PPC Trends in 2022 How To Stand Out

PPC Trends in 2022 How to Stand Out

Due to the ever-changing regulations and suggestions around PPC marketing in general, ad campaigns must be continually evaluated and adjusted. It's commonly argued that PPC marketers who don't adequately A/B test their ad formats will struggle to make substantial progress in the business, but the same can be said for those who don't keep up with industry trends.

Here are 5 PPC trends you don't want to miss.

Potential Platforms for Pay-Per-Click Ad Campaigns

For some years, Facebook and Google Ads have been the most dominant participants in the digital advertising business. Other social networking platforms, such as LinkedIn (which is particularly popular in the B2B sector), are rapidly being utilised for advertising, allowing marketers to access people in over 200 countries, and other platforms, such as Bing and Amazon, are also experiencing greater usage.

Businesses may need to rethink about their marketing strategy in order to reach these consumers who aren't making themselves available through Facebook and Google Ads. It's no longer sufficient to concentrate all of your paid advertising efforts on a single search engine. To truly connect with your target audience through your ads, you must first determine where they spend their time online and tailor your ads to their digital habits.

Mobile Friendly PPC Ads

It's no surprise that one of the most notable PPC trends to monitor is ad optimization for mobile devices. With mobile-first marketing causing massive waves of change across website content over the last year, PPC campaigns must now follow suit. As the popularity of mobile shopping grows, a successful PPC campaign must be easily optimised to cater to these people.

This may also provide opportunities to be more creative with your ad formats or ad copy. Consider the customer journey as a whole when considering mobile-first parameters – what does the user want to gain from your Google shopping, video, or responsive search ads? Will they be more inclined to use voice search on mobile devices?

Because mobile usage now outnumbers desktop usage, interactive elements of digital advertising, such as more appealing visuals, video ads, and voice search, will most likely be the PPC trend that endures – this is because people will be less inclined to read lengthy pieces of content on a smaller screen. Because it requires less hands-on effort from the user, being on the go will also encourage people to watch clips and use voice search more frequently.

Of course, the greater the variety in your mobile-first PPC campaigns is the better. Just make sure everything is fully optimised and running smoothly so you don't get caught off guard.

Voice Search On Mobile

Voice search is available on nearly all devices, but it is most commonly used on mobile devices. Because the majority of voice searches will be question-based, long-tail, question-oriented keywords will most likely work best for your PPC campaigns if you're optimising for voice search. In addition to evaluating keywords, you will need to do the following:

Negative keywords should be removed.

Consider the marketing funnel: are your buyers in the awareness, consideration, or decision stage?

Focus on Google and Bing – because Google and Bing are the default search engines for Google/Apple assistant products and Alexa, other ad platforms will be less useful for voice search.

PPC Automation: Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning and artificial intelligence will be a significant PPC trend. Using machine learning for Google and Bing ads is nothing new in any PPC marketing strategy, but due to its increasing accessibility, it is expected to see even more use in the coming year.

PPC experts can complete tasks far more efficiently with automation. AI can help with performance tracking, bidding strategy optimization, ad testing, and keyword monitoring. In short, PPC campaigns that use automation will produce better and faster results.

Marketers who take advantage of the benefits of machine learning will be able to quickly determine where their PPC strategies are failing and adapt accordingly.

PPC specialists can use automation insights to:

Stop wasting money on low-performing ads and focus on those that are already producing results.

Create automated bidding strategies, also known as "smart bidding," for a variety of key objectives.

Automate bids for both short and long tail keywords, and make sure you're only looking for ad bids that are likely to result in conversions.

Locate and resolve data issues as soon as possible, before they jeopardise future ad performance.

Create targeted ad content based on client behaviour data and information from ad performance reports.

The key to getting the most out of PPC automation in 2022 will be to use it for even the smallest of tasks across all of your ad platforms. With machine learning and AI becoming more accessible, there is nothing stopping you from learning how they work and automating the majority of your PPC workflow. You can gradually refine your automation processes to align them with your target audience and the goals of your overall digital marketing campaign.

Videos Ads

As previously stated, interactive content is quickly becoming the most desired trick in the marketer's toolbox. Numerous statistics show that when brands use video ads, they are not only perceived as more memorable and trustworthy, but they also reach more potential customers.

Brand awareness is one of the first challenges marketers face when launching a campaign, but with video ads, brands can stand out from their competitors and have a greater chance of being shared by users across social platforms, email, and even word of mouth.

Google recognised the growing demand for video content last year and made it easier for PPC experts to create highly targeted video ads with their YouTube content. These YouTube ads are made up of 3-4 second clips of longer video content and are priced based on the length of the content and the ad placement (video ads can be PPC or PPV – Pay Per View). So, if you haven't already, consider how your company can use YouTube campaigns to increase conversions.

The Role of social media

While search engine video ads are becoming more popular, videos on social media are gaining just as much (if not more) traction. Integrating video into your Instagram and Facebook ads is a sure-fire way to increase engagement and generate leads across multiple PPC platforms – especially if you have a large budget.

Instagram stories and reels are already taking over, and this will only get worse in the coming year. Your brand will undoubtedly dominate if you use videos and product links in Instagram and Facebook ads.

Virtual reality is expected to play a significant role in video trends in 2022, with many brands already demonstrating how they can provide prospects with the ultimate immersive experience.


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