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Jewellery ERP Software in Switzerland

The jewellery industry, and particularly jewellery manufacturing, is extremely complex. Making and selling jewellery is a combination of craftsmanship, manufacturing, and marketing, so you'll need a system that seamlessly integrates these elements. This is especially true when dealing with custom jewellery: because each piece is unique, there can be literally millions of variations and possibilities, and a system that does not accommodate for such a wide range of components and styles will be ineffective. Most jewellery can be quite expensive, necessitating the use of a system that is not only jewelry-specific but also capable of dealing with the complexities of pricing these custom pieces and keeping track of them in your inventory or stores, not only until they are sold, but also afterward, when repairs or copies are required.

DoFort Jewellery software in Switzerland is a one-of-a-kind provider of software solutions for the Gems and Jewelry Industry. Our unrivalled domain knowledge and successful technical ken are the most effective business boosters. Our Swiss jewellery ERP software is a completely business-specific software solution for the entire supply chain, from rough sourcing to diamond manufacturing, jewellery manufacturing, and jewellery distribution/retail. We assist you in effectively monitoring business KPIs and achieving superior output through proper integration and control at every stage of the supply chain, from raw material procurement to final shipment of export orders. Our Jewelry ERP software in Switzerland elegantly combines industry culture with best practices adopted across verticals. The expert professionals take great care in selecting the best solution from among the many options available.

Benefits of DoFort Jewellery Software in Switzerland

Easy to navigate

User-friendly system

Manage Data Easily

Saves time

Track Jewellery Price Fluctuations

Manage Retail Processes

Exceptional inventory management

Data tracking and strategic management

Data tracking and strategic management

Stock transaction data management

Enhanced reporting

Developed and personalized UI’s

Accurate transaction entries

Separate transaction modules

Improved billing process

The jewellery industry is quite different from other small and large-scale businesses. This is primarily due to the fact that it is comprised of market rate-based price values that change on a daily basis. As a result, it causes problems with the sales order and the time of delivery, because the market rate of raw materials is likely to rise over time. It is critical for a jewellery business to purchase a large amount of inventory when the prices are reasonable in order to reap long-term benefits. This, however, cannot be obtained using traditional spreadsheets and Excel. DoFort Jewellery software in Switzerland will assist you in sending alerts when market rates are feasible and payment is due.

How to choose Jewelry ERP for you company in Switzerland?

Make a list of the features that you need

The "must have" items are those that must be resolved or at least alleviated by the implementation of the ERP system; the "nice to have" items are those that could make some business processes easier but can be lived without for the time being. This list will come in handy when you're trying to narrow down your list of potential software solutions to no more than five candidates.

Examine the system's jewelry-specificity

Every industry has its own unique set of items and processes that must be tracked. Obviously, pipe manufacturing software will not work for jewellery manufacturing due to the various specifics that must be tracked.

Flexibility vs. the requirement for custom programming

As we all know, no two businesses are the same, so even if the system is jewellery specific, some customization is required, such as the layout of invoices or re-arranging fields on certain printed forms to match your existing paperwork. In any case, it's worth checking to see if your top five potential software choices can be highly customized without the need for programming or rigid, so-called out-of-the-box solutions.

Unless you work in a niche market with very different needs than most other businesses, the amount of customization will be between 10% and 25% of your total cost. Anything beyond this is considered extreme customization and may indicate that you chose a less optimal solution.

Applied technology

You no longer need to be familiar with the most recent programming languages; in most cases, you can tell which software is out of date simply by looking at it. The interface, integration options, customizability, and flexibility all indicate how current the software is. Many companies claim to have been in the industry for 20-30 years, but if their solutions haven't been placed on new platforms, it's possible that they're promoting an outdated system. Cloud-based solutions may be worth considering because many people consider cloud computing to be the technology of the future, and they are gaining popularity in the jewellery industry as well.

Options for integration

Integration is the process of connecting one system to another. The latest generation of ERP systems, also known as postmodern ERPs, are process oriented, and their most notable feature is their ease of integration or connection to other systems. A typical configuration for such a system includes a subsystem for each activity and process, such as accounting, shipping, customer management, or online sales. It is critical that these systems be linked because managing parallel systems can be time-consuming if they do not communicate with one another.

The possibility of integration is becoming increasingly important, but the manner of integration is also critical. For businesses to exchange data electronically there are two main technologies: EDI, or electronic data interchange, and API, or application programming interface. I'll go into more detail on these in one of my other videos, but what you should know about them is that EDI was considered a pioneering technology in its own time, but it's now about as useful as a fax - in comparison, the API is becoming more popular, as it's much more flexible and allows for real-time data transfer, which EDI does not.


DoFort Jewelry ERP Software in Switzerland can easily handle both small and large transactions. It can assist you in doubling your revenue by increasing operational efficiency and feasibility. DoFort offers the most advanced ERP Software for Jewellery Manufacturers and Distributors.


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