Important SEO Trends You Should Be Aware Of

Important SEO Trends You Should Be Aware Of

Search Engine Optimization is the primary factor in determining which content appears at the top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Google is the most popular search engine, and its ranking algorithms are constantly changing. The SEO ranking factors in 2022 are not the same as they were in 2021. So many things have changed. Google provides the best solution for its users and prioritises their comfort. To assist you in reaching a larger audience and driving traffic, here is a list of the "Top SEO trends to gain the most traffic."

High-quality optimised content

The most important factor in SEO is content. People come to search for content. A website would be useless if it lacked high-quality content. In 2022, search engines like Google will only focus on providing their users with high-quality, valuable content. It is critical to have well-optimized website content if you want to rank at the top of the results page. A well-optimized page helps search engines understand what your page is about and your area of expertise. This is why it is critical to identify and stick to a specific niche. Producing high-quality optimised content positions, you as an authority in the subject, and if your content is highly informative, Google and other search engines will place you at the top to provide value to their users who are actively looking for a solution.

Technical SEO

Many people are perplexed by the term technical SEO and wonder, "What exactly is Technical SEO?" Don't be concerned if you have the same doubt. We'll break it down into simple steps to help you understand it better. Technical SEO is the process of optimising your site's performance and controlling how it appears in search engine results pages. Some of the elements that go into technical SEO are:

Verify your site with Google Webmasters – Verifying your site with Google Search Console allows you to learn about your site's performance and how search engines perceive it in terms of indexing status, crawl errors, search queries, penalties, and so on.

Improve Website Performance and Speed – The time it takes for your site to load is very important in SEO. If your site takes longer than usual to load, Google considers this a disadvantage for its users, and your ranking factor suffers as a result.

User Experience and Mobile Optimization

These days, mobile devices account for nearly 60% of all searches. If your website performs well on a PC but lacks great UI and UX on mobile, you are very likely to fail in ranking and audience retention. To increase traffic, optimise your website for mobile searches. People who search on their phones are more likely to take action. Local SEO relies heavily on mobile optimization. A person searching for "pizza places near me" on their mobile phone is more likely to take action right away than a person searching on their home computer. Google prioritises sites that provide a better mobile user experience because the majority of its users search using mobile phones. Having a mobile-optimized website is essential for ranking higher and better. Take the Google Mobile-Friendly test to see how well your site performs on various devices.

E-A-T Quality Factors

E-A-T is a Content Quality Rating Factor that Google employs to determine the originality and trustworthiness of content. In 2020, Google will consider the online reputation of a company that publishes content as well as the reputation of the writer. This has a significant impact on how a search engine perceives your content. Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness are abbreviated as E-A-T.


Google is more concerned with delivering correct content than with delivering relevant content. Before recommending your content to its users, the new SEO considers the company's and the writer's expertise in that specific niche. Other related high-quality content on your website makes a significant difference because it demonstrates your expertise in the field. Search engines like Google consider the author's expertise in a subject matter by comparing all of their previous works.


If you've been involved in digital marketing and SEO for a while, you're probably familiar with the terms Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) (PA). To put it simply, Domain Authority is a measure of the overall authority of a website. Page Authority is the authority of a specific page on a website. The greater your domain and page authority, the more search engines regard you as an authoritative figure and will rank you higher. There are numerous factors that contribute to increased domain and page authority. Read here how to increase domain authority.


SEO in 2022 has taken a dramatic turn and is nothing like it was previously. Google now considers all of the trust factors that customers have in you and your company. Everything is considered, including offline events, customer relationships, product/service feedback, genuineness, how you handle a problem, and how your customers feel about your business. Every detail about your company/brand that is recorded somewhere on the internet is critical in determining your trustworthiness. According to the new SEO strategy, having a trustworthy, reliable business, providing valuable content, and maintaining good customer relationships are all necessary to rank higher.

Structured Data

People all over the world want instant solutions to their problems. If your content is poorly structured, you run the risk of being ranked lower in search engines or having a high bounce rate. It is critical to structure your content with appropriate headings, subheadings, paragraphs, bullet points, images, videos, and so on. A well-structured data allows readers to skim through the entire content and get a sense of what your content is about and how it will benefit them. If you have their attention, they will read the entire article and will almost certainly share it with their friends and colleagues.

Secure Website

It comes as no surprise that Google prioritises highly secure websites. We are afraid to accept cookies, click any button, or enter our email address when we visit a website that is not secure. Because information entered into a nonsecure website is not secure and can be stolen. Google wants its users to only access content that is safe, secure, and reliable. Get a Secure Sockets Layers (SSL) certificate as soon as possible if you want to rank higher. This keeps your site from being mistaken for a fraudulent website, keeps your data safe, and builds trust.

The popularity of your brand

We discussed trust, authority, and expertise earlier in the E-A-T quality factors. Similarly, a brand's popularity and audience engagement play a role in SEO in 2022. A brand/business with a large following is more likely to have a positive impact and to be trustworthy. Search engines such as Google place a premium on the popularity of your brand because if more people trust your product/service, you can be a trustworthy source in that field.

Link Building

In search engine optimization, link building is just as important as keyword research. To increase traffic, two types of links should be included. They are as follows:

Internal hyperlinks


Internal hyperlinks

Internal links are hyperlinks embedded within a post that lead to another page on the same website. Internal links are used to connect our other posts. Make sure to include a link to all similar posts whenever you write a post. This increases the dwell time, engagement rate, and decreases the bounce rate of your site.


Backlinks are links on other people's websites that point to your content. Writing link-worthy content is essential for gaining backlinks. Link building boosts your domain and page authority. Having more authority allows you to rank higher in Google and other major search engines.

Internal links lead to a different page within the same domain, whereas backlinks lead to a page in a different domain. They boost a website's domain authority and page authority.


After reading this entire article, you may feel as if you have too much work to do and that you will fail. Believe us. All of the steps outlined here are simple but effective. Concentrate on one thing at a time to achieve success. Search Engine Optimization is something that you must maintain on a daily basis. See? You have plenty of time. Furthermore, getting to the top of the Search Engine Results Page takes time. The key to success is patience. DoFort is a best SEO agency in Dubai. schedule a meeting with our SEO experts to know more.


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