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Jewellery is a large investment industry. A large sum is required to purchase stocks, as well as interior and security items. However, it is also a business that can make a lot of money. It is wonderful that everyone can share in the joys. When you purchase ornaments for weddings, birthdays, or other anniversaries, you share in the joy that these events bring. It is a highly competitive retail industry that necessitates the proper application of jewellery technology. Despite the fact that India is the world's largest market for jewellery consumption, the Indian Jewelry retailing market has long faced certain challenges, which have recently become more intense as jewellery retailing enters a transition phase. Business losses can be avoided with the help of DoFort jewellery POS software.

Jewelry sales necessitate a high level of expertise and service because jewellery can be intimidating, expensive, difficult for customers to evaluate, and frequently unbranded.

Customers are likely to want to purchase jewellery from a reputable vendor, such as a well-known local retailer or a jeweller.

Consumers benefit from increased competition because they have more options.

The operations of jewellers include purchasing jewellery from vendors, training sales staff, and marketing products through various channels.

Many jewellers make significant profits from repair and make-to-order services.

That is why Jewelry ERP software is designed and implemented in such a way that the jewellery retailing business becomes more customer-centric. At the same time, Jewelry ERP empowers jewellery retailers to compete in a changing environment. Jewelry ERP software fosters a customer-centric approach, accurate stock management, and maximum sales by keeping all aspects of manufacturing in sync for efficient production. Jewelry ERP aids in the achievement of goals on a regular basis. It is a small and comprehensive jewellery store management system created specifically for jewellers. It is a multi-faceted management solution designed to help gold and jewellery businesses.

Benefits of jewelry management software

Employee productivity

The efficiency of your employees is essential to the proper operation of your business. They must be productive at work. It is a lengthy process to manage them. You can use POS software to manage your employees' working hours, pay, shifts, and check-in and check-out times.

Analyze each of your employees; you may be able to give them bonuses or prizes based on their work efficiency. As a result, they will be able to work properly.

Inventory control

Inventory management is an important aspect of any business. With jewellery POS, you can keep track of all the items in the shop. It also keeps track of what comes in from the vendor, what is sold, and how many items are in stock. If there are no items in the store, the vendor will be notified immediately and your goods will be handled as efficiently as possible. You don't have to be concerned about a lack of stocks if you have a good inventory management system in place. and enables you to enhance your customer experience.

Customer tracking

Everything in a business is made up of users. There was no way to track each individual customer in the past. Technology has advanced, and you can now manage your business using POS software. Tracking entails utilizing data on each customer's name, date of birth, contact number, email, total purchase budget, preferences, purchase history, and so on. As part of your promotions, you can send birthday greetings or other special greetings via email, SMS, or WhatsApp. This will enhance the customer's interaction with your company.

Several payment options are available

The checkout procedure should be very quick. Payment processing is always the busiest area in the jewellery industry. A long line in front of a customer can make things difficult. We want to expedite your payment. As a result, you must provide a variety of payment options, such as QR payments, credit cards, mobile payments, gift cards, cash, contactless payments, and so on.


Reports are extremely important. Without the assistance of POS software, it is extremely difficult for an associate to prepare a report. By receiving accurate real-time reports, you can learn about current sales, profit, expenses, raw materials, and so on, and make decisions in advance of future business activities.

You can reduce the cost of doing business, increase revenue, and increase productivity by providing a better customer experience with the help of powerful POS software.

All-in-one solution

Every business has been digitized. We recognize the importance of digital platforms in the twenty-first century. Several jewellers were trading with digital platforms at the time of the lockdown as part of social distancing. Through an online catalogue where users can view descriptions and offers, you can display the price and photo of each of your items. It also allows customers to check it out using their mobile phones. The purchasing process is also possible if mobile POS features are integrated with the Jewelry POS software.


DoFort provides the best Jewelry ERP Software for jewellery retail showroom management. Our Jewellery ERP Software specially designed to ease out the complexities of Jewellery Business Management for retail showroom owners.


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