Technology trends for consumer goods industry in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and UAE.

There's a lot going on in the consumer goods industry in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and UAE, but what are the hot trends or skills that shouldn't be overlooked? What will set a business for long-term success?

Let's take a look at some of the most important consumer goods sector trends:

Mobile & Cloud-Based Solutions

Consolidation of ERP Systems

Attributes of a Valued Partner

Mobile & Cloud-Based Solutions

One of the attention-grabbing things we have a tendency to see regarding trade goods distributors is that all of them add price to the availability chain in their own distinctive method. Even among a given sector, two distributors could have a special approach for adding price to their customers: one could decide that supplying potency at rock bottom worth is all that matters, and another could target location knowledge trends, managing the customer’s inventory assortment and commercialism at the shop level.

Each company has got to decide what’s vital so as to drive revenue, management prices and so implement specific solutions to focus on those areas.

That being aforementioned, quality and cloud-based solutions mustn't be unnoticed – despite the approach and priorities. CPG distributors still lag behind in eCommerce capabilities. If they don’t have sturdy B2B eCommerce and quality solutions in situ by 2017 or 2018, they run the chance of turning into obsolete to an outsized and growing base of current and new customers.

Multi-channel management, or the flexibility to integrate and change the client expertise across multiple channels and transactions, is key. With the buyer merchandise customers that we have a tendency to work with at DoFort, we have a tendency to change the expertise across E-commerce, client portals, distribution centre pickup, decision centres, and brick and mortar stores.

Consolidation of ERP Systems

Consolidating systems benefits, which are driving positive financial impacts:

Streamlined and standardized processes produce a smaller organization learning curve wherever resources and best practices is simply shared, and headcounts is reduced and additional strategically deployed.

Centralized getting and consolidated shopping for power creates important savings opportunities for MRO and direct materials.

Reduction in annual computer code maintenance prices.

Consolidated and standardized master information management. massive advantages associated with SKU rationalization/reduction and uniform ways in which of managing information across the enterprise.

Single read of the client across the enterprise for contact management, pipeline management, quotes, orders, case management, etc.

Improved and unified business intelligence/ analytics according in real time, or close to real time.

Attributes of a Valued Partner

As technological requirements increase, merchants should now seek for the following characteristics in a consumer products partner:

Trade Promotions Management : Seamless, so the process of creating and maintaining consumer promotions becomes more focused and smarter, with minimum administrative overhead and excellent reporting/analytics.

Data Analytics : The ability to analyse the retailer's point-of-sale data and provide items or product combinations that will meet customer requests and trends.

Collaborative Forecasting : A consumer products maker or distributor collaborates with its retail customers to develop a collaborative forecast that allows them to respond rapidly to fast-moving trends.


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