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Restaurant CRM software assists restaurant managers and owners in maintaining a centralized database of information on customers who have visited the restaurant or ordered online. This data can be used by restaurants of all sizes and categories for marketing and sales promotions, email or social media campaigns, and to support loyalty programmes. One such type of software offers standardized communication templates, workflows, and automated processes, which make it easier for users to regularly interact with customers and share customized recommendations and updates. Restaurant CRM works in the same way; it makes the job of the restaurant manager/owner easier. For example, if the manager records customer data on an excel sheet, it will be difficult for them to find each and every customer's data, plus one cannot segregate them, and marketing automation is nearly impossible. Restaurant CRM, on the other hand, or any type of CRM, aids in the easy and effective management of customer data through the use of add-on features.

What is Restaurant CRM System?

In a nutshell, it's a way to connect with customers and create an experience that fosters long-term relationships with the most important aspects of any restaurant. As a result, a restaurant CRM system serves as a repository for any peculiarities or particulars that can assist a restaurant in connecting with customers in ways other than the traditional server-guest dynamic.

A restaurant CRM platform uses valuable information to create a link between the restaurant and its customers. Particulars such as:

Customer Email Addresses and Phone Numbers

Because more orders are being placed online and over the phone, restaurants are receiving more information about their customers than ever before. A CRM solves the problem of keeping data organized and accessible.

Customer Order History and Preferences

A restaurant CRM platform can save previous orders and assist staff in identifying trends. CRMs, for example, can enable your servers to point out new dishes that may appeal to dine-in customers or allow your online store to perform quick recall and bring up past dishes that buyers may want to try again

Customer Dietary Restrictions

A restaurant experience, regardless of location, should include a menu with a variety of options. A restaurant CRM platform can keep track of food allergies and preferences, allowing customers to have an inclusive and safe restaurant experience from anywhere and at any time

Customer Birthdays and Anniversaries

A visit to one's favorite restaurant can be the ideal way to commemorate a birthday or an anniversary. With those dates on file, restaurants can send personalized messages to customers near those special days, enticing them to come celebrate at the restaurant.

How a Restaurant CRM Can Assist You in Engaging and Retaining Customers?

Send emails to new and returning customers

Word-of-mouth marketing and traditional advertising are still effective ways to attract new customers to your restaurant. However, an email campaign integrated into your integrated restaurant CRM assists restaurant owners in appealing to both former regulars and potential newcomers.

DoFort Restaurant CRM will assist restaurants in building customer lists and email templates so that they can execute strategic and targeted email rapports with new customers. The marketing tool also enables restaurants to track open rates and collect basic email statistics, allowing you to fine-tune your campaign and keep new customers interested. DoFort Restaurant CRM allows you to schedule outreach and engage old visitors in order to rekindle their interest at the most opportune times.

Recognize Customer Ordering Patterns

An integrated restaurant CRM assists restaurants in sifting through massive amounts of customer data and serving up only the information they require at any given time. Restaurants can bring a consultative, suggestive approach to the dining experience with previous visits and preferences at your fingertips thanks to a CRM integrated into your point-of-sale technology. DoFort Restaurant CRM incorporates a slew of customer ordering insights before combining them into a portable, hands-free customer experience that gets diners their dish of choice quickly and conveniently.

Strengthen Your Loyalty Program

An integrated restaurant CRM is useful for more than just transactions. It also provides restaurants with the information they need to reward their most frequent and loyal customers. DoFort Restaurant CRM will assist in tailoring a loyalty programme to their preferences. Restaurants can create their own signup bonuses and birthday rewards, as well as establish dollar-to-point exchange rates, and combine all of this into a restaurant-specific gift card that entices your loyal customers to return again and again. Furthermore, restaurants can gain a clear picture of their repeat customers and determine who is most likely to recoup those reward incentives.


DoFort Restaurant CRM software solution is tailored for restaurant needs. Whether you want to promote offers or share an event, Reach helps you create & send beautiful campaigns that are most likely to make a purchase.


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