Medical Software for Pharmacies

Medical Software for Pharmacies

Medical Software for Pharmacies is a web-based application/tool that helps in records, supports, and enables complex automation of routine pharmacy operations. This aids in the simplification, streamlining, and automation of workflows, processes, and procedures such as drug stock control, billing, customer management, medical claims management, prescription processing within pharmacies and pharmacy chains, dietary supplements, hygiene item.

A complete Pharmacy Management system that can be run on your premises or in the cloud. Client gets the complete ownership and control over the system as well as the data. The PMS (Pharmacy management system) is simple to use and user friendly. Our mobility features of the pharmacy management system make it accessible via an internet browser on a variety of devices such as laptops, desktops, tablets, and phones from anywhere in the world.

Pharmacy management systems automate workflows for drug dispensing, medical claims management, and medication adherence in patients. These tools are used by pharmacy employees to improve operational efficiency, leverage actionable data points, and reduce costs, compliance risks, and errors. Any pharmacy (clinical, retail, independent, etc.) can use a pharmacy management system to automate and simplify daily tasks such as drug stock management, customer management, and billing.

Many pharmacies can rely on pharmacy management systems to meet all of their business needs, but some systems are designed to integrate seamlessly with medication dispensing software, e-prescribing software, pharmacy POS systems, and EHR software to provide a greater clinical and patient-facing experience.

DoFort offers the best Pharmacy Management system that has all the features that you need to run your Pharmacy, from stock management to staff management. Here are some of the must-have features for the medical software for pharmacies.

Pharmacy Billing

Increase staff productivity at the billing desk by combining an easy-to-use point of sale (POS) application with a cashier application, a cash register, and a customer display.

Point of Sale (POS) application

Cashier application

Customer display

Do billing by scanning barcode or by searching brand name or generic name

Easy keyboard shortcuts

Support refunds and returns

Print drug labels, prescriptions and invoices

Inventory Management

Inventory management is important for the pharmacies. A real time track of inventory helps the pharmacy owner to detail out the out-of-stock products and near to expiry or expired products. Inventory management system helps in Efficiently managing the drug and non-drug inventory, tracking expiry dates minimising inventory wastage and leakage.

Manage inventory by batches with expiry dates

Sell the stock in the order of First Expiry First Out (FEFO)

Manage stocks in multiple locations

Track shelf locations of inventory

Supplier and Purchase Management

Customised analytics give a detailed view of the pattern of selling, that can help you optimize your inventory by planning purchases using forecasting algorithms. Enhance productivity by using barcode-based stock management.

Supplier management

Accounts payables

Consider taxes, bonus and discounts while purchasing and receiving

Plan purchases based on forecasting algorithms

Pharmacy ERP

Pharmacy ERP will help you in Efficiently managing human resources, inventory, assets, finances and supply chain with the comprehensive ERP software.

Financial accounting

Analytics accounting (cost-based accounting)

Human Resource Management System


Fixed asset management

Analytics Dashboard

Analytics dashboard provides the custom reports that will help the pharmacy to Maximize margins by analysing buying patterns and making informed decisions on merchandising and promotions.

Monitor real-time performance and make well-informed decisions.

Use mobile app to constantly monitor the dashboards.

Centralized reporting for multiple locations

Sales/Purchase Analysis

Cashflow, funds flow and ratio analysis

Gross profit analysis

Item wise profit analysis

Stock analysis

Pharmacy Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer relationship is essential for pharmacies to retain the customers it Ensure continuous engagement with patients through mobile app supporting medicine administration reminders, refills, loyalty rewards, and orders for home delivery

Mobile app for patients

Medicine administration reminders

Refill reminders

Orders for home delivery

Loyalty rewards

Advantages of medical software for pharmacies

Flexible deployment options

The pharmacy management software is a web application that functions similarly to an online application and is accessible via an internet browser with any internet accessible device. If the pharmacy management software is installed on-premise, the need for an internet connection can be avoided. All the records will be saved on the local server.

System and Data ownership

The pharmacy client owns the system as well as the data. If the software is deployed in the cloud, it will be installed on a dedicated private cloud instance owned by the pharmacy client.

Easy to use

The interface is automatic and simple to use, thanks to the use of modern web-based technologies. With the help of user manuals and an online knowledge centre, your staff can easily learn the software. Software workflows, maintenance, and administration are incredibly simple to implement.


It is essential to use the best medical software for pharmacy to improve the stability of the pharmacy. DoForts’ Pharmacy management system is flexible and it can be configured as per client requirements. DoFort offers various software for pharmacies like Pharmacy Management System, Pharmacy Billing software, Pharmacy CRM, Pharmacy Point of Sale (POS), Pharmacy ERP, Pharmacy cash register, Pharmacy Inventory management, Pharmacy Information System, Pharmacy automation Software, Digital prescription app. If you are looking for the best system for your pharmacy, kindly contact us for more info at - or comment below.


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