need to ensure that their operations – and systems – are adaptable.


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