Key Factors of Real Estate ERP & CRM That Can Strengthen Your Sales

Key Factors of Real Estate ERP & Real Estate CRM that can Increase Your Sales

What Is Real Estate Software?

Real estate software is an excellent tool for maintaining control over your real estate portfolio management. By implementing this type of software, you ensure greater visibility of all your data and total control over your company's various financial aspects. Real estate software is a significant benefit for a growing business that wants to maintain control over its cash flow, customer service, even with personalized rates, and multiple accounts payable.

Your data follows you wherever you go, thanks to cloud hosting: in your office, at your points of sale, or on rental tours. Real estate ERP software, like real estate CRM software, allows you to increase customer satisfaction in a meaningful way by ensuring monitoring and digital preservation of the interactions you have with each of your customers. Because we know how important every detail is, you must be able to maintain control over your information, whether it is financial, business, or logistics-related.

Key factors of Real estate CRM software that can strengthen your sales

Manual task automation in ERP software

Integrating ERP Software in the Real Estate business allows you to automate business processes such as lead generation automation, emailing automation, workflow automation, accounting and finance automation, and real estate marketing automation in order to manage properties, maximize profits, and improve productivity.

Use real estate ERP software in your business. You have a centralized system for analyzing, managing, and organizing payment processes, purchases, transactions, and financial statements. You can also automate recurring tasks like filling out real estate documents, creating monthly budgets, and managing client databases.

Improved accuracy and efficiency

Accuracy is critical when analyzing business processes in the real estate industry. The more accurate your report, the better you will be able to analyze your business processes in order to increase productivity and manage the company. ERP software in Real Estate generates accurate reports, allowing you to gain accurate information about business processes and plan your business productivity and management. DoFort Real Estate ERP software for Real Estate Business allows you to manage financial, purchase, sales, leads, projects, HR and payroll, accounting, engineering, and more in a single database and generate accurate reports based on your needs.

Cost Management

Cost management is a difficult task for real estate companies because it necessitates proactive and knowledgeable employees to manage costs and finances. DoFort Real Estate ERP helps to manage your business costs so that you don't have to hire someone to manage your finance-related work, saving you time and money. You can make accurate estimates with our Real Estate ERP software, ensuring that no real estate project goes over budget.

Project Management

Real estate companies have many properties, but managing all of these properties at the same time is extremely difficult. However, DoFort Real Estate ERP software allows you to manage all of your properties from a single centralized dashboard.

Key factors of Real estate CRM software that can strengthen your sales

Cloud Telephony

One of the most influential CRM factors is cloud telephony, which moves your business telephony system to the cloud, eliminating the need for physical servers, wires, and landline phones. Cloud telephony allows you to make a call with a single click of a button, automatically record a call, and save the recording with complete accuracy. DoFort Real Estate CRM records a call with the client's business information such as project name, company name, mobile number, source name, and many more automatically inserted. The use of cloud telephony for automatic call recording provides benefits such as quality control, proof of commitment, and dispute resolution. With cloud telephony, you can narrow your focus to only those leads with the highest conversion potential. So that you can maintain a consistent level of follow-up in order to meet your sales goals.

Email/SMS integration and a pop-up reminder

Your pre-sales team must be working extremely hard to generate leads and convert them into qualified leads for meetings. However, not all of the leads are qualified for the meeting. For a while, your prospect's schedule may be hectic. In this case, your pre-sales team approaches for a future call back date, with a pop-up reminder set up on the date when your prospect is most likely to pick up the phone. DoFort CRM for Real Estate sends you a pop-up notification on the specified date to continue with the lead follow-up. As a result of our Real Estate CRM software, you can avoid the issue of missed follow-ups in your lead management process and increase your sales. You can keep the customer relationship going by using CRM's automated Email/SMS integration. This feature allows you to schedule email/SMS messages and have them sent to the appropriate clients automatically. Such personalized messages keep your relationship with your clients strong while keeping the follow-up process on track.

Dashboard for lead analysis

Dashboard for lead analysis an in-depth lead analysis allows you to evaluate potential clients who are likely to make a purchase decision. You can use remarketing to convert potential leads into paying customers. Such practices can boost your sales and provide a higher ROI on your CRM software investment. One of the most useful features of DoFort Real Estate CRM is the ability to analyse key sales and marketing metrics. You can analyze metrics such as employee performance by location, region, and time period, which will assist you.

Integrating Digital Media

Many organizations use digital media to improve collaboration, both internally among employees and externally with customers and partners. When digital media tools are available on demand, in the places where business processes take place, they are extremely valuable to the enterprise. As a result, digital media integration in CRM is the most important factor in achieving the digital media campaign goals. DoFort Real Estate CRM includes digital media integration, which allows you to identify the best consumer timings to deliver messages and precisely segment customers into targeted groups based on customer contact details, previous interactions with the company, customer behavior patterns, spending habits, and many other factors.

Right Lead Distribution

Once top management is aware of the prospect's needs, they are in a position to distribute the leads to the appropriate employees. In such a case, top-level management assigns the most promising leads to the most experienced employees who can turn them into paying customers. DoFort Real Estate CRM will save all of your clients' useful information, allowing you to determine the importance of a specific lead. As a result, with our real estate CRM software, lead distribution becomes simple. It ensures that you do not miss any important follow-ups on specific leads.


DoFort offers the best real estate ERP software with more features. Our ERP software can assist you in managing everything from finances to assets in a single dashboard, allowing you to increase productivity and profits for your company. You can automate lead capturing, lead tracking, lead qualification, and lead distribution with DoFort Real Estate CRM


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