SEO tips for Retail Industry in UAE

There are over one billion sites in the world. You must use effective SEO tactics to ensure that your website ranks higher and reaches a large audience.

There are over one billion sites in the world. You must use effective SEO tactics to ensure that your website ranks higher and reaches a large audience. DoFort is dedicated to getting the best results out of its SEO efforts, so as to act as a catalyst for the growth of your business in UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi.

Here are a few recommendations to help you enhance your retail website.

Make use of relevant keywords

Produce more pages

Create shareable content

Optimize the images

Make use of relevant keyword

Keywords are particular words that search engine users put into search engines while looking for a certain item. In terms of retail, your target customer may be searching for a variety of keywords. You may target these people and increase your sales by including these important keywords in your article.

There are multiple ways to find the relevant keywords for your website. One way is to use keyword tools for finding the right keywords like Google AD’S keyword planner or KeywordsFX. Put the relevant keywords in your product URL to maximize the reach.

Produce more pages

A website with more web pages tends to rank higher than one with fewer pages. As a retailer, you have the option of adding extra web pages in the form of different divisions. You can add blogs, product descriptions, and client testimonials to your web pages to boost visibility. Keeping your website updated with new information may do wonders for your SEO. It is important to remember, you do not just add pages for the sake of adding additional pages. The quality of websites is also important in search engine rankings. Your web pages must provide helpful content to the visitors that attract them to stay longer on your website and may even convert them into valuable customers.

Create shareable Content

When You generate interesting content that your users share across several channels, you are essentially generating traffic to your website. DoFort is best Digital marketing agency in UAE, Dubai providing you the best result driven digital marketing service.

As a conclusion, develop your social media accounts and post engaging material that your target audience will like and spread across channels. Include 'share' buttons on each of your web pages to encourage visitors to share. This increases the visibility of your websites, products, and services.

Optimise the images

Did you know that you may improve your reach by adding little descriptions to the visuals you share?

Keywords may also be put in the alt text and file name of every product photo and non-product image on your website. This allows search engines to figure out what your photo is presenting, which obviously improves your search engine results.


SEO helps you in branding. Having a strong brand allows retail enterprises to stand out of crowd. By investing in our branding and CRM retails can be a benefit getting new customers and managing the old customers. DoFort’s CRM and Retail management solution helps you in all aspects from maintaining your customer to managing your inventory.


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