Property management and accounting software integration

Property management and accounting software integration

The process, regulation, repairs, and supervision of real estate and physical property is referred to as property management. Residential, commercial, and land real estate are all examples of this.

A real estate agent and a property management professional are not the same thing. As a secondary service, real estate agents may provide property management. Professional property managers, on the other hand, are solely concerned with managing your real estate portfolio and growing your investment. They analyze the performance of individual investments to identify areas or opportunities for improvement, optimize performance, and increase property value.

DoFort property management software will help you run your real estate business as efficiently as possible. Let's face it, as a property manager; you have to cover all of the bases, from leasing to maintenance to finance. In an increasingly competitive market, you must also attract and retain tenants in order to maintain occupancy, as well as manage your overall real estate portfolio. This means you must be able to tailor software to your process rather than the other way around.

DoFort, the pioneer of property management software, offers a comprehensive and adaptable set of tools designed to assist you in meeting today's challenges. Our open and connected technology approach gives you the freedom to run your real estate business however you want. DoFort property management software will help your organization automate manual processes, save time, and increase productivity while meeting your specific accounting, finance, and property management needs.

Property management accounting software

Property management accounting software includes a number of features that are not available in traditional accounting systems. These programmes will incorporate industry-specific information about vacancies, units, tenants, and property maintenance into the real estate software, in addition to financial reporting and payroll.

What Does Property Management Software Do?

Property management software offers a comprehensive solution for rental property investors and property managers to:

Manage Tenants contact

Manage Lease contract

Generate financial reports

Analyze property portfolio and overall performance.

It is critical to highlight that there is a significant difference between the two types of properties – residential and commercial. One-size-fits-all solutions are frequently ineffective in dealing with the complex processes involved in commercial property management.

Online property management

Professional property management

Nowadays, most real estate management software is available as a cloud/online service, allowing landlords with small or large property portfolios to manage their processes from occupancy overview, utility calculations, and exception handling to financial accounting and reporting. There are a variety of lease software platforms available, ranging from small portfolios of single-family homes to large mixed commercial portfolios.

Features of Property Management Accounting Software

Keep track of rents and payments

This software will classify receipts based on the specific real estate category, such as rents, utilities, sublease fees, or late fees. The software also computes real estate taxes, property insurance, maintenance costs, and payroll, all of which are linked to the tenant or property record.

Online payment gateway

Some property accounting systems include an online portal through which tenants can pay their rent. Renters can pay online using credit or debit cards 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which simplifies the payment process. This feature is more common in full-service property management software.

Reconciliation of bank accounts

Many systems provide bank reconciliation assistance to ensure that the figures in your and the bank's accounts match. Bank statements can be downloaded by users to identify and correct discrepancies.


Accounting systems typically provide a number of report and chart types for viewing income and expense data by month or year. These reports can be generated automatically on specific dates and shared with specific people.

Business expansion and development

Calculate annual rent increases, property appreciation and depreciation, and manage the growth of your assets automatically. Many of these programmes also include budgeting and forecasting features, as well as the ability to analyze rents based on current market rates.


The real estate industry is complicated. DoFort assists property managers in streamlining and tracking income and expenses for all of their properties by providing specialized tools for property management.


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