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Even though both Travel CRM and Generic CRM are customer relationship building software that allows businesses to better manage their customers, Travel CRM software is a customized version of Generic CRM that has many features and modules designed specifically for travel companies. Travel CRM better understands the travel industry's use cases and has built-in travel processes, resulting in faster adoption and a shorter learning curve in travel companies. Travel CRM assists travel companies in managing leads, streamlining follow-ups, responding to inquiries, and having quality conversations with customers in order to develop strong customer relationships and increase sales. Travel agents in a competitive industry want travel software that manages every aspect of the project, simplifies workflow, and improves business efficiency.

Whether you are a startup, a small business, or an enterprise in the B2B or B2C space, DoFort Travel CRM improves customer interactions, optimizes sales performance, and streamlines travel business processes. DoFort offers the best Travel CRM Software for travel companies to automate day-to-day operations such as lead management, query response, follow-ups, and automated email to increase business leads and sales efficiency.

DoFort Travel Agency Software helps in automating Lead Capturing, Sales Automation, Follow-ups, Invoicing, Payment Collections, Loyalty Points Management, Vendor Management, and Intelligent Analytics. DoFort Travel CRM is also useful for sales follow-ups.

Role of Travel CRM Software in Travel Industry

DoFort CRM system assists travel companies in staying connected with customers, streamlining processes, and increasing profitability. It also allows travel agents to interact with clients more effectively. Customer-related events can be easily edited, saved, or updated, allowing you to keep track of all customer activity. A CRM system designed specifically for travel agencies includes functions aimed at meeting the specific needs of travel companies. Other benefits of travel CRM include the ability to easily organize information, implement international communication, and automate operational procedures. DoFort is a leading travel technology company. We provide a feature-rich, customizable, and simple-to-use travel CRM for the travel industry.

DoFort Travel CRM system is a complete solution for any travel factor; it organizes an end-to-end process with all the demands of any travel agency CRM or Travel CRM Software needs such as command inquiry from various sources, follow-ups, latest updates, and completed tracking until the end. Our Travel CRM system, which is specifically designed for travel agencies, includes functions that are aimed at meeting the needs of travel and tour companies. It is simple to organize information, implement international communication, and automate operating procedures thanks to the additional features built into your CRM system. DoFort Travel CRM system is very important in the travel industry. Whether a small or large business, they all use customer relationship management software to increase their sales, marketing, and customer support efforts.

Role of Travel CRM Software in Travel Industry

Lead Generation

Profit Management


Lead Reports


Automated Follow-Up

Lead Tracking

Travel Invoice

Itinerary Management

Booking Reports

Clients Profile

Booking Tracking

Visa Management

On-trip Experience Management

Booking Calendar

Cancellation Policy Integration

Email Alerts

Features of DoFort Travel Agency CRM

The following features would be desirable in the best CRM for tour operators:

1. When a new inquiry is received, a customer account with primary contact information is automatically created. Family members can be added to the same account as well.

2. You should be able to save all important documents, such as passports and identification cards, for each customer in their own account.

3. You should be able to access customer information such as name, contact information, priority level, previous enquiries, or booked vacations without having to switch between multiple screens.

4. Based on customer information such as birthdays, anniversaries, and so on, you should be able to set up an automation sequence that sends out greeting mailers in order to build a strong relationship with your customers.

5. Based on the emailers you send out, you should be able to obtain detailed insights from each mailer campaign as well as the conversion rate of each mailer campaign and sent for the CRM for travel companies.

6. You should also be able to manage memberships and send members periodic fee reminders for membership renewals. With the help of analytics, understand customer holiday patterns and upsell larger membership plans.


DoFort Travel CRM software aids in the smooth operation of your travel agency. You are aware of the difficulties that your sales representatives face on a daily basis in this competitive market. And your customers select the best travel agency that provides the best service while also making an effort to maintain a good customer relationship with each other. And, by implementing our best CRM for the travel industry, you can both retain and gain new customers.


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