Important Features of Jewellery Software

Important Features of Jewellery Software

Given the ever-increasing demand for jewellery, the manufacturing process varies greatly depending on the type of jewellery being produced. Running a jewellery store is an experience in and of itself. It feels wonderful to be surrounded by beautiful jewellery such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, nose rings, and so on. As a result, jewellers have traditionally been a part of personal occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. Using technologies such as the Retail POS System or jewellery retail software, store owners can gain a competitive advantage over their competitors. One of the key technological solutions that distinguish you is effective, all-encompassing jewellery software.

Keeping track of inventory levels, sales, and marketing efforts are some of the major challenges that most jewellery businesses face today. Many manufacturers discontinue products, add product variants, and make changes, making it difficult and time-consuming for businesses to keep the product catalogue up to date. To meet the high demand for smart jewellery software, DoFort Jewellery software offers the most customized jewellery software that can plug into the software and integrate seamlessly.

Features of DoFort Jewellery ERP Software

Stock Tracking to Manage Inventory

The jewellery software's inventory management for jewellery allows the owner to keep track of all the jewellery items in the store. Above all, it tracks what items have arrived from the vendor and what items have left the store for delivery, allowing you to understand the store's inventory. To avoid understocking, an order is immediately placed with the vendor when a jewellery item reaches a minimum limit. As a result, this software aids in the efficient management of inventory in the store.

Sales receipt with personalized design

We create fully customized jewellery software tool solutions based on business requirements that will manage all aspects of your business, including inventory. Customized jewellery business in India necessitates a wide range of creativity and ideas in the designing aspect, and DoFort Jewellery ERP Software justifies all such requirements, which have resulted such sector's profits are increasing.

Efficient Billing Process

Using the jewellery pos system available in the jewellery software to allow owners to search for products. This is due to the fact that each product is assigned a unique barcode, which is then entered into the jewellery retail software. As a result, each unique barcode entry contains the product name, description of the product, unit numbers, price, material used, brands, and other details to simplify billing and check-out processes. Furthermore, product categorization facilitates inventory management.

RFID-enabled billing

Our jewellery software includes an RFID-enabled billing system that allows the product to be easily scanned and allows you to effectively manage gold, silver, and diamond stock. The system functions as an extended security arm, allowing proper identification and monitoring of all jewellery items within the specified premises.

Shopping Experience through Multiple Channels

The jewellery software also allows store owners to integrate a digital channel into their existing physical store. As a result, it enables them to display an online catalogue with products, images, and prices. Following that, you can display any offers or discounts, as well as other information. Customers can also check out products on their mobile phones through the digital channel. As a result, customers have access to a broader range of options. Purchasing is also possible if the mobile POS features of Ari's jewellery retail software have been integrated.

Order management

This feature in the jewellery business helps you to check the availability at stock and choose orders from different types to enter order memo for sending goods on sales memo, order sample for sample goods and order sales line for line items.

Managing Employee Performance

Jewelry software can keep track of employees' check-in and checkout times, work allocation, shift trading, leaves, sales made, any complaints, and other factors. It also allows store owners to evaluate employee performance, which increases overall productivity.

Including a Variety of Payment Options in Our Jewellery Retail Software

Inventory management software for jewellery, which is available in jewellery software, integrates multiple payment options, allowing customers to choose the option that is most convenient for them. Credit cards, mobile payments, gift cards, cash, contactless payments, and a variety of other payment methods are also available.

Tracking Customer’s Preferences and Journey in our Jewelry Software

DoFort jewellery software also keeps track of customers, allowing them to save their orders, the reason for purchase, purchase history, and preferences. These details allow store owners to wish customers happy birthdays and anniversaries in order to improve the overall customer experience. Such data can be used in new marketing and promotional campaigns. It is useful when a new product is introduced to the store, as well as during festivals or special events. Such storeowner initiatives provide customers with the impression that they are receiving personalized, customized services.

Facilitating Repairs and Returns

Jewelry is a tangible item that may need to be repaired in a few months. Furthermore, the user has the option of returning the jewellery. DoFort Jewellery ERP software supports bookings for repairs and returns, status updates, and transaction completion. This improves the overall customer experience.


Through its various features and benefits, DoFort Jewellery ERP Software ensures an advanced level of customer experience. Our Jewellery ERP Software enables product security, faster transactions, order tracking, and faster decision-making. As a result, it contributes to faster bill generation, business insights, multi-store POS, multi-lingual and RFID support, and real-time synchronization. Improved consumer experiences can also lead to long-term business growth.


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