Property Management CRM software in Dubai

Property Management CRM in Dubai, UAE

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software can frequently feel like an extra pair of hands when you need them the most. There are numerous CRMs available for use by property management companies. They will assist you in automating tasks that you may not have already delegated to your software. A good property management CRM in Dubai, UAE can help you create agile marketing campaigns while also saving you money!

Property management can be a never-ending cycle of managing current tenants and generating new leads. Property managers can benefit from Customer Relationship Management software to help them organise their leads. CRM software can assist with sales and customer data management while handling other management processes.

Choosing the right CRM software can make or break your lead management efforts. Property management firms are unsure about their best property management CRM selection in Dubai, UAE. If you want to make the best decision possible, consider the following questions to help you determine which software best meets your needs.

What are your primary objectives in using Property Management CRM software?

Have a clear idea of what you want from property management CRM Dubai, UAE. whether it's better marketing or a better customer experience. Here are all the benefits of property management CRM in Dubai, UAE.

Improve your customer service

Increase the number of leads

Automate lead follow-ups

Improve your customer service

As a property manager, you will have a variety of prospects with varying needs and financial situations. Even if they are all interested in the same property, sending the same response to everyone isn't the best way to make a good impression.

Instead, you can use property management software to understand the specific requirement of each prospect and send tailored responses to them. This demonstrates to your leads that they are valuable, increasing your chances of retaining them.

Increase the number of leads

Property management CRM software can intelligently manage your advertising and sales. By collating data from various platforms, you can gain valuable insights into who to target. Certain platforms, for example, may have a higher number of people interested in renting two-bedroom houses.

Property management CRM software can provide you with any of these advantages for focusing on the right group and increasing your leads.

Automate lead follow-ups

You can get information about your leads from a variety of sources including Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing and real estate agents. Simplify lead follow-up by sending automated emails and texts, Property management CRM allows you to send the messages from its dashboard.

It can also organise and store all lead data in a centralised database, allowing you to access lead information quickly when contacting them.

How does the Property management CRM software help you with your current property management process?

Improved lead retention

Manual input via spreadsheets can be inaccurate and inefficient. CRM allows you to not only capture leads but also intelligently analyse and retain them. The software collects data from various digital platforms, identifies high-performing campaigns, and plans lead follow-ups. It also creates an integrated database of prospects, which you can easily access when it required.

Enhanced productivity

Your sales team already works hard enough to convert leads. Focusing on customer relationships can be difficult with so many meetings and new strategies.

Property management CRM in Dubai, UAE improves your team's efficiency by increasing sales productivity by 34% and sales accuracy by 42%. CRM frees up your sales team's time to focus on more important tasks by automating lead identification and management.

Increased sales

Most property managers prioritise advertising and website lead generation while overlooking the most important factor - referrals. Existing customers and referrals account for 75% of all real estate transactions. However, most businesses fail to obtain a referral simply because they do not ask.

Property management CRM can handle this by sending follow-up emails to clients asking them to refer you to other prospects. It has the potential to increase your sales and help you close deals faster.

Overall workflow

Customer relationship management can encompass a variety of activities, such as lead assignments and site visits. CRM software consolidates all processes onto a single platform. You can easily keep track of the various elements and make plans based on them. It also facilitates the review and reassessment of completed work via the database.

Accurate data analysis

It is critical to track the origin and response of your leads in order to determine your best marketing channels. CRM software can assist you in collecting such relevant data and providing accurate analysis in order to modify your marketing strategy.

Integration of multiple channels

Property management CRM can work in conjunction with other aspects of your property management process that have been automated. You can streamline workflow between your tools by integrating them all into a single software.

What features should you look for Property management CRM in Dubai, UAE?

Email and text messaging management systems

While effective marketing can generate leads, consistent communication is what keeps them interested. A best Property management CRM will include automated email and text message systems for follow-ups, offers, and responses to lead queries. Timely responses to client emails can demonstrate that they are important to you. This will not only move them down the sales funnel, but it will also improve your reputation.

Lead assignment

Each lead has unique requirements. While your team may have experts in various fields, assigning a maintenance question to a salesperson is ineffective. You can use CRM to ensure that each question is analysed and forwarded to the appropriate person who can solve it using his expertise. This simplifies and expedites the process.


As a property manager, you will be responsible for a variety of tasks within the CRM platform. The software, which includes a dashboard, allows you to see all of your activities in one place. You can choose which one to work on first, while leaving others for later. You can also go over any completed tasks and make changes if necessary.

You can easily assign tasks to your team members via the dashboard if you have one. This can boost team productivity and keep your work organised.

Notifications and alerts

What about when you're not looking at your CRM dashboard? Alerts and notifications can be lifesavers, especially when dealing with a high-priority task. If you have forwarded an assignment to a member of your team, the software can send email and text alerts when the issue is resolved. It can also remind you of any deadlines or tasks that have been left unfinished for several days.

Marketing features

Marketing is one of the most important aspects of CRM. CRM software can do it all, from data collection via social media to ad placement for a specific audience. It can also collect data on the source of the lead and analyse your top-performing platforms.

Compatibility with other platforms

Aside from your property management CRM, you will use a variety of tools and software as a property manager. If you want to use data from one software in another, make sure your CRM is compatible with all of your tools. This results in a centralised database and the elimination of duplicate data from all of your tools.


Even with so many options, you need a Best Property Management CRM software that meets your specific needs. It must also be compatible with all other software that you use. DoFort Property Management CRM is the best CRM in Dubai, UAE and can integrate with different tools. For more info contact us at


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