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Retail is a fast-paced industry that is significantly influenced by fluctuating and changing customer needs over short periods of time. It is also a competitive industry that necessitates capable systems and processes to accomplish short-term success and long-term corporate objectives.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions are software packages that integrate all of an organization's data and related operations. ERP packages, which are designed to aid in the optimization of internal business processes across an organization, have become a competitive tool for large retailers.

Retail establishments encounter a slew of issues. The issues presented by retail businesses are vast, and they require multi-capability ERP systems to tackle them because they are more intimately related to end-users and customers than any other company vertical. We'll look at the three most persistent issues these companies confront in the following sections. Retail billing software is being used by businesses of all sizes all around the world to solve problems and conquer hurdles.

A single database is used by ERP software to allow multiple departments to communicate with one another. ERP systems are made up of function-specific features that interface with other modules like Order Entry, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Purchasing, and so forth. Retail ERP software packages have an enterprise-wide reach and provide the organization with cross-functional capabilities. DoFort offers the best retail software solutions, which benefit retailers in a variety of ways while also improving their overall performance and profit. These are excellent solutions for streamlining your retail business processes and simplifying day-to-day interactions.

A Retail management system (RMS) is a platform that incorporates various valuable features to assist in the operation of a retail store or chain, such as inventory management, point of sale (POS), and customer relationship management (CRM).

Store owners can benefit from retail management systems since they can provide different services in one location, easing the process of running a store. Managing and purchasing merchandise, checking out customers, scheduling personnel shifts, and keeping track of funds are all simple chores that may be performed with one solution. Some platforms are also mobile-friendly, allowing these chores to be completed anywhere in the store. You can ensure that all of your systems share information and perform well together by purchasing simply one platform for your firm rather than multiple.

DoFort offers an integrated, multi-channel Retail Management Software that brings together POS and inventory management, pricing, vendor & purchase, sales & analytics, and inventory management into a single centrally-managed solution, recognizing the requirements of the fast-paced, customer-focused retail business. From determining how much, when, and where is required while taking into account all sources of supply and demand, to managing inventory, ensuring quality, keeping customer and vendor information, expediting sales and procurement, and successfully conducting point-of-sale transactions.

Features of DoFort Retail Management ERP Software


DoFort inventory management system assists merchants in managing inventory levels, managing material movements, handling expiry and shelf-life, internal use and physical inventory changes, inventory valuation, purchase-to-order, and much more. It also supports a number of material management tactics, as well as quality control, material requisitions, and returns management. Not to mention the real-time and precise perspective it provides retailers of their inventory, allowing them to quickly replenish top-selling items while phasing out low-selling ones.


Material scarcity or abundance are both a big no-no for shops who want to succeed. As a result, adequate material planning is a must for them. DoFort's planning module analyses numerous sources of supply and demand to determine how much, when, and where is required to meet a customer's upcoming requirement. The planning is meticulous, taking into account various lead times (vendor, QC, etc.), material on hand, demand throughout the festive season, weekly holidays, and so on. The procurement strategy is then suggested on a user-friendly dashboard and may be turned to a Purchase Order with a single click.


This feature allows businesses to handle complex price and discount choices, resulting in consistency, error-free work, and delighted consumers. The system also provides promotion management and promotional pricing, real-time pricing updates to the counters, and special offers on categories, products, and other items, as well as making buy and sales price lists and managing their many versions.


The function of the DoFort Retail Management Software allows businesses to construct an unlimited number of stores and warehouses, which can be linked to each other or to a central location. It also allows for the automatic assignment of stores to warehouses, as well as the division of warehouses into zones and locators for materials management, all of which improves overall warehouse efficiency.

Vendor & purchase

Retailers can design procurement criteria, supplier setups for similar products based on regions, and either auto-generate or manually-generate requisitions with DoFort Retail Management Software. It also enables them to manage several purchase price lists and create purchase approvals at various levels. Retailers can also create purchase orders based on their needs, connect POs to receipts and invoices, and see a complete history of their vendor relationships. Before being placed in the warehouse, the material can be inspected for quality.

Sales & analytics

The sales and orders dashboard in DoFort Retail Management Software delivers real-time retail analytics and reporting, allowing you to make informed decisions about sales forecasts, objectives, discounts, and product pricing, among other things. Custom reports can be created by retailers, which can then be exported for further analysis and used by various departments. Additionally, the sales reporting and analytics capability records and analyses their store's sales data, allowing them to identify and focus efforts on the top money-making products.


DoFort realizes the primary obstacles that retail firms face and has developed ERP solutions to address these issues while also improving overall business operations. DoFort Offers the best Retail Management Software that brings together POS and inventory management, pricing, vendor & purchase, sales & analytics, and inventory management into a single centrally-managed solution.


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