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A CRM, or customer relationship management system, is a software system that organizes all of your company's customers and leads so that you can easily and trackable stay in touch with them. A good CRM tool is essential for any business, but most CRM software is designed for a business-to-business (B2B) model that revolves around a long-format sales cycle that typically necessitates a deal pipeline. Retail CRM, on the other hand, is designed to support a business-to-consumer (B2C) model's high frequency, repeat purchasing. Good retail CRM software will tell you when it's best to contact a specific customer again and what the customer is most likely looking for.

Without proper and intelligent customer relationship management, or CRM, a modern retail business model is unthinkable. CRM may now encompass a wide range of practices, attitudes, approaches, and tactics. It is especially important in the retail sector because such businesses are entirely focused on the customer. A CRM system is one of the pillars of effective marketing because it allows for precise targeting of specific customers in order to increase sales accuracy and efficiency. CRM is in charge of collecting and analyzing client data. This information allows for the personalization of advertisements and the creation of a more detailed customer portrait.

CRM in retail is defined as a system of interconnected processes that collect and analyse client data in order to boost your business. Every retail business today is fighting for its life. Basic information such as your clients' age, marital status, place of residence, tastes, and preferences have a direct impact on their purchasing habits. You should conduct research on your customers' behaviors in order to meet them more than halfway. When just one click can make all the difference, it is a matter of success to do everything possible to get your client to buy what you have to offer. Certain CRM techniques existed even before the digital era of e-commerce, such as providing customers with surveys and asking clients to complete grade rubrics in order to obtain feedback. You've probably received a few calls from TV or internet providers asking you to rate their services.

Begin managing your ever-expanding retail chain network with DoFort retail CRM software, a connected mobility CRM platform. Rather than managing each retailer separately, you can manage all retail operations through a single interface. Ensure optimal retail coverage and the collection of the greatest number of purchase orders from your available retail network. Begin now to build a larger business in less time and with greater efficiency.

Features of Retail CRM Software

DoFort Retail CRM system assists retailers in tracking all stages of their sales process, making strategic planning decisions, and efficiently marketing goods or services. Our Retail CRM software streamlines business transactions, eliminates communication barriers, and enables sales representatives to increase productivity and close deals.

Increase revenue from channel sales.

Keep an eye on key metrics like days of receivable, inventory, and capital adequacy.

Enable partner portals with a single point of contact.

Gather and use valuable customer feedback to drive product innovation.

Improve your target list by including accurate and up-to-date information.

Track inventory and orders to ensure that distributors and customers are given realistic commitments.

Improve workforce management

Real-time reports across teams, products, and geographies are available.

The sales lead tracking and management system collects information about prospective customers and sales opportunities.

The order management system allows for the management of customized pricing, the optimization of lead-to-cash cycle time, and the acceleration of revenue generation.

An invoicing and billing system aids in the sending of invoices and the management of billing.

Analytics and MIS reporting features generate sales forecasting with configurable dashboards, while also tracking trends in customer purchasing and behavior.

Document management and archiving enable the storage and sharing of all critical documents in a centralized location, with easy access from any location, at any time, and via remote devices.

Integration with other systems enables us to exchange data with third-party applications, send email calendar notes, and so on.

Role of CRM in Retail business

History of customers

CRM stores all customer information and profiles, such as their most recent purchase, business cards, and phone numbers. This aids in the recording of a customer's entire history, allowing you to know each one of them individually, as well as who your regular customers are and what their needs are. This also helps you see the demands and get more business, as well as improves the customer experience at your store.


Collecting all of the information about your customers allows you to categories them and attend to them accordingly. This allows you to segment your market. Your market segmentation allows you to provide a better strategy that is tailored to your customers.


CRM software allows you to keep track of all of your customers individually. This gives you a clear picture of which customers are beneficial to you and which are not. Which customers have proven to be loyal, and which have not? So you can also provide them with better service and occasionally reward your loyal customers in order to maintain their loyalty and indirectly attract more buyers.


Promotions assist you in targeting the right audience by tracking each customer. As a result, you can manage them in groups or individually. This will allow you to provide them with better service. And when a customer visits your website, you can investigate what they are looking for and promote that particular product in their newsletter.

Tracking of purchases

CRM allows you to track each customer's purchase separately so you can learn about their interests and whether or not their product had any issues or damage. You will be able to provide better service to them if their interests are included in SMS, emails, or newsletters. In the event of damage or an issue, you will be able to provide them with the same item at a lower price in their next purchase, or even provide free service, etc., to increase customer satisfaction.


CRM enables you to focus on each customer individually, allowing you to pay closer attention to their needs. This way, you can also focus on your long-term customers and provide them with points, bonuses, and rewards to increase customer loyalty. This way, you can have a better business because loyalty will bring you committed customers, which will keep your sales and profits on track.

Cost effective

It enables you to manage your customers in the most cost-effective manner possible. You can easily send out bulk SMS and email updates informing them about upcoming sales and offers, as well as take care of them individually by focusing on their specific needs. CRM implementation is a simple and cost-effective process that also saves you money because you will have fewer employees and resources to spend on.


DoFort Real Estate CRM software will assist you in tracking and managing your customers individually. It enables you to categorize leads based on their level of interest and focus on them accordingly. The sales team can receive daily updates on how to proceed with their work.


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