SCADA Integration in ERP

We can collect real time data to amplify the existing efficiency of the company and reduce revenue distribution in places where it is not required. To give shape to the plans we have the SCADA system software to organise and increase the overall potential growth of the company.


What is SCADA?

Why integrate your system with SCADA?


Benefits of Integrating SCADA in ERP


What is SCADA?

As we already know, the process of manufacturing, retailing, industrializing and selling the products/services can be extremely complicated and exhausting, and will need precision and active coordination for the smooth execution of these processes. We can collect real time data to amplify the existing efficiency of the company and reduce revenue distribution in places where it is not required. To give shape to the plans we have the SCADA system software to organise and increase the overall potential growth of the company.

It helps operators of the functioning network to work on actionable data and manage resources. The SCADA system is dynamic in discourse because it can control, monitor and organise the system which is designed to analyse and visualise collected reports of the industry.

In this manner SCADA users can operate in fields by assessing actionable data while managing thousands of company assets without having to visit respective fields individually. This not only reduces human labour but also significantly saves the company's revenue.

Why integrate your system with SCADA?

Our DoFort Technologies team is designed to provide you with systematic control and data extraction system integration to cater delicately to the requirements of the manufacturer. The modern system of monitoring control over all processes in the industry is either built on-site or can be handled remotely.

SCADA system works effectively for diverse industries which include Manufacturing and Retail Industry Water and Waste Management, Thermal Processing Unit, Pharmaceutical and Hospital Health Care, Automobile industries, Oil and Diesel Industry, Food and Agriculture and similar industries.

DoFort Technologies resorts to deliver the best possible innovative solution available in the market. Our recommendations will let you target and achieve goals that were once a dream. We work efficiently to optimise and strategize the company's performance.


It Supports System Hardware
SCADA system supports out dated or existing computer handling devices and systems that are now on the brink of extinction. The old hardware still supports and works fine with SCADA integration for companies that are age-old and are still using computer systems that have travelled through time. They find it difficult to access another system. Since SCADA is a crucial component in business management, keeping close track of and monitoring all actions in the network is hard to opt for hardware replacement.

Comply with IT Standards
For all business organisations, it is very important to match the IT standards of corporate sectors and for this, complying with upgraded hardware is very important for the SCADA system. For example, most companies no longer use Windows XP support systems, instead, they have Windows 7 for minimal use. For best results, large-scale companies operate Windows 10. This helps to maintain a certain standard in the IT sector market. This is why compliance is integral for functioning.

For software:

Maintains Consistency Throughout
With new applications, services and portals opening every day in the business sector, it almost becomes a challenge for any business organisation to keep up with their SCADA system. The software, however, ensures that your hardware is supporting and approving of all the daily challenges it is faced with. DoFort Technologies promises to provide you with the latest and upgraded SCADA system so that the efficiency of your organisation increases and continues to flourish even with the inculcation of new applications and tools in the market.

Gives Mobile Support
Since nowadays most people in the business function remotely or need to travel a lot they choose to function from their mobile or tablet. To sit and watch and monitor the system using a console is not only difficult but it is also time consuming and outdated. SCADA system software allows you to view all progress and can be operated from anywhere using only your smartphone or tablet.

Upgrade System Security Constantly
Another important function is to upgrade the security system in the existing SCADA system. If the software you are using is more than 5 years old then it is time for you to upgrade your SCADA system. DoFort Technologies will provide you with the latest and updated model of the software so that you can function smoothly for the coming yours without any need of up-gradation.

Eliminate Antiquated Features
Eliminating antiquated features such as built-in reporting for 3D graphics which poses serious distraction from quality content, is very important. You need to stay upgraded with your SCADA integration to avoid getting bombarded with modern distracting inventions.

Adds new Functions to the System
Forecasting: Advance your analytics to drive more sales through the up-gradation of existing SCADA software.
Enterprise support: Upgrade SCADA system to use the feature SCADA to interface with trending enterprise solutions.
Redundant activity: SCADA software offers a trihedral device that offers a standard and easy to comprehend technique for historians to store and forward information to decrease the existing data gaps due to redundancy in network computers.

Easy Scaling Via Object-Based Development
Another very crucial aspect behind upgrading SCADA is to activate the object-oriented design function and development. Object-oriented design enables the system to create functions around software objects. Once this is incorporated using the same language and similar equipment, the process of integration is further broken down into a feasible, plausible and inexpensive procedure that is now embedded by a cookie-cutter approach. If you are planning to diversify your organisation, it would be a wise decision to upgrade your existing SCADA system, otherwise, if you choose to continue with the older environment you would encourage more cost than required. If you add the object-oriented design feature and create a template for your system and copy-paste the mechanics behind it in new facilities, this will sharply decrease your development cost and save human labour for the same.

Saving with Cloud-Based SCADA
Another efficient function of the SCADA system is its cloud development feature. If the information circulated in your organisational network is not very delicate and critical to share, you can at all times choose to upload and share that information on the SCADA cloud system. This way you will be creating an environment to program through the internet instead of just having an off-site display.
All the functions and conditions will remain the same except now you are visible on any onsite computer. Cloud-based SCADA system has proved very economical and revenue-saving for large organisations since they can share their information and terms with any other organisation around the world. This facilitates communication and helps people in B2B businesses to connect faster.
However, if you are not sure about sharing the data of your company you can choose to opt-out of the SCADA cloud feature.

Benefits of Integrating SCADA in ERP

Redundancy and standby.

Controls the occurrence of accidents.

Improves records.Currency Handling

Binds all working.

Provides polling facility.


Addresses and manages large ranges.

Integration in ERP.

Reduces company downtime.


To conclude on SCADA Integration in ERP, DoFort Technologies promises you an all-encompassing package to support and rebuild your existing organizational network. We have the latest tools available in the market range which ingrained in your ERP will fetch you fruitful results both on-site and off-site.


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