Technical SEO: Steps to Getting Started with Technical SEO for your Websites

SEO is a low-cost method of improving your online store's search engine ranking (SERPs). SEO is the most important and dependable component of every digital marketing plan, as well as the most important aspect of digital marketing management.

Technical SEO refers to any technical action done to improve search results. You can learn the fundamentals of technical SEO with the correct information, approach, and application. While developing a great SEO strategy, technical SEO is just as vital as any other factor.

It is the factor that causes search engines to provide a better ranking to any website in the search results. Google assesses the technicality of websites before assigning them a ranking. The poor and non-responsive pages are distinguished from the top-ranked websites by technical SEO.

When we talk about SEO or a website's overall ranking, we typically mean keywords, backlinking, or mobile optimization. As important as these aspects are for ranking, there is something more valuable to consider: ensuring that the user has a positive experience when visiting your website.

If you own a website but don't know how to employ technical SEO, here are a few key ideas to get you started.

1. Use Breadcrumb Navigation

It is a supplementary navigation system that is used to reveal the user's location within a website or online application. It follows the journey back to the landing page to help users. It keeps the visitor from getting lost and is commonly seen on websites with enormous amounts of material and various pages that require grouping and logical classifying.

Types of breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs are classified into three categories based on their use. They are as follows:

These are used for multi-level navigation systems to indicate to the user where they are in the website's structure.

These traces show the characteristics of a certain page.

These trails are used to track the steps made by the user to reach a certain page.

Breadcrumb navigation is used to enhance ease for users, minimize the number of clicks or activities required to return to higher-level pages, and lower bounce rates. It gives a methodical approach to getting things onto your website. It significantly improves the user experience.

2. Improve Site Load Time

The time it takes for your website to load is a significant aspect in determining whether or not a viewer will return to your site. According to a poll, 53% of customers would not return to your website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Annually, 2.6 billion dollars in revenue are wasted as a result of the website's delayed loading.

You may use Google Page Speed Insights to assess your current site loading speed, and if it is more than 3 seconds, you can improve it by eliminating redirects, lowering image file size, minifying HTML, CSS, and JavaScript activating browser caching, and hosting movies on external platforms. By changing any of these things, you will be enhancing the backend of your site, resulting in a better user experience.

3. Have a clean URL structure

A well-structured URL structure is an indicator of effective technical SEO. A clean URL is one that has a logical navigation route and does not contain any random digits or letters. When you have a clear URL, it reveals the path or location on the website where you are. As a result, URL optimization is critical since it allows you to incorporate your keywords into the URL, allowing you to rank higher in relevant search results.

4. Use structured data

It is information stored in a specific field of a record or file. Structured data gives specific cues or more information about the content of a website, and Google uses this structured data to create snippets and data labels that appear in the HTML code of the page.

Structured data offers you instant and easy-to-follow information about your page, which raises the website's SEO ranks. It is required if you wish to perform technical SEO for eCommerce. You can provide information such as the product name, rating, price, and availability of the item to improve the user's overall experience.

Furthermore, it acts as a visual cue that your page is a product page, and it aids in increasing website traffic. You may make use of the Content Writing Services provided by Social Media Marketing agencies in your area.

5. Make sure your site is secure

When consumers purchase things from your website, they offer sensitive personal information, and when they submit it, they submit it with the expectation that the website would respect their privacy and keep all of their information private.

How Can We Secure our website?
A Secure Sockets Layer certificate (SSL) can help you protect your website. This certificate assures that all of the client's sensitive data is encrypted and protected. The presence of "HTTPS" in your address denotes the website's secure certification.

6. Implementing an XML sitemap and robots.txt file

When it comes to technical SEO, there are two components or elements that are quite important: XML sitemaps and txt files.

XML sitemap
It's used to keep track of a website's URLs. It provides information to the SE about the URLs that are crawlable. A web crawler is used to do this. It is used for web indexing and is also known as a spider bot. It serves as a road map for search engines to browse your site.

Txt file
The robot.txt files notify search engine crawlers which pages or files they may request from your site, as well as which ones they can't. This prevents the site from becoming overburdened with queries. It doesn't stop the bots from crawling altogether, but it does slow them down to prevent overloading.

These two elements are critical because they determine how Google will see your website and which pages it will visit and examine first. It is a critical component of technical SEO.

7. Use canonical tags

The word "canonical" implies "preferred." It is an HTML element that assists SEO experts in avoiding duplicate content difficulties. Normally, when you build a webpage, numerous URLs are created automatically for a variety of reasons. In a circumstance like this, you'll need to figure out where the papers came from in the first place so that all of the traffic can be sent to the main page and ranked appropriately.

You may add and remove pages from your website over time. Search engines may mistake them for independent pages, resulting in content duplication. This material duplication causes issues with search engine rankings. When you add a canonical tag to a website, it becomes the canonical or preferred website, and it is viewed as such when ranking for search pages.

It is critical to select a page as the primary website. There are a few areas on your website where canonical tags are required:

Product options
Individual page URLs are produced for each of the distinct goods when they have varying sizes and colours. It is now necessary for you to develop a canonical tag in order to direct search engines to the primary product listings.

Products or multiple pages
If a product is featured in numerous categories on a website, the canonical tag will be used to select or emphasize the product's primary page for SEO evaluations and rankings.

Index pages
If you have a product category that spans many pages, you must use the canonical tag to identify the primary page so that search engines and visitors are not getting confused.


In digital marketing, technical SEO is extremely important, and mastering it requires an understanding of coding and optimizing the backend of your website. It's not something you can learn in a few days or sessions. If you are unsure about your abilities, you may always seek professional assistance. DoFort is the Best Digital Marketing Agency with a great success record, it can help you to implement technical SEO in your website. DoFort provides 360 digital marketing services and Website Development. For more info contact us


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